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What I’m Working On

27 Jan

With my new year goals in full gear I have been getting busy with some exciting new things 🙂


I have a few new hats in that will be coming in the store soon as well as some new mittens!!


With Payton hiking out the snow with me to pick Emma up from the bus stop, I decided it was about time we made her some cute mittens (the baby ones just don’t fit anymore!) But of course I couldn’t stop there – my brain is on new year new goals.


Instead of just MAKING them, I’m making the pattern and it will be available for purchase too! Stay tuned on my facebook to see when they are live or check out my etsy shop if you are interested!

What are you working on?


Behind The Scenes Happenings

29 Jul

For those of you who follow my Daydreaming Gifts facebook page, you already know that I’ve been crocheting my little fingers away making boot cuffs, gloves, and cup cozies. I am stocking up and prepping for this holiday season and so excited to be offering a few new items.

photo 3 (2)

I’ve already gotten an order from my sister to make her two pairs of boot cuffs and I’m excited to say they are turning out amazing!! All I need is a few buttons to finish this one off.

photo 1 (3)

I’ve also been taking pictures of the process so I can share it with you all! Here’s a sneak peak at what it takes to get the pictures processed while I work. Imagine me wrapping my arms around the camera working 😉 It’s quite amusing and Emma thought it was pretty cool and tried to imitate me with her own camera 😀

photo 2 (3)

So much crocheting!! I can’t wait to share all the details with you soon!

New Craft Room Tour

23 Apr

A big shout out to my wonderful Dad who put all this together and my wonderful husband who put in a lot of time and grunt work helping out! It’s finally here!



The hardwood floors are in, my dream desk has been designed and put together, and my stash of supplies are slowly getting put where they belong! Surprisingly my upper cabinets aren’t anywhere near full yet (oh but they will be!).

My stock wall is being filled as we speak. Surprisingly throughout this process (and a big thanks to my mom) I have more stock than I did prior to Christmas! Which is making me feel a lot calmer since Peanut is going to come and mess up my schedule even more 😉

My shipping section is fully stocked and ready go as well as my photo corner which I’ll be tweaking a little bit but has been working out like a gem the past few days! I love that it’s on a rolling cart so I can find the perfect light spots depending on what time of day it is.


What’s left to do besides craft? Well we haven’t done anything with the closet yet. I wanted to wait and see how I used the rest of the space before I decided what my closet needed to be. So far it’s craft show supplies storage and a few rolls of batting. So happy to have that beautiful two door closet instead of an obnoxious wall in between it tho!


I also have a new sign to hang that my Dad decided was a must have for door outside! I can’t wait to hang it up! I’ll also be on the hunt for some great wall decor items and ideas for my “backsplash” behind my desk. I think we’ve finally hit the finishing touches stage and I am proud to say I’ve already spent a few amazing days up there getting lost in fabric and photos.

Don’t forget to check out my Etsy store now that it’s up and running!

Annie’s Crochet Classes – Tunisian Crochet

20 Aug

Hey everyone!! I have some exciting news for those of you who love to crochet or have been watching me crochet and wishing you knew how! I just found out about this awesome site called Annie’s Crafts that teaches you how to crochet and make certain things via video!


For those of you who are just like me and hate reading patterns – this is a great option. I’m a very visiual person and find myself looking up youtube videos rather than attempting a pattern even if it’s free! The videos here offer you so many different things:


You get a Classroom Description, Meet The Instructor, Supplies List, Feedback, and Notes! You can make notes for yourself to look back on anytime You also get a PDF of the class materials and patterns which you can download at any time.  The best thing of all – if you are really confused – you can ask the instructor for help. That’s one on one with the person who knows it all!

I took the Tunisian Crochet Class and it came with THREE different patterns:




and they walk you through each step for each one. Just from these three patterns I learned four different stitches!

If you want to see a preview of this class or any of the other classes they have them on YouTube or on their site at Annie’s Crafts.


With this class they suggested you get Denise Interchangable crochet hooks and after taking the class I suggest you do too! I didn’t and just used my regular crochet hook which is fine until you try to do a pattern with over 20 some stitches!


It didn’t take me long and I caught on to the pattern really well. Here is an example of why you would need more than a regular crochet hook. This is 18 stitches and there isn’t much room for it to go any further!


I will say I love how beautifully the pattern turned out to be. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I have a few ideas of what I’d like to  make once I get my interchangeable hooks 🙂


Here is another stitch I tried from the class. I think this was 45 stitches. I was testing out my little crochet hook to see how well it held up and even though it held the 45 stitches – it was not easy!!


This crochet stitch is made to look like knitting and it’s GORGEOUS! I’m definitely happy with the end result of this one!

If you are interested in taking a class online with them you can get 50% off any class you sign up, this is for a limited time only. You can also get 20% off any of the products you purchase.



This post was in sponsorship with Annie’s Crafts

The Perfect Weekend Includes..

18 Aug

In my house – you can’t have the perfect weekend without:

A project and a book

Someone special by your side

Electronics are a must!

Cuddles from everyone in the family

and having a blast until you pass out!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend as well 🙂

Crafty Business!

5 Dec

As you all know – I love to be crafty, but what you might not know – I love to see other people be crafty! So today I decided I would show you a little bit of what I’m working on in hopes to inspire you to show ME what you are working on! Be crafty with me today!!!


So today I’m making crocheted necklaces. You might have seen the sneak peak of Emma sporting my first attempt:

photo (24)

She said she was a dragon princess and ran off to play – needless to say that necklace came back with a little pizza sauce and dog slobber on it. I don’t think anyone will be using this necklace but her 😉 thank goodness I made more!!


Now for the part about you! I’d love to see what my readers are making and what better way to get to know you than for you to comment below with a link to your blog post about what you are crafting today!? So bring it on readers!! Let’s start a crafty revolution!

Love Always,


P.S. I found this tutorial off pinterest (of course) and since she explains it WAY better than me – I’ll just let you run off to her site and check it out if you are interested in trying to make a necklace like this: Tampa Bay Crochet

Practice Makes Perfect!

3 Dec

This weekend I decided to do a trial set up for the show on the 15th. Since I’ll be going from having three tables to one, I had to figure out how to get as much stock as I could in one confined space! It took editing some things, a ton of rearranging, and not putting everything on my table.


Above is my last set up, below is cramming everything onto one table without it being overwhelming! That was definitely the hardest part. Knowing what to put on your table (what you think you’ll sell) and what not to is impossible. Not putting something out that might have sold if it was seen may cost you, but you’ll never know!


At this event – I’m excited to show off all the new colors that I didn’t have the previous year, while still trying to keep the favorite ones available 😉


Also new – is the cup cozies! I’m hoping this are a hit, especially since it’s at coffee shop. A few things I’ve slowed down on making are burp cloths and taggies. As much as a love these things, they aren’t getting as much attention as I thought they would and to be completely honest – I’d rather be in my living room watching Emma play while I crochet then in the studio without her!


Don’t get me wrong! I’ll be in there sewing and working like I usually do, just not as much if these crocheted things keep selling like they are! Oh and to talk about what’s selling – these things are:

photo (26)

These cork key chains are flying out of my hands like hot cakes! I’ve gotten a lot of people asking which ones I have and to be completely honest – up until now – I had no idea!! I spent this weekend sorting through all of them so I now have a list if anyone is looking for a specific one.


It took longer than I thought it would, but I have a feeling it will be beneficial in the long run if someone is searching for a specific winery that went with a special moment to remember.


Well enough about me – what did you do this weekend?

Oh and don’t forget! If you missed out on getting a Young House Love book signed – I have one up for grabs 🙂

Love Always,


Unexpected Storage

28 Nov

This week I was rearranging my kitchen and cleaning it out of things we don’t use anymore. Is it just me – or do I do this about every three months or so? Anywho, I came across this container of popcorn that we got – minus the popcorn that is. I can’t believe that I held on to for a while because I liked the way it looked – but I’m so glad I did 🙂

I never had a purpose for it or really a reason to keep it but I love how pretty and shiny it is! Even better now that it’s winter time again so it goes along with the theme of the weather 🙂 After looking around the house for a while I decided where I wanted to put it.

Most of the time when I’m finding a home for a new place I like to replace it with someone older that isn’t serving it’s purpose anymore, or could use a little TLC. I found just the spot I needed to fix!

My yarn basket gets pulled out every time I’m doing a few projects at once. Since I have show coming up on the 15th, I have been multi-tasking with my list of things to finish up. This basket is obviously getting a little too much love because it’s overflowing and not so pretty anymore!

I decided I could easily fit my yarn in the new bucket with no problem. After filling it up I realized I had extra room on the top to put whatever current project I’m working on and still close the lid! Extra space is definitely key for me to keep things organized. If I limit myself – mess happens fast!

Then I put it right where I do my crocheting, next to the couch but enough out of the way that it isn’t bombarding my space. So while it looks like a decorative tin of goodies – it’s really my project stash of goodies!

I love free ways to store items!
Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Look How Far I’ve Come!

20 Nov

So last night I was checking out some of my first posts here at The Underestimated Mom. I was reading about how I had no idea what I was going to write but that I really wanted this to become a way to tell my life to anyone who was interested.


Back then, Emma was 9 months old and napping so much during the day that I had all this extra time on my hands that I didn’t know what to do with. I had just quit my job that I loved/hated, and was on my way to discovering what it was I wanted to do with my life (besides the obvious: be there for my daughter 24/7).

At that same time, I started to crochet and of course the crazy person I am decided to START crocheting one of the most difficult patterns ever. Here’s a picture of a sweater jacket I was making for Emma. It turned out great (minus the fact that there was supposed to be a hood that never happened).

It was then I learned that I loved being home with Emma, I loved to crochet, I loved to blog, and I wanted to do whatever it took to keep those three loves in my life.

After facebooking and blogging about what Emma and I were up to, what I was crocheting, and my random thoughts along the way, a friend introduced me to Etsy. A place online where I could sell what I made. When I first searched the website I immediately daydreamed of having a shop and making an income so I’d never have to leave Emma to work again!

After months of not selling anything I went route two. I decided to provide child care from my home for a child. I can’t even explain how much I am so grateful for the moment I made that decision. Now I have two other children besides my own in my life that I’d never want to not care for! Of course, they will grow up and not need me anymore, but until then I’ll imagine they’ll never grow up!

It’s been over two years now that I’ve been blogging, selling the items I’m making (on my own site now!), and providing child care. It’s been a long two years!



For those of you who have been with me since the beginning I’m sure you are shocked at how much things have changed around here. For those of you who are new – now you know the back story! It’s amazing what a little time can do to someone. All I needed was a few weeks at home with my daughter to figure out the rest of my life. A few weeks is all it took and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’m excited, nervous, anxious, and hopeful for what the next two years might bring!

Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,



Oh Hello Studio <3

17 Nov

Most of you know that I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting lately instead of sewing. Well this weekend is the first weekend in the past few months that I’ll actually have time to be in my studio!! It’s going to be so refreshing to be back in that room with loads of time and a list of things I want to make! Plus Brian will be distracted playing COD with the guys so he won’t even miss me 😉

Here’s a little sneak peak at what I hope to get done this weekend:

I’m going to be sewing buttons on the new cozies. I’m always hand sewn them so I’m going to give my sewing machine a run for it’s money! When these are finished they’ll be up in my shop for purchase.

After my sister’s wedding, we packed up the burlap squares and they’ve been sitting in this pretty box waiting for me. Well, I’ve finally found a project for them! I’ll be making placemats out of these!

I also have a pile of clothes that need some TLC. Since I’m under 5′ it’s really hard to find clothes that fit appropriately without looking like a teenager, so I have collected a pile of clothes that don’t really fit right. There are some jeans I want to turn into skinny jeans, some pants that need hemming, some t-shirts that need to be taken in, and some sweaters that weren’t getting any attention that will be turned into decorative pillows!

I’m going to have some serious fun this weekend. What are you doing this weekend?


Love Always,


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