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Work-Out Challenge!

11 May

Hello There!

I am excited to say I am attempting a work out challenge with an amazing friend of mine! We are posting on her website in the comments section what we are doing each day to keep each other motivated and excited. We are also sharing healthy recipe’s that we are eating in place of my (our – she is way healthier when it comes to eating already than I am) usual meals.

For those of you that know me I am NOT dieting. I am too skinny as it is so losing weight is not my goal. When I got my membership and successfully made the gym a part of my routine during the week – I did it to tone up my body. For all of you mom’s out there you know that your body goes completely crazy during pregnancy, birth, and after pregnancy it’s hard/impossible to get back to the same body as before.

My goal was to tone up my thighs and stomach. I also wanted my leg and arm strength that I had when I was in high school and the beginning of college. I miss my athletic muscles and being able to carry a good amount of weight. These days I feel like just carrying Emma around for a half hour is exhausting and my arms feel like they are going to fall off! It’s also annoying having to ask my husband to carry the heavy things for me all the time.

So here I go – I am starting my work out challenge to get healthy, toned, and get my muscles back! The gym has been a big step for me and since I’ve kept a routine and made progress I was really excited when I saw Lauren Conrad’s – Bikini Boot Camp Plan

This is from Lauren’s site the link is attached to so you can see her boot camp rules!

Eating healthier has been something that’s almost impossible to do in this house. Growing up the only diets I ever had to do was EAT MORE food. I naturally have a high metabolism and growing up I also had a lot of energy so that resulted in me being super skinny without any effort (which is not all fun and games as it sounds).

My husband doesn’t help with the food process in this house. He is a picky picky eater! I could go through the list of things he won’t eat but it’s just easier to say he pretty much eats meats, potatoes, pastas, rice, and bread. Occasionally he’ll eat some fruit.

Going on a healthy food diet is going to be a huge challenge for me in this household so I’ve found a few meals that I can make one day during the week and either freeze or refrigerate so they are easy for me to quickly heat up and Brian can still eat his favorites 🙂

Basically why I’m explaining all this is because I won’t exactly be following Lauren Conrad’s meal plan. Going cold turkey sometimes is not so easy for me and then I quit so I decided to make her plan fit my lifestyle better. So I’ll be working out and eating healthier in a way that fits me. For those who are like me and keeping up with lifestyle changes are hard for you, I really suggest starting slow and making it work for you!

So to start out I’m going show you a progress of how the workouts and healthy food is affecting me physically and mentally!

This is a picture of how I look now, what I want to work on, and such:

Ignore my messy hair and lack of make-up! So what I want to work on is getting my muscles back in my thighs, tone up a little bit everywhere but definitely in my stomach too, get my arms in shape and get those muscles back as well, and of course I could use a little tan!!

Check back tomorrow to see my work out plan and some awesome recipes I’ll be attempting!

Do you have problems keeping up with lifestyle changes like dieting, working out, eating healthier?

Is there something specific you’d like me to explain about the work out challenge I am doing?

Do you have tips and tricks you’d like to share about keeping up with challenges you face yourself?

I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Tuesday Tutorial: Fabric Beach Balls!

13 Mar

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty 😉

This crafty tutorial comes from: ThePurlBee

Fabric Beach Balls



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Love Always,


Spotlight Sunday: Top Picks

26 Feb

This weeks TOP PICKS! These are the ones I can’t resist!

Eye Shadow  Shimmering Season of Green 5 grams         Hand Painted Compote Dessert or small Juice Glasses

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Apples Polka Dots Pincushion Pinnie Large 5" Size        Handpainted Beatles inspired "Let it Be" Necklace, SALE on 20" silver chain, with natural gemstone charms, teal, red, yellow

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Quilted Clutch with Vintage Button Red Yellow & Black Floral        Ella Mary Janes

Quilted Clutch with Vintage B       Ella Mary Janes

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SALE – Airplane Baby Name         Starburst Recycled Candy

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Girl Dress – Gray Polka Do             Baby Owl Hat – Made to Order

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4 Small Flower Gift Boxes              Dog Treats No Wheat/Gluten

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Which one is your favorite?

Spotlight Sunday: A Pop of Color

19 Feb


New Listings 🙂

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Hair Flower Fascinator – Roy        Shabby Chic Floral Cuff Brac

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Music Soothes the Soul Cell Phone Charm or Zipper Pull        Handspun, Art Yarn, 98 yards "Baby Boy Blue", Super Soft Merino Wool, Plyed with, White Angora
Music Soothes the Soul Cell P       Handspun, Art Yarn, 98 yard

justByou                                           theSheepandI
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Hawaiian Orchid Hair Clips, Hula, Wedding, Bridal, Luau, Hot Pink       Simply Sweet Mittens in Gray
Hawaiian Orchid Hair Clips,         Simply Sweet Mittens in Gray

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Antiquedbrass i love you mor      Girl bodysuit with pants size 3 to 6 months

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Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate - Reverse TIGER BUTTER - 4 Individual 2 oz bags       Wedding Dress Card - Tiffany Blue, Will you be my Bridesmaid, Blank inside, Thank You Card, Invitation
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justByou                                          HeckmanCrafts
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Handknitted Unisex Neckwarmer       Knit Swaddling blanket dark brown
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Knocking My List in Half

12 Jan

After that wonderful feeling yesterday of getting rid of clutter and not having a list of things to do I decided to make it possible to feel like this ALL the time! So here are a few things I’m doing now in order to keep my list non-existent and my life a lot less stressful!

*Getting rid of my recycling bin – and taking the recycle out once a day instead of waiting for the thing to fill up to the point where I don’t want to take it out 😉

*Doing the dishes as they come – I usually rinse them out and let them pile up in the sink. Then when it’s time I unload the clean dishes and put new ones in. NOT ANYMORE! Nothing is allowed to sit in the sink unless it’s a pot (I leave those for Brian to do 😉 hehe)

*Throwing out/putting away the mail as soon as it comes – paper piles up in this house quickly. Whether it’s by the phone or on my craft table it finds a way to make itself a project instead of an easy daily task.

*Destashing – thanks to the etsy team I’m in, the vacation time I get off this month, and our budget possibly becoming ridiculously tight – I’ve been planning for a huge destash/consignment store run. After I’ve gone through everything and we’ve gotten rid of all the clutter I want to at least once a day get rid of something I don’t need anymore.

*Laundry – doing a load of laundry a day! How nice would it feel to not stare at a pile of laundry and dread doing it! How awesome would it be to always have the clothes you want clean! I think this is one I’ll actually enjoy doing!

Doing these things as they are needed instead of putting them down and doing them later are going to make it seem less like a list of things to do and just a daily habit. Therefore I can leave all the things I hate doing off my list and center around things that make me happy!

Instead of wasting a whole day cleaning (stressing about cleaning) I’ll be able to concentrate on crafting, playing with Emma, relaxing without feeling guilty! My goal is to wake up every morning and say – what do I want to do today. Instead of – what do I have to do today.

My listless week!

11 Jan

So if you’ve read this blog at all – you know I am a list queen/addict! I make lists upon lists and hardly ever finish one completely! This week, along with my new anti-mom jean week, I’ve decided to anti-list it too!

Of course I started out with a list of things I wanted to do 😉 haha! Goals for this week: Dance my butt off, get dressed up for no reason, listen to music all day, sing in the shower, enjoy some down time, be crafty (duh), smile!

The difference is that I didn’t pick specific days or really any chores at all! So far I have successfully completed five things! I’ve also done more chores and relaxing than I have in the past few months! So I’ve come to realize that when I make myself a list of things to do I spend 95% of the day just stressing about it 😛

Yesterday was the day I got dressed up for no reason and even though it included a t-shirt I’d say it was pretty fashionable compared to my usually baggy t-shirts & sweatshirts! Emma and I even had a fun photoshoot:











We went out to lunch just the two of us and had a blast! After lunch we took a stroll through the shopping center and back just in time for nap time! I did my best to spend that entire day without a schedule and just enjoy the day and I’d have to say it was a complete success!

Today has been an uneventful day! Just the way I like it! I decided to take the day off from chores (except for the dishwasher) and spent the entire day playing with the girls. Now that it’s nap time I’ve been sitting on the computer thinking how wonderful it has been to not be stressed out – then my phone beeped five times within 15 minutes. It’s ridiculous how many emails I get in one day and half of them are from websites that by signing up for them – I automatically get an email everyday. So to move on with my de-stressing I decided to de-clutter. I spent the past half hour unsubscribing to all these things that I spend opening and closing on a daily basis just so my phone won’t beep at me for no reason! Just getting that done has done amazing things to my mood!!

Now all I can think about is what else I can do that will prevent me from wasting time on a daily basis?

I’ll be back with some more ideas! 😉


Thanks for stopping by,


Love Always,



Sum it UP Saturday: What the WHAT!?

7 Jan

So to sum up this week I’d say it was a crazy blast!! We had our first BNR on Etsy  for the new year and although the sales didn’t compare to Christmas I’d say it was a success! Along with the new year I have a ton of new products to be made. It’s a little overwhelming but if you think about it being spread out in a 10 month process it makes it a little easier to swallow 😉

Although this week came with a fun-filled success – it also came with sickness!! Emma and I were sick most of the week with this cold that’s been going around and the little girl I watch (who I will refer to as the one year old) had it too! Three sick girls cooped up in one little house was far more exciting than I thought it would be! Even with all the struggles we all managed to have fun and giggle a little here and there. Now that the one year old is walking well, running a little, and playing with toys instead of eating them – it’s been an adventure. Emma’s learning to share toys with others and the one year old is learning to gladly take them 😀 haha. I am however excited for this weekend off so that we can all get over this cold and rest up.

What can you look forward to this coming week? We’ve got our usual Motivation Monday and a Tutorial Tuesday that will make you want to pull out all your extra fabric scraps and get busy! We are hoping to have a Work-In-Progress Wednesday this week so if you have an item your working on that you would like to show off – go up to the contact tab at the top right-hand corner and email me pictures and a description! I hope you’ll come back to see all the excitement and let us know your favorite parts of the underestimatedmom blog 😉

Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,


Happy Holidays To You!

25 Dec

Saturday’s Special Guest!

24 Dec

Saturday’s Special Guest Presents: 



It has been a year now since I started teaching myself how to sew… and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I learned of Etsy from a friend and that inspired me to find new ways to reach out and get my creations discovered. I made a fan page on Facebook, and created a twitter account, and finally started a blog this year in late June- which I enjoy the most! I try not to make it all about my shop, but a fun and friendly site that also helps other Etsy shops get discovered. I have a schedule; Fun Mondays, Chatty Tuesdays, Crafts At Home (Wednesday), Giveaways (Thursday), and Picture This (Friday).
I have always found it relaxing to be creative with my hands- the kind of person who buys used furniture to take home, to paint and fix up, or spend an afternoon baking and decorating baked goods. I love to rotate what I do also so that I never feel like I am stuck or burnt out.
I can recall some memories growing up where I would be creative – such as making a catalog while in elementary school of items I owned for my brother, just incase he wanted to buy something 🙂 and even in highschool- there was an assignment of writing a short story… I bought large poster board sheets for each page, creating bright colorful pages with my story written out, I even recruited friends to help record a tape of the reading- along with sound effects to turn the page.
Any chance I see of being hands on creative, I will go for it. After becoming a mother I found many opportunities to learn new ways to be creative. When I see smiles and hear laughter, all it can do is make me wonder… “What else can I make?”
Thanks for stopping by!
Love Always,
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