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My Little Gymnast

11 Mar

Okay, so we have tried ballet, karate, and now we are doing gymnastics! I love the parks and recreation here because they have so many things to choose from. Each thing is about 6 weeks long so it gives the kids a good way to “feel out” different things and not spend a whole year (or a whole year’s budget) on something they may decide they don’t like anymore!


She’s the one in the front with the white leotard on! Each thing we have tried Emma has announced that she loves it and it was a great a choice. This time she came out with a huge grin on her face saying I want to do gymnastics EVERY SUNDAY!


Again she’s the one in the white leotard stretching back. I have a feeling this one will last longer than six weeks!


I’m just excited she is trying new things.

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