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I Made A Basket!

14 Mar

Alright, so it wasn’t exactly what I had intended but I love it! I found this amazing tutorial on how to sew a basket and immediately had a flashback to Christmas. I had been seeing on pinterest all these Christmas tree’s in baskets and loved the idea of it.

A simple and minimal Christmas Tree made with DIY clay stars! See 10 more Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas on dreambookdesign.com:

When I had gone online to look for a basket, the prices stopped me in my tracks. I was already on a Christmas budget and was determined to spend most of my money on the girls this year (we have a big family!). So I put it aside thinking I’d look into it later. Well we all know what happens, I completely forget about it!


Then I saw a tutorial for how to make a basket and thought to myself, hey this could actually be affordable if my only cost is rope and thread! I was right. I can save a ton of money making this on my own, but I didn’t buy enough rope to try out that big of a basket, so I ended up with this size instead:


Turns out we really needed this size anyways! Brian and I have had a hard time sharing bowls to keep our keys and things in. Either they are too deep and someone gets stuck on the bottom or they are too big for the table. I feel like this was a great compromise!


I am proud of my little basket and plan on making more! I’m actually in the middle of a sisal one right now!


Let’s see if I can figure out how to make a Christmas tree basket before Christmas next year 😉 haha!


Christmas At 3

1 Jan

This year Emma had 5 different Christmases!! That’s what happens when you have a huge family and you live close to all of them 🙂 We actually missed out on one family Christmas this year so there could have been six! Whew. So instead of splitting them all up into different posts I’ll just give you the quick peak at a few of them.




Little miss too excited to wait two minutes for me to get a pick before she saw all the presents! She was so excited!


This year we let her play with each toy after she opened it. Needless to say it took from 9am-4pm the first day!


Emma’s dressy outfit 🙂


By Round 3 of Christmas she was a professional at opening presents!


Brian and I enjoying watching her open presents instead of having to help her like last year 😉


Chick Fil A treats for Christmas this year! I had to share mine of course 😉


A beautiful mist of snow just in time for Christmas this year.


Now it’s time to say goodbye to December and hello to the new year!

I hope you all had wonderful holiday’s this year and I am looking forward to a new year of blogging here! What are you looking forward to this year?

Love Always,


Christmas Tree Shopping!

17 Dec

There is nothing better than Christmas shopping with a little one.






We had a blast finding the perfect one!

Usually we get Hot Chocolate or Caramel Apple Cider while we are Christmas Tree shopping but this year it was nice and warm!! I think Emma enjoyed the warm weather.

Do you have any tree shopping traditions? I’d love to hear them!

Love Always,


Fresh Style: The Holiday Issue – Magazine Review

4 Sep

This magazine grabbed my attention for multiple reasons. 20 DIY gifts under $20 dollars -HECK YES. Easy decor – Yes Please. Quick Projects – WIN! I love all of those things 😉

When it comes to gift giving for my family I love to go out and buy things that they really want (with a budget in mind) and then on top of that I like to make something that’s more personal as well as budget friendly. Whether it’s an ornament, home decor, or just something fun I couldn’t resist – it makes Christmas over here a lot easier to handle. When you have a large family like mine it’s even more difficult to give a lot of gifts when there’s just way to many people to buy for!

So when I saw this magazine, I instantly picked it up, didn’t look at the price, and trucked it to the check out counter! You can never have too many cute, small, budget friendly gift ideas!

After one quick flip my heart was already racing and ready to go. They have enough choice options to make sure there would be something for everyone in here. From buttons, to books, to personalized pieces; this magazine really makes you feel like you could be a gift giving queen! Another plus? If you don’t feel like making these things – you can easily purchase them from their directory in the back.

Not sure where to pick up all the pieces for these crafts? Oh they got you covered there too! Under Resources for Readers in the back they list where they got what pieces and how much certain things cost (decorative things). Talk about getting your homework done for you? Right!?

Now I didn’t forget – the how to’s, pictures, and descriptions. Icing on the cake people. Their pictures are fantastic – for those who see instructions better through pictures; they give you a taste here and there so you aren’t lost. Their descriptions are easy to read and not so long-winded to keep the attention of those easily distracted people like me 😉 Lastly: How to’s! If the descriptions don’t give you enough details in the back they have Step by Step instructions. Ahh what a life. This magazine beats anything I’ve ever seen so far and I am so in love with it that I’m not willing to let it go!

Since Fresh Style only comes out once a year they don’t do subscriptions but since it’s only $7.99 a magazine – it’s totally worth it. I’m adding this magazine to my yearly inspiration 🙂

  • 5 points for ideas & inspiration
  • 5 points for easy how to and guide steps
  • 5 points for exciting pictures & fun reads
  • 2 points for the amount of issues
  • 5 points for price (7.99 for one issue)

Four out five stars for this one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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Better Homes: Holiday Crafts! Magazine Review

21 Aug

Better Homes: Holiday Crafts!

Magazine Review Time 🙂

Well let’s see here. It didn’t take much for me to want this magazine the second I saw it on the rack. Just the front cover had me giddy for multiple reasons. 1) I love making Christmas presents 2) I love the holidays in general 3) It’s Better Homes and Gardens

Since this is a special interest magazine they only have four a year but between this one and DIY together. I may have found my perfect match in inspirational magazines. Like I said in my last post about Better Homes and Gardens: I love their pictures, their how to pictures, their supply lists, and they way they give instructions but what I also love..

Is that this particular magazine comes with PATTERNS! Not only do they tell you how to make it – they give you all the pattern pieces to make it NOW! I am resisting the urge to quit blogging so that I can go make Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas presents right now.

So while I’m sitting here impatiently waiting to go get crafty crazy I’ll go ahead and finish this post for you 😉

Sadly I can’t find where I can just subscribe to this particular magazine 😦 I’ve looked all over the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine website and it got me no where. This magazine by itself costs a whopping $5.99 for loads of amazing inspiration and How To’s. It’s totally worth the buy and if I can ever find the subscription page I’ll update it for the total cost for a year or two or whatever they offer 😉

  • 5 points for ideas & inspiration
  • 5 points for easy how to and guide steps
  • 5 points for exciting pictures & fun reads
  • 2 points for the amount of issues
  • 5 points for price (5.99 for one issue)

Four out five stars for this one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,



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30 Things Before I’m 30

3 Aug

This has been something I keep seeing flooding around my favorite blogs. People are postings lists of what they’d like to do before they turn 30! What a fantastic idea – so I’m following along and doing it as well 🙂

Since I’m currently 24, I have 6 years to get these 30 things accomplished. Some of these might be super easy but I know a few of things are going to be a bit tougher, especially the first few things listed because let’s be honest – they’ve been my life goals for a while!

1. Buy a home!

2. Have another baby.

3. Make enough money selling my handmade goods that I’m not dependent on Brian’s income or any other income! I would love to able to make enough so he didn’t have to worry about a thing and just do a job a loves.

4. Either have my own studio room in my home, or buy/rent a studio to work in that could also house as a small shop!

5. Own a beach house! Gotta have that getaway available at a moments notice that doesn’t blow my bank account.

6. Create my dream blog – basically step this one up 10 notches 😉

7. Write a book.

8. Go back to school and get a degree in Business and Art. Maybe even take a few other classes just for fun!

9. Sponsor or support another crafters dream. I’ve always wanted to give someone like me the support that I feel like my family has given me.

10. Travel to Europe (mainly Italy) again.

11. Visit Etsy’s headquarters!! I’d love to see them all in action.

12. Be able to visit my friends more often or house them to visit me.

13. Be featured in a magazine for my work.

14. Create a few more life long friends where I am currently living.

15. Be more fit (not skinnier or bulky strong – just fit).

16. Organize and support my local team to win awards and become well known.

17. Get to the point where I never have to work a Monday ever again.

18. Learn how to cook some new meals well.

19. Buy an ipad!

20. Get a new wardrobe. It needs a little TLC for sure!

21. Have a completed college fund for Emma.

22. Set up a Christmas fund for each year.

23. Have a pool and I’m not talking about a baby pool.

24. Meet Emma Stone.

25. See John Mayer live.

26. Have a table at a major festival!

27. Do some freelance writing.

28. Start a garden and keep it alive 😉

29. Win a blogging contest – that’s rated on my writing and quality.

30. Be proud of who I am no matter what.

Brian thinks it’s going to be near impossible to get these things done before I’m thirty but I’ve always been an overachiever. Who know’s, maybe I’ll even surprise myself and knock out every single one of these goals! I’ll be posting this countdown on a page at the top of my blog to cross of as I go and doing posts when I complete something on my list – so we are all in for a treat 😉

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Love Always,


Tuesday Tutorial: Fun Birthday Wreath

21 Feb

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty 😉

This crafty tutorial comes from: TheSillyPearl

birthdaywreatha birthdaywreathb



Thanks for stopping by!

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Feature Friday: CatherinesJewelry

10 Feb

Feature Friday Presents:


“People always ask me how I got started designing and creating my own line of jewelry. I tell them, “It must be in the genes!” I began designing my own pieces in 1994, and set my first gemstone that Christmas. It was a 10pt diamond in a 14Kt gold floating heart setting; a friend commissioned it for his wife to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. That marked the first time I really thought of myself as a Jeweler.”

Gold Heart with Red Glass Beads 14Kt Gold-Filled French Hook Earrings - E217        P22 - Iolite and Peridot Sterling Silver Pendant

Gold Heart with Red Glass …        P22 – Iolite and Peridot S…

CatherinesJe…                                 CatherinesJe…

$15.00 USD                                      $38.00 USD

Victorian Flower Spray HUGE Fashion Costume Cocktail Ring - Up-cycled Pin - Adjustable Size - R12CT        Earrings: Valentine Candy Charm Dangle Earrings with Foil-Lined Glass Beads - E210

Victorian Flower Spray HUG…     Earrings: Valentine Candy …

CatherinesJe…                                 CatherinesJe…

$15.00 USD                                      $18.00 USD

Earrings: Amethyst February Birthstone Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings - E119        Prasiolite Ring Faceted Gemstone Lime Yellow 10.10ct Sterling Silver Size 7 - R150

Earrings: Amethyst Februar…     Prasiolite Ring Faceted Ge…

CatherinesJe…                                 CatherinesJe…

$44.00 USD                                     $377.00 USD

Beaded Anklet Ankle Bracelet with Swarovski Pearls and Kiwi Lustre Glass Pony Beads - A05        Earrings: Green Onyx Dangle Earrings - E79

Beaded Anklet Ankle Bracel…        Earrings: Green Onyx Dangl…

CatherinesJe…                                 CatherinesJe…

$19.00 USD                                     $42.00 USD

What got you interested in crafting?

It’s in my genes. My great-grandfather, Allan H. Davis, one of the founding fathers of Red Lodge, Montana, probably started this jeweler-gene in our family. He was a pioneer and brought his family across country from New York by covered wagon. He was the town’s jeweler, optician, and Post Master. Some of his tools have passed down to me, and from as far back as I can remember I have been drawn to unusual rocks and gemstones. I must’ve inherited his genes.

What has been your favorite project to make and why?

My favorite project always seems to be the one I’m working on now. And right now, I’m wire-wrapping everything I can think of – from gemstones, shells and buttons to wine goblets and champagne flutes.

What’s the secret behind your etsy name?

Well, it’s my name plus what I make: CatherinesJewelry. Not very original, but it works for me. I branched out a bit this year and added another shop with equally catchy name: CatherinesSupply. You guessed it – it’s my “de-stash” supply shop.

If you could open up a shop in your town what would you call it and what would it be like?

Catherine’s Jewelry Design.

Picture Main Street USA, my shop is in that two-story brick building with the double bay-windows. It’s up on the second floor – enter at street level through the door with the painted peacock. It’s more studio than shop (with terrific natural light and beads EVERYwhere!) Bach, Beethoven, or the Beatles provide ambiance; and the espresso is frothy…

What is the most challenging thing you have made?

A Tanzanite ‘waterfall’ ring. Twenty fabulous sparkling 2mm (tiny!) Tanzanite gemstones, each prong set into a multi-level ring setting, the face of which was only about the size of a nickel.

What are some of your goals you hope to achieve within the next year?

I’m a member of The Artisan Group – they supply swag/gift bags for celebrities at the Golden Globes, Oscars, Emmys, etc. I would really like to be in a position to actually participate and gift the celebrities next year. I wasn’t ready yet this year.

What inspires you to be crafty?

Everything. Anything. Beauty. Nature. My cat’s eyes. My daughter’s smile. My husband’s love. A trip to the gem/bead show…

What is your best quality when it comes to your crafts?

I take pride in my technique – especially when it comes to finishing the pieces. I use quality gems, beads, and findings (clasps, earwires, etc.) I make sure each piece is comfortable to wear (no wires poking out) and durable. I have inherited many fine and beautiful things; I want the things I create to last for generations too, and/but also be wearable heirlooms.

If you could have one thing to help your store what would it be?

An assistant to take pictures and write-up my listings. I hate doing it. It takes me forEVER. I just want to play with my pretties…

If you haven’t checked out CatherinesJewelry – click on the link!

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Tutorial Tuesday: Love Lights

7 Feb

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty 😉

This crafty tutorial comes from: Indie Spotting

Illuminated LOVE Canvas

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Feature Friday: ViennaSparkle

3 Feb

Feature Friday Presents:


“Hi, my name is Darleen! I have 3 children and 2 granddaughters. I was raised in Colorado, and love to fish and camp. My passion has always been about COLOR! I wear color and my house lives and breathes color. Following a close second behind color, is SPARKLE! I love beautiful, bright, shiney, glittery touches. Mix these two elements together, and I am done!”


White Feather Christmas Wreath Red Poinsetta Ornament by dardawn         Christmas Lights Bulbs Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Ornament

White Feather Christmas Wr…      Christmas Lights Bulbs Ice…

ViennaSparkl…                                 ViennaSparkl…

$60.00 USD                                      $15.00 USD

Silver Blue Christmas Centerpiece with Silver Glitter Candle         Vintage Yellow Cream Repurposed Napkin Red Tassle Cone Christmas Tree Ornament

Silver Blue Christmas Cent…          Vintage Yellow Cream Repur…

ViennaSparkl…                                 ViennaSparkl…

$80.00 USD                                      $15.00 USD

Purple Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Ornament        Autumn Fall Wreath Sunflowers Pumpkins Fall Thanksgiving Wreath Wall Decor

Purple Ice Cream Cone Chri…      Autumn Fall Wreath Sunflow…

ViennaSparkl…                               ViennaSparkl…

$15.00 USD                                     $125.00 USD

Pink Silver Christmas Wreath Poinsettias Holiday Door Wreath       Ice Light Blue Repurposed Satin Napkin Silver Snowflake Cone Christmas Ornament

Pink Silver Christmas Wrea…      Ice Light Blue Repurposed …

ViennaSparkl…                               ViennaSparkl…

$150.00 USD                                  $15.00 USD


What got you interested in crafting?

I took a 3 day class learning to make handwoven baskets and I was hooked, that was over 25 years ago. I did craft fairs and art shows with my baskets. From there I went to doing flowers for parties, weddings and events. I have always enjoyed making wreaths the most. There are endless ideas for displaying and decorating with them.


What has been your favorite project to make and why?

By far the wreaths where I am asked to create from my customer’s souvenirs or “memories”. I love creating a one of a kind wreath from items that customers send me. More than anything, I am humbled that they trust me to handle their memories. For instance, this year Chirstmas (2011) a lady asked me to create a wreath for her to hang at Christmas. Her mother passed away the previous Christmas and had a wonderful angel ornament collection. She sent me 3 beautiful vintage angel ornaments from her mother’s collection. It truly was a moving experience to touch these, to be trusted to take care of them and to be given free creative design of the wreath.

After that I enjoy making the Disney wreaths. They are alot of fun. I love it when customer’s send me their Disney trip items to make a wreath. Their Mickey Hat, pressed penny, picture of them with their favorite character, confetti from the parade, popped balloon, ticket to get into the park, airline ticket, room key, it is like opening a present!


What’s the secret behind your etsy name?

The reason I choose this name, is that I use to be a wedding planner. Everyone tells me that I have a sparkling personality and it goes with my sparkle eyeliner. The Vienna comes from the town I live in. When I was trying to think of a name for my wedding planning business, I was stumped. I talked to my sister and without missing a beat, she said Vienna Sparkle. I liked the name and it is easy to remember. The city of Vienna is known for their exceptional theater, opera, classical music and fine arts.


If you could open up a shop in your town what would you call it and what would it be like?

Oh wow, that is hard. My mind is swirling with ideas! Past, Present and Themed Wreaths, Sparkle and Color Wreaths. My shop would be filled with alot of color and sparkle! I love those two elements. Every inch of wall would be covered with wreaths of all colors, designs and sparkle. It would be a warm and inviting environment. Someplace that would set a spark inside the person looking at them.


What is the most challenging thing you have made?

I made a Christmas Wreath that was over 4 feet in diameter. It was hung over a huge fireplace mantle. I had to make the wreath as light as possible and yet it had to be able to be used for years to come. It was too large to ship (expense wise), so I delivered the wreath in person. It was a 13 hour round trip delivery.


What are some of your goals you hope to achieve within the next year?

I want to make more treasured memory wreaths for people. I feel so fulfilled when they write me and tell me that the wreath was more than they could imagine. I want increase the inventory in my store. More than anything I want people to know who I am, what I can do and that they have a way to preserve/display their memories in different way.


What inspires you to be crafty?

My customers! They are so grateful and are more impressed with their wreath in person. I feel so good, when I gave my customers more than they envisioned.


What is your best quality when it comes to your crafts?

My detail. My design. My use of color and how I balance those colors. I treat each wreath as if it were to be hung in my home and make sure that nothing is overlooked.


If you could have one thing to help your store what would it be?

A robot that could take my pictures, edit them, post my descriptions, do my tags and pricing! I want to keep making wreaths non-stop. 


Want to read more about ViennaSparkle? Check out this link! She’s on page 26-34 about her Memory Wreaths!

If you haven’t already checked out ViennaSparkle – click the link now!


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