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This Is How We Spend Our Days

16 Mar

I used to be a work-aholic! I still kind of am.. but I have to say I have been much better about actually taking time off to be with these girls. After all, that is why I wanted to be a virtual assistant to begin with!


We like to be lazy in this house on our days off. Wake up when we went, eat when we want, and stay home all day. Heck, sometimes we don’t even get out of our jammies!


Now that I’ve gotten used to this time with them, I refuse to let it go. We play more games, craft, make messes, clean them up, but most importantly, we just spend time together.


As you can see, since Payton is at home with me all day, she likes to plan to go out all the time. Emma on the other hand, doesn’t mind doing absolutely nothing for a while 😉


I think the girls are enjoying it just as much as we are.


Lexi is too 😉


Dr. Seuss Week

4 Mar

It’s been Dr. Seuss week at school and today they were supposed to dress up as their favorite character. Emma immediately screamed HORTON HEARS A WHO!!


We went to walmart and raided the craft section. We got shiny paper, tulle, pom poms, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, quick dry glue, and a headband! I already had packing tape, scissors, a toilet paper role, elastic and a sock on hand.


We cut out ears and taped them to the headband, then used pipe cleaners for the hair. I just twisted them together around the headband to stay.


We used tulle, a toilet paper roll, tape, and elastic to make the nose. Paper and elastic for the mask with some pipe cleaner eyebrows!


And a sock with a cut up end for the tail! The flower was pom poms glued together and glued to pipe cleaners that I made into a bracelet for her so she didn’t have something to carry around all day at school. There was a little silver glitter speck on the flower for whoville.

Needless to say she was so excited to go to school today!

Feeling Like A Proud Mama!

4 Jan

Emma has been begging me to do more crafts with her and while we have been scoping out YouTube for some great tutorials and finding some great ideas that are totally age appropriate, I have been eyeing other options.

Yes I did! I signed up Emma to Kiwi Crate to receive a monthly box with a craft inside! We will be posting our boxes, our crafts, and our ratings on all the fun! I AM SO EXCITED!

Have you done a Kiwi Crate before? I’d love to hear about. Leave a comment below!

We Come and We Go

6 Dec

As I was sitting down yesterday after an eventful exciting day with the girls, I realized I was so tired of putting off the things I love the most. I haven’t been crafting as much as used to, I haven’t been writing here as much as I’d love to, I haven’t taken care of myself because I am so busy taking care of everything else! It seems like I’ve been slowly realizing this as I’ve started putting me back in the front seat.


Recently I’ve pulled back out my yarn and hook and starting making things for myself instead of my etsy page. I had worked so hard on my etsy shop making things I thought people would want to buy that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I took some time to think about what I wanted to make for me or my family and the ideas started rolling in!


How many scarves and hats have I made and Emma didn’t even have a set of her own? She had outgrown all of hers and although Payton has been loving the previous one’s Emma passed down, it was about time Emma has a set of her own! I let her pick out some of the yarn I already had in stock and I couldn’t be more proud of my hard work!


Since we moved into this house we haven’t had a wreath on our door. I know it seems ridiculous to be upset about that, but that was one of the things I was looking forward to when we owned our own home. Three years and I hadn’t made one wreath for our own home!!


Now I am happy wreath on my door home owner! Granted it’s only one, but I do have a few more ideas in mind. I am so proud of the fact that I didn’t attempt to buy sixteen of these, stock up on premade ones, and buy shipping boxes with the intention of selling them, because honestly I don’t want to!


What I plan on making is a happy home! I hope you all will join in me in my process of finding what’s important for me and my family and enjoy us as we come and go. I might not be consistent on this blog, but I will be here when I can.

Crafts and Sand!

4 Jul

While we are enjoying our stay at the beach, I hadn’t on being crafty..

Then we found out this store is within walking distance to our house. Actually it’s right next door lol!  

You can’t be next to a yarn store and not buy anything!!!
  So I came home with these goodies for me and two craft kits for Emma which I’m sure will come with pictures later 😉 

Washi Tape Letters

11 Jul

To go along with the the #30makeitwork theme I have been working on I found this adorable tutorial for washi tape letters on pinterest and had to try it out!

photo 5

I had a bunch of letters laying around the house and Emma was so kind to share some of her washi tape with me! I promised her I’d do a letter for her in Red in exchange – which will be a purchase I do after my 30 days!

photo 4

This is such an easy project and doesn’t take any time!

photo 3

I just ripped big enough strips to cover the Y in slanted strips. You can do it anyway you’d like.

photo 2 (1)

Then I flipped it over and used an exacto knife to cut off all the edges.

photo 1 (1)


I suggest using a sealer on top just to keep the washi tape from peeling up after time. I can imagine these being adorable decorations on a bookshelf or in a kids room.


Wrapped Wine Bottles – Take Two!

27 Jun

photo 1

I have previously written about doing wrapped wine bottles and I couldn’t resist doing them again – with a little something extra this time! Painting the bottoms for the dipped look!

photo 4

I used a wine bottle, some macrame chord, and some mod podge (and the paint of your choice) to create it!

photo 3

All it takes is wrapping the wine bottle with the macrame chord and a bit of patience 😉 also not caring that your fingers are going to be sticky with mod podge!

photo 2 (1)

For the first bottle I chose to work with gold. It seems like it’s a number one pick for weddings and centerpieces these days so I thought I’d go along with the trend! Then I did my second in blue – because I love that color!

photo 1 (1)

I am so happy with the turnout! They are also available for purchase on my etsy shop if you don’t feel like being crafty but want one!

photo 2

and just because I am so proud of these suckers – one of my friends Lindsay used the plain ones for her wedding and her wonderful photographer Stephanie Dee got some amazing shots of them!




I can’t lie – I’m obsessed with how well these turn out each time I do them!

I See Sea Shells!

21 Jun

While we are at the beach for our vacation, Emma picked up a serious amount of seashells! She found some awesome ones that had little holes in them that were perfect to make a seashell necklace and we decided to do that for our craft this week that didn’t cost us anything since we had everything on hand!

photo 1


I laid out some newspaper (since they were still sandy!) and let her pick through which ones she thought had a good size hole to put through the string.

photo 2

The string kept unraveling so I used a little glue to keep it together to make it easier on her to thread through the holes.

photo 3

It didn’t take her long to get started and then she was on a roll!

photo 4

We sized it and knotted it and she now has a great memory peace from our trip!

photo (2)

Obviously we had a lot of left over seashells she we decided to put them in a vase we had to keep and I’m excited to have an extra home decor item to add to our beachy themed things!


Making A Pattern Template

7 May

With the craft room open for business I have been working every extra chance I get up there! One of my first projects was a fabric headband that I posted about earlier. Today I wanted to share with you how I made my own pattern template.


Since I’m not your average size adult, things don’t tend to fit me properly and I find I need things custom made often (quite like my custom desk and it’s custom low height 😉 haha). So I tend to make my own patterns based of similar styles I like.


Here’s what you’ll need to create your own pattern template like mine:

Measuring tape
Pencil / Pen
Mat board
Scissors / Xacto Knife

With the fabric headband that I’ve been seeing all over the place, I knew buying one a traditional one size fits all would not fit so I did some playing around with fabric and elastic and measured it to fit me. You can either use the elastic itself to measure around your head or use measuring tape to see what fits you.

Then I divided that measurement into two parts: (1) being the elastic. I wanted it to not really be seen with my hair down so I measured it from under my ear to the other ear. (2) Headband from the bottom of one ear going all the way around the top of my head to the bottom of the other ear. I also took a quick measurement how how wide I wanted the headband to be.


I suggest drawing out what you are going to make and writing the measurements down there so you don’t forget them! After that I cut the (2) headband measurement in half since I’d be cutting the fabric on the fold.


Once I found a width I liked for the top to the bottom I was ready to go. I took my ruler and my pencil and created a drawing on top of mat board like so. Then used my exacto knife to cut out the template.


Why do I use mat board? Because it’s easy to store, it’s sturdy but not heavy, and yes sometimes it gets messed up in the process but it’s easy to make again and it’s pretty darn cheap!


Once I have the template how I like, I get to cutting out fabric and starting to produce them in assembly line process. You can never have too many headbands right?


Please note that I came up with a rough draft trial and did a test run before I made my template so I knew I’d be happy with the outcome. Hint: I always suggest making a trial with scrap fabric just in case it doesn’t work out you haven’t ruined the material you wanted to use for it! 

DIY Place Mats

8 Aug

 I have been dying to try out this pattern that I got from my Maw Maw (actually Brian’s Maw Maw but I claim her as mine!) and I finally got the chance to do it! This is so simple and so much fun. What you’ll need:

Mat Board
Pencil Scissors
1.5 to 2 yards of fabric
Sewing Machine
Iron & Board

If you have everything you need minus the mat board – do not go out and buy mat board! Find a box laying around your house that’s wide enough and long enough for this project.

There are three different sizes you could use for a place mat so feel free to pick any one, I chose the first:

or 12′ diameter for round.

First I took measurements to create my template, made a drawing on my board, and cut it out with scissors.
Once you have it cut out you’ll never have to measure again!!! That is probably my favorite thing about templates 🙂 I have scrapes and piles of mat board, boxes, laying around the house just for this purpose.

Pull out your fabric and lay your template down on top and cut around it. I fold my fabric over and do two cuts at one time to make sure they are exactly identical!


Once you have your two pieces cut out I flip them inside out and give them a quick iron to make sure the pieces lay flat.

Pin around the edges and sew around all of them but leave a large enough opening on one side to flip it inside out.


As you can see in this photo – I just did a straight plain stitch around the edges.


And here is my opening to flip it inside out!


Once it’s flipped do a quick iron again, iron down the edges of the opening and pin it for sewing closed.


Sew all the edges with a fun decorative stitch and your done!


If you have seen my work before you know this is my go to decorative stitch. It uses up a lot of thread but I love the way it looks and it feels really secure!


I hope you enjoyed my place mats tutorial and if you’d like to go ahead and purchase them – I have these up on Etsy for sell here.


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