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Crafts: A Crafty Day Indeed!

29 Jul

Today was the ultimate crafty day! Yesterday I was feeling lost, confused, and frustrated. Staying on a schedule with a two-year old and one year old is really hard!! Not to mention that I no longer get a break at 5:00. My break doesn’t come until 8:00! By then I’m usually on the couch holding up a white flag 😉 You’re lucky if I’m still awake at 10:00!!

I don’t know why today is so different from yesterday. I didn’t make a new list of things or organize my life. I didn’t re-prioritize anything or make a new schedule. In fact, I sat on the computer longer today than I usually do (thanks to ravelry.com) and I STILL got more done than I have any day this past week. I guess the important thing is that at least today I was enjoying it. So here I am taking a vow – if I’m not feeling crafty and I just want to mark things off my list. I’m going to make a non-crafty list and mark it off 😉

Let’s keep being crafty for when we are feeling crafty!!  So enough of my talking right? Lets see what I did!

This is a sneak peek of what I’m working on at the moment 😀 I’m sure you all can guess what it is 😉

Then I finally made a swatch so I could play around with my crochet needle. Obviously this isn’t anything special – just trying things out to get some ideas going 😀




A boyish burp cloth



and a girly one!

Both of this are listed on my etsy page at: http://www.etsy.com/people/DaydreamingGifts

It may not seem like all that much but I feel like I’ve completed more than I put on my to do list for the weekend! Which is good since we are going to Maryland again to see my grandmother. Which means long car ride – which means crocheting the whole way there and back.

Then since I got addicted to raverly.com I am meeting a group of people for a Stitch & *itch (hehe I love the name but we’ll keep it child friendly!) on Sunday. They meet at the local Panera Bread and sit and crochet/knit and chat from 3:00-close! I have a feeling I might just finish my crocheting in one night as long as I’m not too busy talking 😛

If you haven’t been to raverly before it’s basically an awesome website for anyone who does anything with yarn. You create a profile, show off your projects or patterns, sell stuff, join groups, do swaps, find free patterns, buy patterns, ask a question and get a zillion answers on how to do something you’ve never done before. Yeah – it has everything! So if you like any of those things – you should probably check it out 😉

Well I’m going to go back to be crafty because apparently it’s not out of my system yet!!

Love Always,



Working Mom: Naptime = Mommy’s play time!

2 Mar

Both girls are down for a nap and P will probably be up around 2:30-3:00 and E around 4:00 so that gives me almost two hours of mommy play time 🙂 Of course my play time requires a lack of noise I still enjoy every second of it!

Today I am debating on reading a book or crocheting but since I finished Crafty Superstar by Grace Dobush I have been super pumped about being extra crafty! Let me tell you if you are planning on being crafty and selling your craftiness even if it’s just for fun money or an income this book ROCKS! I had a read a review of it from a blogger that I love to follow and she raved about this book. Well she was spot on!! This book gives you all the details, do’s & dont’s, and encouragement that you need. If you have an extra couple hours I would read this! I bought it on my Nook, realized that there were worksheets and stuff you could use (which I always use and end up needed to keep me organized) so I went to Borders bought it, skimmed over what I had already read and finished it in a matter of hours. Love it and I am keeping it!! It pretty much has given me an idea of what I need to do, in what order, and key things to look into. I now have a budget, a year plan, and some serious goals.

Let’s just say I have three scarf’s done and about 27 to go!

Well I better get off here and start crocheting before my play time is over 😉

Love Always,


Loving these memories

12 Dec

Between the memories of how B and I met and fell in love, the friends who were there through it all, the places we spent so much time together, the wedding, and the night of the wedding, it was truly an amazing weekend. We spent the first night in our old stomping grounds and checked out all the things that they had changed while we were gone. It’s fun to see all the new additions they’ve made but it really makes you miss the time that you spent there. I am not sure that if we had stayed there we would be doing as well as we are now but you always wonder what it would be like.

So I bet you’re wondering how much crocheting I got done with all this fun I was having. Guilty as charged! I hadn’t planned on not being able to see to even crochet the on the way there so that cut out about 3 hours of serious working time and then we didn’t have much down time all weekend so that resulted in only have the trip back here! Luckily I finished one sleeve, deconstructed the other so I can remake it how it’s supposed to look. I am about two out of seven rows done and I am hoping between grocery shopping tomorrow and working on getting E back on schedule that I can at least get halfway done. That leaves me with 52 days left to get all my projects done! I still think I can do it 😉

I probably should be crocheting right now and then maybe I would finish it tomorrow but instead I am laying here next to B relaxing and enjoying his and E’s company. Right now he is holding E in his arms while picking out music on his Playstation and she is playing with his cell phone and acting like she is talking to someone 🙂 It’s moments like these that I love the most!

Well somebody is starting to rub her little eyes. Looks like it’s Mommys time to make her a bottle and put her in bed.

Love Always,


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