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Book Wall Art

7 Sep

I saw on pinterest that someone took a mat, a book page, and a letter and made wall art out of it. Well of course I’m going to change it up a little and make it more like me 😉 Since my mom and sister are the bookworms and I’m more into magazines – I decided to take a magazine page and add a letter to it.


Since I had all the materials laying around the house – this cost me absolutely nothing 🙂 Nothing makes me happier than free projects! So I got my black vinyl paper for the cricut, my mat board, and a sheet from a magazine for the background.


I put some adhesive on the back of the mat board and placed the paper and let it dry while I cut out my letter on my cricut machine.


Then I put peeled the vinyl off and placed on the magazine sheet. Simple as that and now I have one more crafty thing to hang in my studio room 🙂 I plan on doing the same thing for the book people in my family! Can anyone say budget friendly Christmas presents?

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Crafts: The Promised Pictures

8 Mar

The new report cards for tomorrow 🙂

The finger puppets .. which I wouldn’t recommend actually putting on your fingers .. they are more fun to look at! Hopefully S will have fun putting them on paper or something 😛

The green scarf done and the white one on the way!

E having a crazy hair day trying to steal the computer 🙂 She loves buttons!!

I am actually shocked I got all this done today! Hopefully the rest of this night is that productive 😀

Love Always,


Crafts: Progress

5 Mar

I finally got to play with my Cricut!!! For this project I used Create a Critter and I plan on using that whole cartridge! The critters are so cute and definitely awesome for my report cards. I did one for each of the girls and trust me, I’ll be doing a ton later 😉

I love them!! I can’t wait to use them 😀

And while I had my camera out I thought I’d show you the orange scarf I finished.

The green is what’s next!! If all goes well on Tuesday & Thursday I might be able to get that one done in two days!

Hope everyone is having a great night and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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Crafts: On to the next one

5 Mar

It seems like ever since I read Crafty Superstar I have been on a serious roll with these scarfs. I just finished an orange one and on to this awesome green color. It’s been taking me about 2 to 3 days to get them done depending on how much E naps and what other things I have planned for the day. If I could push that to 2 days I could easily make two a week and double my one year plan!

Although I am seriously dying to work on this green one and finish it in one night, I have been putting off on my new cricut cartridges and it just can’t wait any longer! I think I am going to make one more original report card for P so I have one for Monday just incase the cartridges don’t work out as well as the stamps.

Super excited!

Hopefully between my packed schedule tomorrow I’ll have time to take pictures so you can see.

Love Always,


Daily Life: I’m in a commercial!

23 Feb

Today is filming day! I am doing a commercial for my sister’s company and I am super excited about it! It starts at 2:00 and probably won’t be done until 6:00 which is pretty much all day for me!! I’ve packed a few things to keep me busy in between shoots like my crocheting, my nook (the craft book I’m reading), and a paper craft book/magazine to look through for some awesome ideas. I skimmed through it last night and am pretty excited about making a list of some of the things I’ll need to try out these tutorials! Also, not this thursday but next thursday I’ll be finally buying the cartridges that I want for my cricut!! I’ve been waiting so long and I’m finally going to get to buy them!

Well I guess I better go get last-minute things together, I’ll let you know how the shooting goes!!

Love Always,


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