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New Shelves!

8 Oct

So most of you know that I got my new storage shelves in this past weekend and spent this weekend putting them together and checking out how I’m going to use them!


I ordered three ClosetMaid cube shelves to use as storage in the studio room as well as to put on the table to use for craft shows. It took me about 45 minutes to put one of this little shelf together. Mainly because I don’t read instructions – I skim them, which results in having to pull things apart and try again!


Once I put it together I was so giddy I couldn’t stand it! They are so cute and each shelf holds two baby blankets perfectly! After putting one together, I got so excited that I decided to go ahead and put my table layout together to see what it would look like at the craft show. After setting up my first table I came to the conclusion that I’ll be using two for the show and the third one will stay home to store other supplies 🙂


This is the first trial set up for the show. I’m editing the hangers that hold the infinity scarves and the blankets and pillows laying in front of the new self will be off to the other side. Once I get the second table set up I’ll show you how it’s going to look! The second shelf will be holding the hand painted frames I make. I love how it’s turning out 🙂

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Crafts: My first BNR!

16 Aug
Today I am working on my first BNR! It’s baby related items – which I love. I’ve never done a BNR before so I had some serious training to do 😉 First of all a BNR is a treasury list on Etsy that you can buy from in order to be featured. It’s called Buy and Replace. Some people buy in order to get a spot on the treasury list and other people buy because they want the item and it’s just a bonus to be featured!
If you’d like to check out the feature go here : Baby BNR
Here is my first BNR Treasury:
Mini Tuxedo Bow clippies (Create your own-Set of 12)     Bridget and Co Wildberry 8y 10y

Zoo Animal Name Sign (5 Letters) - Custom Hand Painted Wood Letters on a Personalized Wall Hanging for Nursery or Child's Bedroom     Owl hat - crochet- boy colors- made to order

Felt Flower Headband Violet Pink Gray     Sippy Cup Leash, Toy Strap, Bottle Holder - Hot Pink and Black Paisley Print

Minky Plush Dinosaur Toy - Blue and Brown     ELEPHANTS Childrens  Vinyl WALL DECAL Art Children Boy Girl Kids Nursery Sticker Room Decor Elephant Zoo

Burp Cloth - Stencil Me Pink & Green     Wood Baby Blocks/Nursery Decor Pink Lemonade

Baby burp cloth and bib set. purple, pink, turquiose flowers. 3 piece Boutique style baby shower gift.     Infant Car Seat Cover Blue and Brown

Ribbon Lovey - Urban Zoologie - Owls Pink     Nursery Print "It's going to be alright", customized Bird art (Lily)

Feed Me in the Cafe Baby Bib, Robert Kaufman Metro Living     Pack-N-Play Sheet/ Blanket Set- Fleece Bedding Set for Babies- Roar...Zoo Animals Print

Isn’t all of this stuff adorable!!?

The best part of a BNR is even if you don’t have a shop or want to be featured you can shop away! Most of the stores give away coupons like percentages off or free shipping for purchasing from a BNR so if you are just a buyer you luck out on an awesome deal that you wouldn’t get just being a regular buyer from the store!

I love promoting other shops .. and this might be my new addiction!!

If you haven’t already checked out the feature go here : Baby BNR  You can check out all the sellers, set up a profile and buy something, or just chat with us while we cross our fingers for sales!! We’d love the entertainment!! Or if your feeling super nice you can share the link on your blog, facebook, or twitter!! We need all the marketing we can get 😉


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Crafts: Baby things are fun to make!

3 Jul

Today I cut a zillion pieces of fabric for baby burp cloths. I made a new one that’s a little more girly:

I started to prime a couple of frames but they are still drying. I am going to try to get one final down of the bull islander then I have a design I want to do in Maroon and Gold that I think will look really cute. Even if I finish it tonight I probably won’t post it until tomorrow. I’m starting to get tired from everything I did today so I know I’m not going to last much longer 😉

I still have two days of crafting left to do and hopefully with B coming home tomorrow and Oma and Papa offering to babysit some I’ll be able to get in twice as much as I have lately. Now that there’s nothing left to clean I won’t have any distractions 😉 Haha. Goodnight everyone!!

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