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Crafts: Work In Progress Wednesday!

9 Nov

Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday! Here is where I show off whatever I’m working on for the week and I also give other shops a chance to show off what they are working on. I’ve always been a big fan of getting to know the person behind the shop and I feel like this is a great way to give everyone a chance to see a little bit behind the scenes of the lives of some amazing shops!

This week I’ve been working on a few custom orders, a burp cloth set for my next craft show, and some cup cozies I’m doing for a giveaway! Although it seems like a lot – it’s been a lot less stressful and a lot more fun this week. I’ve decided to take a new attitude to getting things done in a rush! Instead of panicking and pushing myself and being unhappy I decided to go with the, “Don’t worry! It’ll get done in time!” method. Not only did everything get done in time – I’m ahead of schedule! So here’s a picture of cup cozies I’m in the process of making:

Probably sometime next week I’ll have these posted in my etsy store! DaydreamingGifts

Here are some other stores I think you might like:

“This set of 4 “farm animal” blocks is $ 15.00 and it’s for a sweet little girl named Anna.  This customer was one of my very first sales a few months ago.  I made custom sets for her  little ones.  She CAME BACK to purchase gifts!!! It’s very, very exciting and I am so grateful to have such wonderful shoppers. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love :)” – MiaBoo

This is made by MiaBooo – click on the link to see her shop!

“This is a pair of my bow pants in the works.  The legs are done and ready to become a pair of pants and have the bows attached.  Behind those are stacks of Christmas preorders that are in various stages of completion.” – BridgetandCo

This is made by BridgetandCo – click on the link to see her shop!

“This is a shopping cart cover for your little one that will make you never want to go back to a life without it! There are so many awesome features that stand out from others – it’s super cushy, reversible, made with materials specifically for baby (not hard metal), and has pockets for mom!!” – iBstitchN

This is made by iBstitchN – click on the link to see her shop!

“This darling toddler apron is made from designer fabric. It’s perfect for playdate, playing dress-up at a cafe, or helping mommy in the kitchen.” – babybarista

This awesome shop has an amazing Pre Black Friday deal going on! Type in Dreamy at the end of your order in the Coupon Code box and get 25% off!! This coupon won’t last so if you need some awesome Christmas presents for any babies or toddlers in your family hit this store up while it’s on!! This is made by babybarista – click the link to check out her shop!

“I got a lot of these clear glass coin like stones and decided to do something a little different with them. So I start by drilling a hole in to them, I sort of marble paint them, apply a clear glaze to protect it and then wire wrap it! It takes a little time to do this project, there are a lot of steps to it but I love the result and I think that it would work well with custom pieces.” – sweetnotion

Made by sweetnotion – click on her link to see her shop!

“This a button up diaper cover is crocheted with acrylic yarn and is accented with a wooden button. This is perfect for photo shoots or if you just prefer cute diaper covers with outfits. This is small enough for a newborn and up to 3 months.” – nicolesbreastfriends

Made by nicolesbreastfriends – click on the link to see her shop!

I hope you enjoyed the WIP Wednesday! We’ll be doing this every week so come back next week for some more fun!

Love Always,


Crafts: What are you doing!!?

18 Oct

What the heck have I been doing? This..


My first but not my last Taggie 😀

Custom order loop scarf – looks to big on me because it is 😉 Made it for a normal height person 😛 Don’t make fun of me!!

Frames Frames Frames Frames

Painting a ton of frames for the craft show

That is a pile of 22 burp cloths

So far I’ve finished three for an order 😛

24 more burp cloths, 4 taggies, 10 more frames to go….

So if you think I’m slacking and I’m falling behind – I am .. but I’m not!! I’ve been working super hard lately making sure that I’ll have everything ready for the craft fair. I also finished a tan twisted loop scarf but I’m not selling that one. Made it for my mom 😀 I’ll try to remember to take a picture of that one for you because it’s by far my favorite after the teal one!!

I’ve got two more stripes to go on the purple scarf shown above and then I’ll be sending that out. So excited because it’s the first crocheted item that I’ll have sold on etsy and I have a feeling it won’t be near my last. The yarn I use is wayyyy to soft and silky to pass by. It’s hard to sell something like these on etsy because people want to put it on and feel it but I can guarantee once you put it around your neck – you won’t want to take it off. I had to pull the teal one off my mom and promise her three in order to get it back 😛

Cup cozies are the other thing I forgot to take a picture of.. need to remember that so you can see! I’ve them all finished except sewing the button on! Since I had work off today and I was in a cleaning mood, I decided to go through all the paperwork I had been putting off, cleaning the kitchen and other easy chores. Tonight I got 10 burp cloths ready to be sewn tomorrow so I can just zoom through those. I have a lot of fun new fabric and new items to post but I’ve decided not to post them until after the craft show in case I sell out!

I am however making myself post at least three items a day of supply items that I’m not longer using. My team on etsy is doing a Destash Bash before the Christmas season hits. We are getting rid of all the old craft supplies we aren’t using that are taking up space in our areas. The last thing you want to do is be stressed out with orders and rummage through piles of stuff you don’t even want just to find what you need! Plus someone else’s trash is always another crafters’ treasure. We have been having a blast doing this and I’m so excited to send out all my goodies 😀

So what are you doing??

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I can still manage to keep you updated on things I’m doing to get prepared for this craft show. Hopefully I can come back with some good tips, lists, and info to help anyone else who is attempting to do what I am doing!

Love Always,


Crafts: Bring on the Boy!

2 Oct

It’s funny how I started out having trouble finding boy burp cloth material that I liked .. now I can’t seem to stop picking them up!! Here’s a few new burp cloths that I will be listing in my shop today:




This monkey one is actually going to be a set of four – I’m going to sell it separately or in a set with two pacifier clips, a bib, a blanket, and a taggie. But not until I master all those extra’s 😉

Then I made a neutral one!

Everyone loves Winnie The Pooh!

I’ve got a lot on my hands today! I have a big order that needs to be completed and since I’ve been out of commission due to surgery and meds I really need to get working on my inventory for my craft show in November. Crazy news on top of that is I got invited to another free table show Oct. 22nd. I’m not sure if I will be able to do both but I’m not willing to say no because it’s free and it’s going to be a great learning experience. Maybe just maybe things will work out in my favor these next two weeks and I’ll feel like I can really get some work done?

Let’s hope so because I just added a ton of stuff to my to do list!

Thanks for stopping in!

If you’d like to check out my shop it’s here: Daydreaming Gifts

Love Always,


Crafts: A Sweet Surprise!

29 Sep

I’m just going to go ahead and say it – I am SHOCKED at how much I got done today. Especially because I didn’t even start crafting until 7:00 p.m. Today I got four new burp cloths done and I got a sweet surprise for all to see! But since I haven’t even stopped to show you what I made in the beginning of the week – I’ll save these four burp cloths for another day!

Monday’s Burp Cloths!

I’ve also been working on a custom order with some AWESOME fabric! I’ve made two burp cloths, making a wipe case, and a taggie blanket for a baby shower gift. Once everything is finished I’ll post a picture of it 😀 but here’s a sneak peek at the fabric:

It’s coming out so cute! I’ll be working on this for the rest of the week/weekend so I probably won’t get much else done but I’m so excited about it I don’t care!!!

Then the sweet surprise! One of the girls I BNR with was asking for help to review a pattern and I got super excited because it’s a cup cozy! I’m a sucker for those things because I love hot chocolate every morning, I love crocheting, and it’s a cute way to add I nice soft personal touch to an otherwise boring or ugly mug!

So she sent me the pattern and I made it no time and absolutely LOVE IT! I can see myself making hundreds of these while watching tv, in between sewing when my back needs a break, and when I’m feeling lazy. My house might just be full of these in no time!

The second best thing is that this yarn I used comes in almost every color imaginable! So the choices are outrageous! I just used some scraps I had on had and since it hardly takes any yarn I think I’ll probably be able to make 30 of these until I need to go buy more or I just want a different color! AWESOME!

Another completely awesome thing is that she isn’t selling the pattern as personal use only. So you might just see these if you are coming to the craft show 😉

Life just keeps getting better and better ❤

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Daily Life: A Day In My Life

26 Sep

It seems like these days my life is revolving around lists, tasks, chores, and some seriously high goals! If you had told me three years ago this is where I would be today – I probably would have laughed but secretly hoped it was true! Other days I wonder what the heck am I thinking? HAHA!

I spend a majority of my life trying to find that balance between successfulness and freedom. Although I am a huge list maker, there are just those days when I look at my list and say – to heck with you! – and spend a day just doing whatever it is I please! These next few weeks is where I put my freedom aside and really become a servant to that ridiculous list because time isn’t something I really have much of these days.

Yesterday I cut, measured, and pinned ten burp cloths with the goal of today being that I finish those ten burp cloths. It’s times like these where I smack myself in the forehead! Not only is that outrageous but it didn’t happen today. I finished cutting, measuring, ironing, pinning the finishing touches to the burp cloths and got one sewn. I probably could have gotten four more done but between all the errands and spending time with my family it just didn’t happen! So I’m dropping my quota down to 10 a week (the previous goal being 20) and hoping that I end up with enough for the craft fair.

I do have to say though – that while running a million errands this weekend it is amazing that I even got ten burp cloths ready to be sewn! I’m trying to look at it as now that I’ve completely stocked up all my materials, I shouldn’t have to go out for anything until after the craft fair or if I get a custom order.

I bought enough burp cloth material and batting to make a little over 50, I have enough decorative fabric to make 300 so I am definitely going to be using some of that extra fabric on other projects, there are about 40 frames left, and I have enough yarn to keep me busy until this time next year 😉 Although I can tell you now I’ll be buying more yarn before that because only having three colors of the same yarn is going to drive me crazy!!

So here I am sitting on the computer with Pandora keeping me in a good mood and crocheting in my lap at 12:15 am completely overwhelmed in a good way and looking back at how I got here and where I want to be in a few years. I will say it wasn’t easy and there are days where I still struggle with balancing my time – I mean really.. who stays up until 1 am just to keep crafting? 😉 Me. But I am so proud of my dedication and finally feeling like I’m in control of my life.

It seems like lately I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about mothers who are really having a hard time balancing work, family, free time, and sometimes life in general. It wasn’t too long ago I was in that same hole and I’ll admit that I dug it myself. I let people walk all over me, take me for granted, and made my family miserable because I was miserable. One mother in particular I am feeling a huge overwhelming pain for. She wants nothing but to be home with her children. She’s that mom where the second you meet her you know she was destined to be that amazing mom everyone loved. You never see her stumble and she never shows that she’s unhappy – but inside she is beaten up and just completely torn apart.

Everything inside of me wants to just fix it for her but I know deep down – no matter what I do – it’s not going to help. It’s been taking a toll on me these past few days and even between all the errands and work I can’t seem to shake the thought of how miserable and lonely she’s feeling inside. It wasn’t too long ago I was in her shoes, and it wasn’t too long ago I finally stood up for myself and let go of everything that was holding me back. It’s a scary leap..

So even though I’m super proud of everything I’ve accomplished, happy with the time I got with my family this weekend, and excited about achieving these goals – I’m wondering what everyone else is doing?  How many people out there are in that limbo of being miserable but feeling like they can’t do anything about it? Why do we let ourselves feel like this on a daily basis without doing a single thing to change it? When are you going to take the leap?

Sorry for the super serious post but I can’t seem to get this off my mind tonight. Maybe I’ll sleep better now that I’ve written it all out 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Crafts: New New New!

6 Sep

So today I spent the entire day cutting 17 yards of fabric for my burp cloths. It was the longest day ever!!!! But now everything is pre-cut and ready for some sewing fun!

That basket is overflowing!! I think I might need to find a new one…

And I bought some more fabric while I was out this weekend! Lot’s of new things you’ll be seeing soon:

I also bought new green monkey burp cloth material – because I am three burp cloths away from being out of it!!

Then tonight after some resting & dinner I made this – my first colored burp cloth!

What do you think?! I’ll be posting this on etsy as soon as I am done here – http://www.etsy.com/shop/DaydreamingGifts?ref=pr_shop_more

Hope everyone had a great long holiday weekend and hopefully I’ll be back soon with more fun updates and pictures!

Love Always,


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