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Let’s Hear It For Some Change!!

21 Sep

Welcome to my typical night!


It usually involves me with the computer – working on my etsy shop, blogging, emailing, or reading other blogs. I’m almost always also crocheting something. Whether it’s a scarf or blanket, I like to keep my fingers busy!

A lot of things happened this weekend that weren’t exactly blog post worthy so I thought I’d combined them all into one! This week I finished three scarves, picked up my dress for a wedding I’m in, worked/played with the girls, organized the next few house projects I’ll be doing, but most importantly – I hit my inventory list goal for the huge craft show I’m doing this year!!! ❤


So let’s all do a happy dance!!!


Okay – now that I got that out of the way I can explain a few things that are going to be coming up these next few weeks.

1. Home projects! Now that I’m not cooped up in my studio or working my little tail off – I now have time to do some projects around this place. Brian and I have a few that we are excited to do! We are making a pallet garden together for our patio outside, we are painting our living room (still choosing paint colors), and putting up a backsplash in our kitchen (finally)!!

2. New crafty projects! Again – goodbye doing the same things every weekend just to stock up. I can now work on some fun new projects that will have nothing to do with craft shows! Who’s excited for random projects?! I am!

3. With all this extra time – you better bet there’s going to be some purging and organizing around this house. Expect some great tips on this.

4. FREE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be a lot more posts about whatever Emma and I are doing – even if it is being lazy for the day. I know you’ve missed seeing that little girl and her playful poses.


What are you excited about?


Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,


A Special Delivery

17 Sep

This weekend I got a special delivery in my mailbox. A package from a fellow blogger who I fell in love with when I found her blog!


The best part about this special delivery? I had no idea what she was sending me!! She followed my blog and said she would get a few ideas from it of what to send me 🙂 It’s like we are long lost best friends because as soon as I opened the package I jumped for joy like a little kid!


A collection of goodies that I can not wait to play with / eat / drink!!

What I got:

  1. chocolate herbal tea (yum!)
  2. A dark chocolate bar (YUM)
  3. Buttons and flower appliques (so cute!)
  4. Lace and elastic (oh how I can’t wait to play with these!)


Why did she do this? Because she is an outrageously sweet, thoughtful, and selfless person. Which inspired me to send a goodie package to another fellow blogger. I stalked her pages for weeks and weeks and got a collection of items I thought she might enjoy. Stay tuned to see who and what I gave this blogger friend of mine (she has no idea it’s coming!).


Love Always,



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Blogging Book Giveaway Winner!!

15 Sep

So here it is – the big moment where we find out who the lucky winner of this book is!?

If you want to see more about the book here is the blog post I did about it: Blogging Book Giveaway

And the winner is………………………………………………………………….



Congratulations! I hope the book gives you the guidance to either start your new blog or gives you tips to help you out! Be sure to come back and let us know what you thought of it when you get it 😀

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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Artful Blogging: Magazine Review

11 Sep

I decided to review this blogging magazine instead of a crafty magazine this week. Don’t worry though – it’s just as crafty! 😉 For those of us who blog this is a perfect magazine to keep up inspiration and see how others got where they are now. Whether it’s crafting, photography, art, or just writing in general – this magazine has it all.

Each page is filled with inspiring words and pictures about the blogging life of others. Each one has their own story of what got them started, what they write about, and how it’s affected their lives. There’s even a section about being artful on your blog! Looking for advice and tips on how to keep your blog attractive? It’s got that too!

Because this blog is a Somerset magazine – you know that the picture quality is going to be amazing as well as the paper quality of the entire magazine. The back of the magazine is also filled with loads of information about blogging, other magazines that might interest you, as well as their online marketplace that sells and show cases items found in the magazine. The back of the magazine itself is so full of information about blogging that if you are interested but haven’t started one – you can get a little insight on it all.

Artful Blogging comes out four times a year. Each magazine is $14.99 which is a little pricey to me. The deal for a subscription is $59.99 for a year with free shipping and a bonus magazine. Which isn’t much of a deal if you ask me – but that’s just my opinion!

  • 5 points for ideas & inspiration
  • 3 points for easy how to and guide steps
  • 5 points for exciting pictures & fun reads
  • 2 points for the amount of issues
  • 2 points for price (14.99 for one issue)

Three out five stars for this one since the cost is high and there are only four issues a year with no real deal for subscribing!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Love Always,



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Sneak Peak at Next Week

9 Sep

Here’s a quick sneak peak at next week! Let me know what you are looking forward to!


A messy situation at our place!

A blogging magazine review

New listings of course!

Another bed sheet project.

A scrap fabric project

And the book giveaway winner will be announced this coming Saturday!

What are you excited to see?

Thanks for stopping by!


Don’t forget to sign up for my book giveaway – the winner will be announced Saturday 15th!


Love Always,



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Blogging Book Giveaway!

8 Sep

Hey everyone! I am excited to do a book giveaway today 🙂 I picked up this book while I was out shopping a few days ago and had a chance to read through it and thought it would be the perfect book to giveaway.


If you are a newbie blogger and you are trying to figure out your way around this world this book is for you. If you a blog reader and haven’t even started a blog – but are thinking about it – this book is for you too!!! Even though I’m way past the starting point of my blog, I picked up this book to see what guidelines and hints it might have that I might not know about 🙂 Plus the title was pretty catchy!

After reading through it this book I had wished that I had found it when I was wondering whether or not to start up this blog! It has so much wealth of information from starting your own page, running it, writing tips, picture editing, to making it a piece of you.


Another thing I love about this book is between all the information they feature a few blogs to give you examples but the way that they feature them is like a little journal into why that blogger started, what they do, what they love about it, and it makes you look at blogs in a completely different light!

So if you are a newbie blogger or haven’t started a blog but want to – SIGN UP NOW! To enter to win this book all you have to do is leave your email address in a comment below or you can email me your contact information – just make sure to put in the header Blogging Book Giveaway! theunderestimatedmom(at)gmail(dot)com

This giveaway will be open until September, Friday the 14th at midnight! Saturday the winner will be announced and contacted and the book will be mailed right away!

Who loves giveaways!? I DO I DO!

Love Always,


Sneak Peak At The Week Ahead :)

2 Sep

Oh do I have some things for you to see this week 😉 I’ve been busy this holiday weekend and I’m so excited about sharing the fun things I have in store for you so I thought I’d give you a little sneak peak:

A How To that might interest you!

A magazine review with lots of fun things to do!

Giving bedding a new look!

This weeks new listings!

Wall art using materials you might have at home!

A BOOK GIVEAWAY on Saturday!

and a big thanks to my “helper” who loves to play in my trash pile.

Are you excited for any particular post this week?

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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Keeping Priorities Straight.

28 Aug

For those of you who know me outside of the blogging world – know that this past week and weekend I didn’t get a single thing accomplished! Between my sisters wedding, work, and other plans; I didn’t get much down time at all! So I hope you all aren’t disappointed but this weeks magazine post will be delayed! Not sure if I’ll get to it later this week or just save it for next week but I will say I am pretty excited about doing the review.

Today I’m going to talk about priorities. These days I’m having to pick and choose my battles and what really deserves my attention. It’s not easy for a person who loves to dedicate their time to everyone else – to stop and think about themselves but in this post I’m going to put every little thing aside and talk about my main priorities for a while.

Priority number one:


My little family. They are the most important in my life and as much as I’d love to add a bunch of other people to my priority list I need to stick to the ones who need me the most and that’s my husband and baby girl. (Sorry everyone else!)

Priority Number Two:

My little business which I have huge goals for. I’ve been working so hard on this part of my life but it seems like I let the slightest things hold me back. This is where a lot of my current priorities are going to change. I don’t give myself enough time to make this part of my life something that will give my family my next priority.

Priority Number Three:

I need to start looking at the future as a priority in my life rather than a dream. I love to imagine what it would be like, hope for the best, and play the what if game when it comes to my families future but it’s about time I set some things in stone here. Instead of dreaming and waiting for things to fall in line – I’m going to make it happen. This is going to be the second hardest when it comes to my time as well as my need to help everyone else. How am I suppose to support everyone else and my family if I can’t even support myself?

So now that I’ve laid out these priorities in my life I’m printing this out and putting it beside my bed to wake up every morning. I have three jobs to focus everything in me on and that’s all I’m going to focus on for as long as I can because honestly, my priorities are supposed to be what I want them to be – not what anyone else wants.

Love Always,


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Surprise Pay It Forward!

17 Aug

Hey everyone! One of the blogs that I follow: hannahackroyd announced she is doing a Surprise Pay It Forward and I’ve decided to join in.  If you don’t know what this is – don’t worry – I didn’t either 😉

This is how it works:

I will send a surprise gift to the first 3 people to comment on this post.  This gift will be made by me and I will send it sometime within the next year.  Exactly when you will receive it will be a surprise.

And here are the rules:

1.  You must have a blog.

2. To sign up to receive a gift from me you must play along too.  Share the giving love on your blog by promising to send a handmade goody to the first three people who comment on your blog post.

3.  After commenting on my post, you have to post this (or similar) on your blog to spread the love.  If you haven’t posted in 48 hours then the next commenter will be chosen.

If you want to join in just comment below leaving your email address and if you’re one of the first three I will be contacting you for your info and I’ll be sending you something before the end of August next year!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,



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This Is My Kind Of Morning!

10 Aug

This past Friday I woke up an hour early. Normally people would complain about missing out on an hour of sleep but as soon as I realized I was awake and it was 6:45 I jumped out of bed ecstatic! It’s not often that I get many hours to myself during the day so a whole extra hour is like a gift to me.

I did my usual morning routine filled with getting ready, cleaning up the place (so it doesn’t look like a pig pen), and starting a load of laundry. It’s amazing how quickly all of these things get done when you don’t have a little helper “helping” you!

Big surprise – I even got the dishwasher unloaded and loaded and ate breakfast in piece! ❤ Honestly I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t share my breakfast.

The best part of all – I got to check my emails, reply black, read my favorite blogs, and write this post.

So now I’m going to go enjoy the rest of my fifteen minutes of freedom sitting outside on my patio soaking up some outdoor quiet time ❤


What’s your favorite way to start the day?


Thanks for stopping by.

Love Always,


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