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Look How Far I’ve Come!

20 Nov

So last night I was checking out some of my first posts here at The Underestimated Mom. I was reading about how I had no idea what I was going to write but that I really wanted this to become a way to tell my life to anyone who was interested.


Back then, Emma was 9 months old and napping so much during the day that I had all this extra time on my hands that I didn’t know what to do with. I had just quit my job that I loved/hated, and was on my way to discovering what it was I wanted to do with my life (besides the obvious: be there for my daughter 24/7).

At that same time, I started to crochet and of course the crazy person I am decided to START crocheting one of the most difficult patterns ever. Here’s a picture of a sweater jacket I was making for Emma. It turned out great (minus the fact that there was supposed to be a hood that never happened).

It was then I learned that I loved being home with Emma, I loved to crochet, I loved to blog, and I wanted to do whatever it took to keep those three loves in my life.

After facebooking and blogging about what Emma and I were up to, what I was crocheting, and my random thoughts along the way, a friend introduced me to Etsy. A place online where I could sell what I made. When I first searched the website I immediately daydreamed of having a shop and making an income so I’d never have to leave Emma to work again!

After months of not selling anything I went route two. I decided to provide child care from my home for a child. I can’t even explain how much I am so grateful for the moment I made that decision. Now I have two other children besides my own in my life that I’d never want to not care for! Of course, they will grow up and not need me anymore, but until then I’ll imagine they’ll never grow up!

It’s been over two years now that I’ve been blogging, selling the items I’m making (on my own site now!), and providing child care. It’s been a long two years!



For those of you who have been with me since the beginning I’m sure you are shocked at how much things have changed around here. For those of you who are new – now you know the back story! It’s amazing what a little time can do to someone. All I needed was a few weeks at home with my daughter to figure out the rest of my life. A few weeks is all it took and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’m excited, nervous, anxious, and hopeful for what the next two years might bring!

Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,



Daily Life: I’ve become a busy bee!

17 Aug

I went from having nothing to do but take care of my daughter, the child I do child care for part-time, and craft. Well this girl is now booked solid for the rest of the week!!

Tonight B, E, and I are headed over to my brother-in-law‘s house for the football draft and pizza! I’ll be working on my BNR, crocheting, and making sure E doesn’t get into anything she’s not supposed to 😉

Tomorrow I have a few errands to run in the morning along with projects that need to be completed & shipped out! Then tomorrow night I am going to Alexandria for Fibre Spaces get together to crochet and possibly learn something new 😉 We’ll see how well that goes!

Friday I have all day to craft and BNR 😀 YAY!!!

Saturday I’ll be in a coffee shop in Alexandria crocheting with some more people and then back to do childcare for the girls so parents can have a date night 😉

Sunday I am spending the day with my Sister and my Mom going to go see The Help and go out to dinner for my Mom’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Wow! I even had to cancel movie night at a groups house because I got too packed..

Oh and did I mention I need to work on a few feature Fridays???

Let’s not get overwhelmed 😉

Guess I better go get some work done before the girls wake up from nap time!


Love Always,


Daily Life: Wow..

3 Jun

I just realized I haven’t posted since Monday. What the heck is going on?! Every time I think I’m getting back on track the next few days are a total slump. It’s not that I am sitting around doing nothing!! At least not all the time 😉 Haha okay I am guilty of a little sitting around doing nothing but sheesh I need a break.

So again with the catching up! Tuesday I had planned to go house shopping all day but that didn’t happen and I didn’t really get anything done because I was just waiting all day. Wednesday I worked and managed to fit in seeing two houses. One that was absolutely to die for but wasn’t quite enough square footage for my growing family and child care providing job.. and the second one was disastrous!!! For being at the top of my price range it was quite ridiculous how much work it needed.. so sad.

Thursday was girls day! We got E’s first ever haircut!! YAY! My mother-in-law spent the day with us and we went to lunch and just spent some quality time together. I wish I would have been feeling a little better though.. it’s hard to really get the most out of spending time with the ones you love when you feel like your dying (allergies). Then I went over to P’s house and took care of E, P, and S while their parents went house shopping! Ya for play date time! All the girls passed out with no problems 😉

Then that brings us today! Today is going to be seriously eventful. I have S and P over ALL day! It might be a little hectic but I’m sure we’ll have fun.

As far as getting crafts and other fun stuff done.. I have been a little distracted. I’ve been working on embroidery and it is quite fun!! But I have a lot of work to do on it before it’s picture-worthy.

I’m still in the process of reading When We Were Friends by Elizabeth Joy Arnold but I only have 60 pages to go!!

 Then I’ve kind of put aside the scarf I was crocheting due to concentrating on the embroider but I’ll pick that up again.

I have a few projects in mind (some from my sister) that I’d really love to work on! I just need a good day or two without interruptions to get them accomplished. Luckily I have one more week until my WEEK vacation! Maybe I’ll get some serious craftiness on that week! Anyone wanna babysit E for a couple of hours? Haha.

Well I better get off here and start getting ready for the girls.

Hopefully it won’t be a week before I write again 😉

Love Always,


Daily Life: When Mommy is sick, Life gets messy!

13 Apr

Since I have been sick these past few days, it has seriously seemed to have taken over my entire house! Not the sickness exactly but the messiness that comes with sickness .. laziness. It looks like a tornado hit this place and I hate to say it but just unloading and loading the dishwasher wore me out so the rest of the mess is just going to have to wait!

It doesn’t matter where you are standing in this house, all you can see is clutter, which is a huge disappointment seeing as how I already did my spring cleaning and clutter is the last thing I want to see!! I guess most of it isn’t clutter, its child toys ranging from 0-4 years, some crafts I haven’t gotten organized or completed since my sinuses attacked me, and a few other odds and ends. Things like laundry and vacuuming have been pushed aside and are piling up in the closet and  leaving little reminders on the floor. What is a mommy to do when she is sick? Hire a maid, cook, and child care!?? Haha. Right. That’s my job.. whether I’m sick or not. Luckily I managed to marry an amazing guy who does a little here and there to make it not look like a complete disaster, cook for me, and just be okay with the leftover mess that’s not getting picked up.

I would say I’d make up for it this weekend but seeing as how we aren’t going to be here all weekend I have a feeling I am going to have to suck it up and do it tomorrow whether I’m feeling better or not!! This is where I get down on my knees and cry to God! It’s my only day off this week! Please at least make me feel better so I can get my list of things and errands done so my life is not a complete chaos!!! Usually I am begging for down time or craft time.. it’s rare to hear me beg for chores! That just goes to show how messy this place is 😉

Looks like daddy will have to entertain my little miss mess maker while I’m going to go back to curling up on the couch and sniffling my life away until my eyes finally close.

Love Always,


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