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“Twine” Wrapped Wine Bottle

27 Oct

As you know I have been playing with leftover wine bottles from my sisters wedding and I decided to try a “twine” wrapped wine bottle. I’ve seen these around on pinterest, facebook, and other blogs but I’ve never really been much of a fan of them. That is, until I spotted a gorgeous natural tan colored twine that looked so elegant my jaw dropped!

This comes from from Create Cousin and it made me realize that I do love wrapped wine bottles! I can totally imagine this as part of a table centerpiece for thanksgiving or on a mantel of someone who loves rustic style decor. So I decided to make one myself, but of course if you know me at all – I don’t follow instructions well at all.

I grabbed a wine bottle, some macrame chord and modge podge and got to work! Be warned that this project is not easy to start and kind of messy! I started of slow and let the macrame chord dry before I kept going to ensure it to stay in place.

After that it was quick and easy! I kept wrapping and glueing and wrapping and glueing until I got to the top and realized I needed to stop and let it dry again. Patience is not the easiest thing for me when I’m doing crafts – but in most projects it’s the most important part so I while I was waiting I worked on other projects to keep me busy 😉

Then once it was finished I added on a final bow for that last touch! This project was not only easy, but it was fun! I would recommend this project to anyone and could even been done with school aged children. For the younger kids – I would suggest starting it for them! My next attempt will be to die the macrame chord in other colors – because my Dad is crazy about dying things, so I’ll let him have a go with that 😉

What do you think? If you are interested in seeing some other wine related items that are must haves – check out The Collectionary!

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Personalized Wine Bottles

10 Oct

For those of you who follow my blog – you might remember me making personalized wine bottles for my sister for her wedding centerpieces. Now that the wedding is over and we have tons of wine bottles sitting around the house – I decided to have a little fun with it and see what else I could come up with! I have a few ideas so you’ll be seeing more posts as I finish them.


I took one of the wine bottles with the vinyl J on it, a box, and a can of spray paint and got to work!

I covered the wine bottle in white spray paint (and painted some grass too – oh well!) and let it dry for four hours.

Here’s an up close and personal so you can see the vinyl J better.

Once it was dry enough to touch I laid it in my lap and peeled the vinyl off. I wasn’t sure how well this would work. I was imagining the paint bleeding and the vinyl taking off chunks of paint but it came of really smooth and easy!

Then I put it up for display – of course right now the sun is beaming in and ruining the view!

I’m so happy with how easy, inexpensive, and fun this project was! I’m imagining all the different designs, styles, and colors I could do. Looks like I’ll be playing around with this project next weekend 🙂

What do you think?

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Check, Check, Check – The Sound of Accomplishment.

22 Apr

Hello There!

Another successful weekend here at the Otey residence! My sister was in town for the weekend to do some serious crafting and shopping and I cannot explain how much fun it is to share projects with her. She is not the full-blown craftaholic that I am but she does enjoy a good project now and then.

Yesterday we spent the morning shopping and buying supplies to try out a few new crafts. We got wine bottles from a local wine shop here (that we’ll be doing a post later about), Hillsborough Vineyards, and some wine corks. My sister had ordered some battery-powered light strands and a cricut cartridge. I bought some vinyl to cut using the cricut. My Dad had the fun part of the shopping – he bought some drill bits to cut holes into the wine bottles.

Then we went to town! We cleaned out the wine bottles and soaked them to take of the labels. Then peeled off wine labels (thanks to my Mom) and set them out to dry.

My Dad then drilled holes in the wine bottles to put the lights in them. This was a tricky process since you couldn’t get the drill bit hot. If it got to hot then the drill bit would bend and the glass would shatter. Luckily my Dad came up with a brilliant way to keep this from happening so we only shattered one bottle!


While he was working on that I was designing the cricut vinyl labels to cut and peel on some wine bottles. The vinyl that I purchased was to make it look like the glass was etched and I think it worked out perfectly! I am still going to be etching some glasses because it’s a lot of fun but this is a much faster, easier, friendly way to do it.

My sister went to town with the corks breaking them, cutting them, and ripping them apart to make a collaged letter. I’ll have to show you a picture of that one later when she finishes but I think it’s going to turn out pretty darn awesome! With some of the extra corks I’m hoping to make a cork wreath.

Sunday we went wine tasting at Hillsborough Vineyards and I have to say I was quite impressed! It is a gorgeous vineyard if you are ever in the area this would be a fun stop to do a quick wine tasting and check out the gorgeous mountain views. This is coming from someone who doesn’t like wine!!! I did actually try their wines and I found two that I wouldn’t mind drinking and one that I would drink but wouldn’t be a first choice. Three wines from a girl who usually gags when she drinks wine is a winner 😛

We also hopped over to the Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Shop – I cannot even explain how much I am in love with this thrift shop, plus knowing that all the proceeds go to the hospice just rocks my world! My dad and I went on a basket frenzy and bought a bunch of baskets to use for my upcoming craft show as gift sets and displays and they were such a great price! I think I’m stocked with baskets for the year 😉

Tonight we are attempting a different way to remove the wine labels. We originally soaked them in hot water and scrubbed the label off, then used goo-be-gone stuff to get off the extra sticky residue. This time we are attempting to let them soak in water and ammonia and hoping that they  just peel right off without any scrubbing! My mom was happy to hear she might not have to scrub anymore 🙂

I’m also trying to decide what to do with this big letter we got while we were out shopping. I have so many ideas – I just can’t decide what to choose. I could wrap it in yarn, cover it with corks, spray paint it, cover it in buttons, wrap it with burlap.. I just don’t know what to do.

What do you think I should do?

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Daily Life: There’s not enough hours in one day!

21 Apr

Today is my day off, my day of relaxation, my day of craftiness! I slept in an hour later than usual and got up in a fantastic mood! Got E out of bed, dressed, and fed. Then I decided I was going to spend 15 minutes on the computer and get straight to painting and that’s just what I did. I will say listening to a little someone throw tantrum after tantrum kind of made it hard to pay attention to what I was doing but by 11:30 today I finished one elephant frame and half of another one! Hoorayy!

We stopped for lunch and while I was checking updates and reading email I noticed something amazing!! A friend from my hometown church sent me a group link to this Dream Home Giveaway that St. Judes is having. Not to mention the fact that is exactly where I have been looking to move to for months upon months. B could easily get a new job and not have to suffer a pay cut, I could find a job even easier because I grew up in the area and already know my way around and people who live there. What a dream come true! So I go check it out, look at all the gorgeous pictures of the gorgeous home that’s more than we could ever ask for and click on the sign up sheet right away. Instantly disappointed. A ticket costs $100 dollars which goes to St. Judes (which is amazing) then they pull out a ticket raffle style in hopes that you win. B would never let me put money into this thing because let’s just say I rarely ever win anything and $100 bucks is a lot to give. I could probably talk him into one ticket but what are the chances we’ll get it with one ticket??! Then I had this BRILLIANT idea of selling things on Etsy for it to go to St. Jude’s so I could add whatever I make for tickets for the house, then decided it wouldn’t work. Then I had another BRILLIANT IDEA, ask everyone we know to help donate to St. Judes in hopes that we win the home, then decided nobody would want to do that. Oh and there’s the little detail that I only have four days to send in the money for a ticket. So here I am, drooling over this gorgeous home I’ll never have 😦

I guess I shouldn’t have checked my facebook today because that has been a serious distraction!

Which leads me to know, it’s already 2:00. It took me all morning to get E dressed, fed, and ready for the day. After I ate and sat down it was 10:15. By the time I got to crafting it was 10:30 so I got a good hour in. Then it’s lunch time. Get food ready for E, give her snacks until it’s ready, fix it for her, then find something for me, get it ready, eat, get her to eat more (because she rarely eats lunch well for me), get her cleaned up, her mess of high chair cleaned up, my stuff cleaned up (which doesn’t always happen right away), by the time I finish all that it’s bottle and bed time for E. Fix her a bottle (which I am trying to get her to sip out of instead of using a bottle top so we can be a big girl and get rid of bottles) so I sit there with her while she drinks it, prepared for a mess, end up cleaning the mess, putting E to bed and it’s 1:30.

Took pictures of the frames, wrote a blog post, and updated my facebook and now it’s 2:00. B will be home in two hours. I still have more cleaning up to do from the million messes my child makes, and I am exhausted. Do I really only get two hours in the day to have free time? This just seems ridiculous! For some reason, I thought I actually had more time in the day, especially on my days off but apparently not!! Looks like i’ll be searching for a new daily routine!! One that includes a little less cleaning and a little more free time 😉 haha I must be dreaming again!!

Anybody want to come entertain my child for a few hours tonight so I can have some free time to do some crafting? Or Saturday!!? Haha.

Love Always,


Daily Life: My Milk-aholic!

21 Feb

Today was the perfect trial day. E and I are sitting her new while she chugs milk out of her sippy cup just relaxing. P came over for a few hours today to do a trial run and lets just say it went very well! She is the happiest baby! I thought E was easygoing and easy to please but P is even easier. She had a bottle, some oatmeal and apples, played for a little while, then went right down for a nap! Her mom was worried that the napping part might not go so well but she had no trouble at all. I start friday all day with P and I cannot wait! I think E is excited for her to come over too. E did so well with her, she gave her a hug, handed her toys, and left her alone after she realized that P doesn’t really play like she does. Most people would think handling a 6 month old and an 18 month old a little tricky but the way that E plays independently it really was a piece of cake!

Obviously last night I didn’t post any pictures of the latest things. I guess I got distracted with cleaning and getting the place ready, then at 9:30 I felt like a zombie and went straight to bed! Honestly, I should probably go to bed that early every night because it makes waking up at 7:00 a lot easier but I really enjoy all the time I can get with just me & B that I usually stay up later 😉

This week is going to be a busy one for me! Tuesday I have doctors appointments and running a few errands, then Wednesday I am doing a commercial for my sister’s company. Thursday I have off!! It will be a day of relaxation 🙂 Hopefully then I can do some painting and crafting and have some fun things to show you. I have this awesome ribbon that I found that’s soooo soft and I want to make it into a “headband” with a little bow on it for E. She’s not quite at the stage of wearing clipped on bows. She needs a little bit more hair for that but this headband idea I couldn’t let go! I’m crossing my fingers I get some time to do that on Thursday.

Well I’m off to figure out what to do for dinner and tell B how my day went.

Love Always,


Deceptively Delicious!

17 Jan

What a completely successful day! How I managed to make it fabric shopping AND get all my things done on my list! I have no idea. On top of all that we are going bottle free in this house! Hoorayy!! We have been working with E on drinking milk out of a sippy cup instead of a bottle but she hasn’t been able to go to bed without one. Today we took a nap without a bottle. It was thirty minutes shorter but I will take it!! We are almost pacifier free too, but I haven’t really been pushing that. E hasn’t seemed to be attached to it except for bedtime and I am okay with that!

This year is just full of surprises and I am loving it! Tonight I am going to cross my fingers that I either make some cards with my cricut or sew a new shirt for E. Both of them I am super excited about and I just can’t wait to get it started but right now I am taking a breather! I am a little exhausted from all the hard work today so hopefully after dinner I get second wind.

Another exciting thing is my cousin just gave me this awesome cookbook! Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfield:

Our family has been more of the Paula Deen kind of cooks, we like comfort food, butter, cheese, grease, we love it all!!! But B and I have been wanting to eat better. I realize that this book is for kids but let me just list off a few of the things that B won’t eat. Fruits, Vegetables, Onions, chunky tomatoes (it has to be tomato sauce and it can’t be Ragu or Prego or anything close to that), Beans, and a few other things. So I think this book might be necessary! This will also help E get all the food groups she needs without the hassle. When I try a few things I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

I will also keep you updated on what I get done tonight! But for now until dinner time, I will be relaxing and crocheting 😀

Love Always,


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