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Sunday Funday!

21 Nov

If all you have been thinking about is Christmas cards you are completely like me .. last year! This year I vowed to have all the Christmas cards and Thank You cards completed before December happened and YAY! It happened!! I wanted to keep the similar style but do something a little different and I think they turned out pretty well 🙂 I also dabbled with colored inks instead of black and although it was fun it didn’t really show up on the red and dark green cards. I think I’ll have to stick to white or pastel color paper when I use color inks.

I managed to finally clean E’s room!!! She outgrew her clothes and I was running out of space to keep them so her floor was covered in piles of and boxes of clothes for a while. It’s all nice and clean now!

Totally random but we got this from a friend of a friend for the baby shower and every day I admire it! I can’t wait until I get back to this level of creativity… the saying “You lose it if you don’t use it” really applies to me.

And last but not least!! My plans for tonight when E goes to bed 🙂 I got these two recipes from a free thing I got from www.freebies4mom.com (if you clicked on this last link in my last post it took you to a completely wrong website .. this one is the right one! Sorry!!) Anyways it came with like 8 different holiday dessert recipes and I got the stuff to make both of these. Super Excited!! I will let you know how they turn out tomorrow.

Well that’s all for today!

Hope you enjoyed.

Love Always,


Catching Up!

20 Nov

Yes that’s right I have been a little bit behind this past week. After E was sick/teething my body decided to give out for a couple of days too. I had a little virus and stayed on the couch for a little while. Thankfully Nana agreed to babysit E so I didn’t get her sick and so I could get better faster! This resulted in me sleeping, showering, sleeping, watching tv, lounging, eating, sleeping, reading, and a little more sleeping! But I am feeling much better. So not only did Nana babysit but she brought over food! And not just any food, oh no, she brought the famous holiday family special goulash and let me just tell you that happens to be my FAVORITE holiday meal EVER. AND she made my favorite cookies haha. I am spoiled. I happily devoured it and went back to being lazy 🙂

YUMMY!! And if you want this recipe .. I hate to break it to you but I don’t even know it! One day I will … but I highly doubt I’ll be putting it on this blog. I think I am going to be keeping this one a Family Recipe.

These babies? You can find these at your local grocery store 😛 But I am sucker for these things! When I was pregnant with E and we moved here, every time we went over to Nana’s she would have this and I would devour them. She still makes them for me all the time and I think I will love these things until I die.

So since I did a lot of concentrating on getting better this week, I made up for a little of it today (key word little). Enjoy!

Christmas Puffs!!!!! I seriously never get sick of making these things. They are budget friendly and pretty dang cool looking once you get the hang of making them. I plan on using these to tie around my goodie bags and use as bows for presents. SUPER FUN!

The leftover scraps from the puffs that I thought would look really cool stuffed into a clear ornament? Maybe? That attempt might happen this week!

Stamping and Signing the flips ide of my Christmas Cards and the blank space is going to be the family picture 🙂

Cut up the paper and getting stuff ready to make fun Thank You cards for Christmas. More on this later!

And say hello to the second sleeve!!! Still a work in progress but hey look how far I have gotten!!

So I have managed to dabble in a little bit today and hopefully this week will offer a lot more! Oh and since I finally finished my book I am on to the next one on my list.

Excited to get this book started!

Love Always,


New Shoes!!

12 Nov

Oooh what a wonderful day!! New shoes, new pajamas, Christmas cards, crocheted sweatshirt, and more! This morning started out a little slow with me not moving so well after a late night with E. Someone tummy was not very happy! But once nap time came it’s like I got a splurge of energy. I drank some nice hot chocolate to warm me up and after that I went to town! Here’s a little of what I did today 🙂

I got done 20 Christmas cards in about an hour 🙂 I was going a little stamp crazy but they turned out great!!! I still have a few things I think I am going to add to each one but I’ve decided to at least get the basic part of the card done first so I don’t ahead of myself 😉 I’ll update you when I get further along 🙂

After lunch I took a break and worked on E’s sweater and I have to say I am pretty dang proud of how much I have accomplished so far and have a feeling that getting this next arm done isn’t going to take long because I am so excited to get started one the middle. For a while there I wasn’t feeling to great about it and I was wondering if I was ever going to get around to working on it again. Some projects I have learned you just need to put down for a little while and come back to and others you just need to put down forever. It’s not fun to do something that just stresses you out or something you aren’t really enjoying.

Of course that’s not all I have 🙂 Today I got two exciting things in the mail. We’ll start with the first! E’s NEW SHOES! My mother-in-law knows how much I have been struggling to find E shoes lately so she did a little research and found some AWESOME ones and then ordered them for me. Check them out!

E seems to absolutely love them and I do too!!! On top of that my great Aunt sent E some cute pj’s:

She has great taste! And I absolutely LOVE getting things in the mail, even if I am expecting them it is so much fun to open things! It’s like presents on Christmas morning, the excitement rocks!

So that’s about all I have accomplished today. I still have laundry and dinner on my list but after that I am curling up for some reading time while B plays his new video game. It’s going to be a nice relaxing night .. as long as E sleeps 😛

Love Always,


Daydreaming again!

11 Nov

There are so many things I should probably be doing right now but instead I am blogging 🙂 Ever since I started moving all of my craft stuff into its new home I have been getting ideas out the wazoo! And thanks to my mother-in-law I have so many cool things to use for my Christmas cards!! That’s probably going to me on the top of my list to work on tonight depending on how E is doing. I’ve also been finding a bunch of stuff that we never used, or don’t use anymore of our stuff and E’s stuff that I am considering selling on Ebay. I read an article about how a mom went through all of her kids stuff that they didn’t use anymore and made a fortune off of Ebay. It said that children and kitchen things were highest on the list of sold items. It makes sense because no one wants to pay full price for something that a child is going to use for all of three months and never need agin. A lot of the stuff I bought I intentionally made sure that it would last newborn-toddler so I wasn’t going out and buying double things that weren’t necessary.

Unfortunately since E has been sick this past few days I haven’t done much except take care of her and some online christmas shopping 🙂 Oh and of course baking cookies!! I don’t know what was up with me yesterday but I was in a crazy cooking mood. I made dinner and decided that I wasn’t quite over cooking yet so I made funfetti cookies. My favorite kind of cake is funfetti cake and thanks to all my college friends that lived with me in my dorm and had the same obsession we made funfetti cake as much as we possible could! They turned out greaat!! Yummy!

E seems to be feeling better today, she’s eating more, drinking more, and actually sleeping! Yesterday E decided she didn’t need to sleep at all. It made me freak out a little because usually when she is sick all she does is sleep but not this time. I am hoping this nap lasts a little longer than usual so she can do a little catching up and I can do a little cleaning up.

Oh and for those of you following my book reviews I am a quarter way through Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. It was a slow start and it’s picking up a little bit but still a little slow for me. I feel like I am still getting to know some of the main characters and I am missing some major details about each of them. Curious to see how it turns out but if it keeps up the way that it is.. it’s going to take a me a while to get through this one. I live for the books that I can’t put down but this seems like a book I keep forgetting to pick up and when I do pick it up I keep putting it down. It’s sad because so far I like the plot and the idea of it I just can’t stand the lack of information and slow speed.. more updates later on this one!

Well E just woke up.. looks like my daydream of a long nap is officially over 😛 Back to being super mom!

Love Always,


Homemade Christmas Cards :)

9 Nov

I decided I better start these suckers now because it takes me a while to get these kinds of things done! I was inspired by a piece of art that was stippled while I was browsing around on wordpress. I haven’t stippled since freshman year of college and I probably should be doing it daily 😉 It is such a great stress reliever and takes your mind off of EVERYTHING.

I made E’s birthday invitations almost completely from scratch and I loved doing it so I planned on making Christmas cards too. Somehow it’s more fun for me knowing that I accomplished a lot more than just buying a card and signing my  name 😉

Take in mind that this is just the beginning. It only took me about ten – fifteen minutes to get this far because stippling is kind of time consuming but the rest was a piece of cake. Trying to find some good ideas to add a little Christmas theme design on the top right and hoping to take family photo’s to paste on the back? For some reason I am obsessed with pictures haha. If you couldn’t already tell I feel pictures are worth a million words.

So if I actually get these done before it’s time to send them out I might have to come up with something else to add .. like home-baked goodies!!??  YUMMM.


Love Always,


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