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My listless week!

11 Jan

So if you’ve read this blog at all – you know I am a list queen/addict! I make lists upon lists and hardly ever finish one completely! This week, along with my new anti-mom jean week, I’ve decided to anti-list it too!

Of course I started out with a list of things I wanted to do 😉 haha! Goals for this week: Dance my butt off, get dressed up for no reason, listen to music all day, sing in the shower, enjoy some down time, be crafty (duh), smile!

The difference is that I didn’t pick specific days or really any chores at all! So far I have successfully completed five things! I’ve also done more chores and relaxing than I have in the past few months! So I’ve come to realize that when I make myself a list of things to do I spend 95% of the day just stressing about it 😛

Yesterday was the day I got dressed up for no reason and even though it included a t-shirt I’d say it was pretty fashionable compared to my usually baggy t-shirts & sweatshirts! Emma and I even had a fun photoshoot:











We went out to lunch just the two of us and had a blast! After lunch we took a stroll through the shopping center and back just in time for nap time! I did my best to spend that entire day without a schedule and just enjoy the day and I’d have to say it was a complete success!

Today has been an uneventful day! Just the way I like it! I decided to take the day off from chores (except for the dishwasher) and spent the entire day playing with the girls. Now that it’s nap time I’ve been sitting on the computer thinking how wonderful it has been to not be stressed out – then my phone beeped five times within 15 minutes. It’s ridiculous how many emails I get in one day and half of them are from websites that by signing up for them – I automatically get an email everyday. So to move on with my de-stressing I decided to de-clutter. I spent the past half hour unsubscribing to all these things that I spend opening and closing on a daily basis just so my phone won’t beep at me for no reason! Just getting that done has done amazing things to my mood!!

Now all I can think about is what else I can do that will prevent me from wasting time on a daily basis?

I’ll be back with some more ideas! 😉


Thanks for stopping by,


Love Always,



Mom Jeans? That’s hardly my problem!

8 Jan

After having a child – I completely understand why almost every new mom buys mom jeans, wears baggy clothes, cuts off most of their hair , and hardly wears makeup. Mom jeans are hardly my problem! Since I quit my job and started working from home – my problem is MUCH worse! Try mom jeans, NO makeup, hair a hott mess (and not the cute kind), t-shirts, sweatshirts, your lucky if I remember to change out of my pj’s 😉

So even though I’m not one of those people who really does new years resolutions and I had already decided my resolution was to get my business further off the ground – I’m adding a few things – like for example – to remember that I was once hott. That I’m allowed to spend money on myself for things like clothes and a hair cut! That spending an hour or more “getting ready” was fun.

Tonight I was watching TV with Brian and checking out Pinterest because I’m addicted. Instead of looking at the DIY section I just went ahead and chose Everything to see what everyone else was looking at. As I’m scrolling down I see hott girls, pretty hair, makeup, cloths, crazy boots and I look at Brian and think to myself, “I am one lucky girl that he’s still here!”

If only I was rich and I could get a personal shopper to pick out clothes for me. I feel like after being in a hole (my house) for two years – I have no idea what’s hott anymore – heck I still have no idea what size clothes I wear – I’ve been in momville so long I’m pretty sure even if I went on a shopping spree I’d pick all the wrong things! How nice would it be to say oh hey – figure out what size I am, what looks good on me, and what’s in style and here’s your budget. I’m sure if I did find someone who wanted to do it they’d look at the budget and walk away.

I’m that person that never spends full price on clothes. My sister taught me long long ago how to find the best brands for the best deals and shopping used to be an adventure! I used to schedule the whole day and be ready to drive as far as I needed to go to dig through a bunch of clothes to find what most people would pay a fortune for. My personal shopper would probably cry at the thought of wasting time on me. Oh the days..

So how do you mom’s stay hott, find time to get ready AND shop, and the budget that goes with it? I definitely need all the tips I can get 😉


Love Always,


Feature Friday: MermaidTrinkets

16 Sep

Feature Friday Presents:


Bright Red Silk Burn out scarf in Rose and flower pattern satin silk     Rainbow Silk long scarf - Hand dyed colorful bright red yellow orange blue

$19.50 USD                                   $19.50 USD

Green leaf silk long scarf - Hand acid dyed emerald      Golden Yellow Silk Burn out scarf in Rose and flower pattern satin silk

Green leaf silk long scarf…           Golden Yellow Silk Burn ou…

MermaidTrink…                           MermaidTrink…

$19.50 USD                                   $19.50 USD

Blue silk scarf      Red Seahorse silk long scarf - Hand resist dyed red white green

Blue silk scarf                                Red Seahorse silk long sca…

MermaidTrink…                           MermaidTrink…

$19.50 USD                                   $19.50 USD

Red Silk Scarf - Hand dyed long maroon soft      Transition silk long scarf - Hand dyed Injection Green Yellow Purple Flat Crepe

$19.50 USD                                    $19.50 USD

“We are a brand new shop getting our feet wet in the Etsy world. Providing you with gorgeous accessories ranging from silk scarves, purses and to jewelry. All items are handmade and are all unique, a true work of wearable art.
Ceramic work coming soon!”

What got you interested in crafting?

My mom first got me interested in crafting. She promoted the arts in any way possible, often taking me to the museum and other art shows near by. Her passion was passed down to my brother and I. The further I get into the arts and crafting, the more I realize I do the same kind of things my mother enjoys. 


What has been your favorite project to make and why?

I am a student in college getting my degree in art education and ceramics. But 2 semesters back I took my very first textiles class. My mom had been trying to get me to take one and I finally gave in and LOVED it. I got pretty good at dye work, and figuring out what methods worked best (that is why I now sell my dye work). I took this all to the next level by dying many yards of fabric and with that made my first quilt. I am very proud of it because it took a lot of time, hard work, and every bit of it is me. The colors vary from browns to golds and into purples. At this current moment it is hanging in my living room.


What’s the secret behind your etsy name?

My mother and I first created this shop as a mother-daughter duo. We came up with mermaid trinkets because they are thought to be a collection of items are related but defiantly not the same. We knew we wanted to dabble in different crafts and didn’t want to limit ourselves because of our shop name. Because we just opened last august, I have yet to dabble in other crafts to sell.


If you could open up a shop in your town what would you call it and what would it be like?

Might call it Mermaid Trinkets! Haha, just maybe. But my dream is to own a small studio in town where I can sell my work and also teach classes to the public. I know a variety of arts and crafts but I would like to base this studio in ceramics. I think about this in my free time, I almost have everything planned out! Sometimes I get too far ahead of myself.


What is the most challenging thing you have made?

The most challenging thing I have made would probably be the quilt I spoke of earlier. It was one of the most challenging pieces I have ever created, but completely worth the time and effort I placed into it. 


What are some of your goals you hope to achieve within the next year?

I hope within the next year to have graduated college! I am in my last year of college. I am excited for the real world and hope to get that in town studio/class up and running at some point in the future. Though honestly that will be a while. I also hope it enter in more gallery shows this year with my ceramic tile work, I already have a show coming up in October. 


What inspires you to be crafty?

I can’t help myself, even if I tried never to do another piece of art or craft I don’t think I would survive, I just can’t do it, there is no choice. If I am not currently making something I get crabby, completely unhappy with everything until I at least have an idea for a next piece. But what I love doing to get inspiration is to either go onto Etsy and roam, or go on stumbleupon with an art filter. The work that these people put out is amazing, who wouldn’t get inspired. 


What is your best quality when it comes to your crafts?

I would have to say my craft. My craft level shows in my items, they are well crafted with clean lines, stitch marks and always ironed. As many of my professors would say, “If it isn’t done cleanly and professionally, why do it?”


If you could have one thing to help your store what would it be?

Time. I am a full-time student with 2 jobs. I hardly have anytime to myself, but if I had more time to dedicate to my Etsy shop I would defiantly improve my shop tremendously.


If you haven’t already checked out her store you can see it here!

You can also find her and get to know here at these links:




Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Crafts: Pocket Scarf

19 Jul

Are you one of those people who love pockets?? You are in luck! Because I do too 🙂 I also love them in things that don’t usually have pockets. Like some skirts and dresses or hidden pockets in purses you didn’t know! Well here’s to you – a scarf with pockets!






It’s a yellow gold color and I am working on a maroon one right now! It took me a lot longer than I thought to finish this one up – mostly because I was sidetracked a lot but hopefully this maroon one will go a little faster because I cannot wait to do stripes 😀 This will also be posted on Etsy tonight so don’t forget to check out the store. http://www.etsy.com/people/DaydreamingGifts?ref=si_pr

Let me know what you think!

Love Always,


Crafts: Embroidery Part One

12 Jun

In-between my lists of projects to do for everyone else I have been slowly but surely working on this one! It’s my first embroidery project and of course I always pick a super hard one 😉

I picked out a pattern I liked

Traced it out on some fabric

Picked out my yarn colors

And got to work!!!

Of course instead of doing an outline embroidery style – I thought it would look so much cooler if it was filled in!! This is probably why I’ve only gotten this far on it 😉

So far I am absolutely loving it and when I’m finished I plan on using it as the fabric for my nook cover 😀 I probably won’t be making many of these unless they are special requested because they are so time-consuming. But I am definitely going to make a few with just the outlines. It’s a fun way to add a creative touch to some plain fabric and I love the handmade look to it!

The pictures are a little dimmed since it wasn’t natural light so next time I take a picture I’ll be sure to do it out in the sun so you can see how bright and fun it is!

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually stick to it and get it done this week?!

We’ll see!!

Love Always,


Crafts: Baby Madness!

3 Jun

So I got a phone call from my cousin today and it looks like I am in business! I am going to be monogramming baby bibs, making burp clothes and monogramming them and possibly more!! This is super exciting 😀 I can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow to see what I can find for little baby girls. Who knows, I may stock up on some stuff and add a few listings on etsy!! This is one project I won’t have trouble getting into. Then on top of that I am going to be making a duvet cover for my sister. Well I’ll stick with saying I am going to attempt it! I’ve never made something like this before so I am going to have to do a little practicing but I’m excited to learn something new! Especially something that could potentially save people serious money! Inexpensive gorgeous crafts are my favorite.

So let’s get to it!! Hopefully I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow night of the progress 😀

Love Always,


Daily Life: Girls Day Out!

30 Apr

Just what every girl needs 😀 A girls day out! My mom, my sister, and I went to a book signing/reading, then took a walk in the city checking out the stores. We ended up stopping in this cute cafe for cookies and drinks! I could totally imagine myself sitting in there reading while sipping on tea or coffee, maybe even blogging! They had a little sitting area outside for those weather perfect days like today and it made me kind of wish I had that lifestyle. I know, I know, my entire life I have always wanted to liI love the small town ve in a small little town perferably near a beach 😉 but the convience of walking down the street and having all your needs met was so nice! Plus the stroll along the sidewalk was soothing and fun!

Of course I took pictures 😀

This was the book signing/reading we went to. Forget-Her-Nots by Amy Brecount White. I came out with a little thing of flowers and learning some new things like Gerbera Daisies mean Simplicity ..

my wedding was filled with Gerbera Daisies .. mainly because I am obsessed with how cute and vibrant they are, but what a coincidence! My wedding was completely simple!

I love this type of walkway. Big and large with spaces clearly defined for enjoying the warm weather and eating some food!!

This was once of the stores there. It was a consignment store for Couture and Vogue clothing brands. Totally chic but thrifty at the same time 😉

And this was an AWESOME store!! I don’t know what it is about toy stores but even before I had E I was in love with them. If I could get all my old lego’s, barbie stuff, puzzles, board games, and etc out and play them all day without being ridiculed .. I would!!


This was the inside! TOTALLY awesome! I wanted to buy everything of course 😉

What a relaxing day 😀 Now I’m sitting out on my mom’s deck watching E play with all her water toys (without the water) snacking on whatever Oma and Papa will give her, and enjoying the awesome smells that are coming out of my parents kitchen.

Can I do this everyday?  But tomorrow I plan on crafting 😉

Love Always,


Something old into Something New

9 Jan

I promised myself after having dinner with B last night that I would spend today crafting 🙂 and that’s just what I did!! I started around 10:00 a.m. with a few diaper changing stops, a lunch break, and little (E) interruptions 😛 and ended around 6:00. Even though it’s not completely finished, it’s at least a shirt!!! So stay tuned for some updates because this is going to be a fun one!

I took an old T-shirt

Deconstructed it

Ironed it

Cut out the pattern

Cut out the fabric with the pattern

Biased the tops (which I will never do again .. Bias and I don’t get along :P)

Sewed the front and back together

Sewed the sleeves on

Then finished the sides 🙂 and put it on E for fun! I know it’s two sizes to big but she’ll grow into it eventually! I plan on using my cool new sewing machine to sew in designs and patters and using my new cricut cutter to make a monogram for it! Exciting!!

Love Always,


Hooray Hooray!

9 Dec

Since becoming pregnant, I guess you could say I have been completely out of the fashion trend. Between constantly changing sizes in clothes and being so absorbed with this new little life I have lost my sense of fashion .. if I ever had one to begin with! At least I used to feel comfortable in clothes. Now I just want to be comfy! Well as you know B and I are going to a wedding and I have been frantically online shopping what I am supposed to wear. I googled everything possible and was having no luck. The stores I usually love (Khols and Target) were offering me nothing but casual with a little bit of awesome but nowhere near wedding…

Well I did it! B and I reluctantly went to the mall after Khols and Marshalls to see if we could get any luck there. It only took a couple of stores then I found the one!

Heck yes!!! All I need now is a jacket, stockings, and some awesome shoes … and we leave tomorrow afternoon!! Looks like I will be shopping and digging through my mom’s closet tomorrow 😉

The second best thing about today is that B and I have never gone shopping together where I try on things and he tells me what he likes. Okay maybe we did once while we were dating but he had to be nice then right? Well he was amazing. Not only did he help me decide what was hott and what was not, he was honest and helped me pick stuff out. Love this guy!!!!!!!!! He spoils me with his amazingness!

E decided to be complete awesome as well! She blew kisses and gave big smiles to everyone who couldn’t stop loving her. She sat patiently and people watched 🙂 She even ate her WHOLE meal! I love this little girl!


Today was successful and thank you American Eagle for having the perfect dress.

Love Always,


Good Morning Sunshine!

6 Dec


This morning as been pretty good! I think E got used to sleeping in this weekend because she is still asleep!! It’s 8:30 and I have been up for thirty minutes planning my day, started a load of laundry, searched around for the cheap chicken recipe but no luck .. and now on email, facebook, and wordpress! Another mom commented on my blog not too long ago saying that she gets up earlier then her litte one so she can have some “me” time and get prepared for the day. I completely understand why! This feels great to be up and have already accomplished a few things before someone needs me!
Also on my list to do today is I think I am going to make a wishlist at JoAnns, Michaels, Ben Franklins, Hancock Fabrics, AC Moore, Home Goods, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Khols. Then when I have save enough money I’ll know exactly what I want to get! Or I can just hang on to it until I find something better 🙂 The Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target and Khols are going to me more for me and not really craft stuff but that way I don’t forget what I want or projects I want to do, I can put it in order of importance and change it around as much as I want, and less time meandering around the store and more time getting more crafts done! Another plan is to save up enough money so that I can just order everything and once you spend a certain amount you get free shipping! YAY no going out in the cold!!
Today should be a fun and interesting day! I have lunch planned to make it easy and breezy. We’ll see if E eats it or not 😉 Lately she has been just way too busy having fun to eat. Then realizes she’s hungry and I’ve already cleaned it up and then we are stuck with snack foods or reheated meals. At least they are healthy snack foods!
B helped me with laundry yesterday. Isn’t that sweet!? I had put one load in the washer and one in the dryer, then folded the stuff in the dryer and put it away and moved his stuff into the dryer, then made dinner and he helped. Matched and put away socks that I had been avoiding 😛 and then cleaned up dinner, and while I was cleaning he went upstairs and I assumed it was either for eclairs or reese’s cups and I was right but he also folded laundry and brought it down for me! 🙂 I can’t remember what else he did but he did something and it made me smile. Something helpful that I didn’t ask him to do. I am glad I am noticing that stuff more because I am sure all the praise is overdue!
Wow I have been rambling all morning long! I feel so productive this morning and I have no idea why. Partially because I woke up before Emma so I feel like I get some me time and I made a list that’s exciting and gosh if all goes well with E today I will get a lot of stuff done!
So lately I have been trying to limit my computer time so I don’t sit around all day on the computer and get nothing accomplished! Although I will be making wishlists so I might be on the computer half of the day, I feel like it’s really working! I put the computer down and it’s only an hour later and I get up and do something rather then playing around reading, relaxing, shopping (window shopping), and looking at the time and going oh my gosh! It’s lunch time!! Where did my morning go!??? It’s really not a great feeling, and I have managed to cease it for now.
Well I’ll stop rambling, you probably have better things to do with your time 😉
Should be posting some more crafts later tonight if today goes as planned!
Love Always,

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