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Feature Friday: Briarosedesigns!

2 Mar

Feature Friday Presents:


“My Etsy shop was kind of a spontaneous happening that grew to be a huge part of my life. My store is very near to my heart because it reflects who I am. I love this job and I know it will always be a part of my life. I’m going to school for social work so I can teach art therapy and bring that joy to others. The only thing I like doing as much as crafting is teaching. Also, I am a proud mother of a beautiful 2-year-old girl, she is definitely my best creation ;)”

EAR CUFF Swarovski Drop CUSTOM Color         EAR WARMER Crochet Winter Knot HeadBand - Women's Fashion Accessories

EAR CUFF Swarovski Drop           EAR WARMER Crochet Wint

briarosedesign                                  briarosedesign
$6.50 USD                                        $20.00 USD

WRIST WARMERS - Bubble Gum Pink Crochet Arm Warmers         Adjustable TOE RING with Swarovski Drop

WRIST WARMERS – Bubble         Adjustable TOE RING with S

briarosedesign                                  briarosedesign
$12.00 USD                                      $6.00 USD

EAR CUFF to stud - sweeping chain with Swarovski crystals and charm         Wire Wrapped Ring Rose Design

EAR CUFF to stud – sweepin         Wire Wrapped Ring Rose Design

briarosedesign                                  briarosedesign
$14.00 USD                                      $8.00 USD

Hooded Cowl Convertible Infinity Scarf, Shawl, and Hood - Custom Color         EAR PINS Convertible Earring Wraps - Ear Vines

Hooded Cowl Convertible Inf         EAR PINS Convertible Earri

briarosedesign                                  briarosedesign
$40.00 USD                                      $12.50 USD

What got you interested in crafting?

I’ve always been interested in crafting since as long as I can remember. For me it’s really a need to do rather than a want to do. Crafting keeps me sane and I thank god for it every day. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t sit and crochet but I’m sure I’d be a mess. 😛

What has been your favorite project to make and why?

My favorite project to make is probably the crocheted hooded cowl that I’ve just listed. Mostly because I absolutely LOVE to crochet but also because it was my first design. I didn’t follow a pattern I just created it. There is something very freeing about that.

What’s the secret behind your etsy name?

My Etsy name is Briarosedesign but I’m in the process of changing it to Mystic Treasure. Briarose is a mix of my first and middle name, Brianna Rose, and I use it for everything. Even though I like it I wanted a more fitting name for my shop. I’ve always loved the word mystic and I think it describes my shop well. I tend to design very mystical accessories so I went with the trend and redesigned my shop banner to fit. I love it because there are fairies everywhere now!

If you could open up a shop in your town what would you call it and what would it be like?

If I could open up a shop it would probably be multi purposed. I would love to have a shop where I could sell my designs but I’d also want to sell supplies and teach classes. I love teaching just as much as I love creating. I’m not sure what I would call it but it would be great.

What is the most challenging thing you have made?

The most challenging thing I have made is not listed in my Etsy shop. It was a wire wrapped sculpture of a butterfly on a flower. It took a lot of redoing to get the shapes just right. The sculpture was for a friend and had great meaning behind it so I wanted it to be perfect.

What are some of your goals you hope to achieve within the next year?

I’m working on getting 100 different and unique items in my shop. It is important to me to offer variety. I also have a ton of craft shows planned this year that I think will get me great exposure. I don’t really want to move to fast with my Etsy shop I just plan to let it bloom with time. I have so many other goals on my list but those are the most relevant.

What inspires you to be crafty?

Everything inspires me to be crafty. It doesn’t take much for my mind to start dreaming up creations to attempt to make. Color has a particular influence over me.

What is your best quality when it comes to your crafts?

My best quality in crafting is my worst quality in life. I have a little self diagnosed OCD which gets annoying in day-to-day life but really creates a beautiful symmetry in my work. I think it is my ability to mix creativity with this strictness that helps make my work successful. 

If you could have one thing to help your store what would it be?

More sales. 😀 I would love to have enough monthly sales to be able to do this full-time. Right now I am just starting out and haven’t done much promoting. It’s amazing the amount of sales I’ve gotten with zero promotion so I’m sure I’ll get more once I start advertising…then I’ll be asking for more time.

If you haven’t already stopped by Briarosedesigns – click the link!

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Feature Friday: Tremblerose

30 Sep

 Feature Friday Presents:


Swan Silver plated Open Spiral Earrings with Sterling silver hoops.         Black, Cream, Gold Red coloured  Gypsy Tumble Charm Bracelet

Swan Silver plated Open Sp…          Black, Cream, Gold Red col…

Trembleros…                                      Trembleros…

$4.16 USD                                           $29.92 USD

Fine Wire wrapped silver plated ring         Silver Plated Glass Beaded Necklace and Earring Set

Silver Plated Glass Beaded…            Fine Wire wrapped silver p…

Trembleros…                                      Trembleros…

$14.95 USD                                        $6.64 USD

Clear Swarovski Crystal beaded Spiral spring coil dangle earrings        Spiral Pendant on a Silver Plated Chain

Spiral Pendant on a Silver…            Clear Swarovski Crystal be…

Trembleros…                                     Trembleros…

$14.95 USD                                        $6.64 USD

Unique Spiral beaded Earrings.        Crystal Bead Wire Wrapped Spiral Pendant on Chain Necklace

Crystal Bead Wire Wrapped …        Unique Spiral beaded Earri…

Trembleros…                                      Trembleros…

$16.61 USD                                        $3.31 USD

Tremblerose comes from a middle class background and has lived in England all of her life. She was married young and had two children when she was in her early 20’s. She remarried and says they are still as in love as when they met and have been together for ten years now! She works as a care worker looking after the old in their own homes but hopes to make her living off of her jewelry making instead. She also enjoys other things like playing Games on her PC and also reading the occasional book or watching a movie with a glass of wine.

My first ever Gypsy tumble charm bracelet

3 tier square earrings

What got you interested in crafting?

I always as far back as I can remember loved playing with beads. I just watched a few Youtube Vids on crafting then I got the bug for real. I started playing with wire. My first ever serious project was a wire wrapped ring.

What has been your favorite project to make and why?

I have to say I enjoyed making the crystal bead wire wrapped spiral pendant. It has a few elements in it. Why? I Found the end result very beautiful and the picture of it does not do it justice.

What’s the secret behind your etsy name? How did you come up with it?

TrembleRose. Well Imagine how beautiful a rose is when it trembles in that breeze that blows. It’s a name I have used often. My actual shop is Tremblerose, Shackles & Chains. Shackles and chains = Bangles and of course chains… Well that’s the idea anyhow.

What is the most challenging thing you have made?

Has to be my Gypsy Tumble charm bracelets. They are sooo time-consuming and can take me a whole day to make. Fimo clay is also challenging, you never know what your end result is going to be. I have these listed in my shop at the moment.

If you could open up a shop in your town what would you call it and what would it be like?

Well I live in a town that is very Rural. My shop name would be Tremble Rose’s Shackles & Chains. I would have it decorated in neutral Browns and creams with lots of spot lighting for items on display. I would also consider supplying beads and findings also.

What are some of your goals you hope to achieve within the next year?

Well my dream would be to change my job as a care worker to a Jewelry Crafter so I can make a living off of my crafting. Somehow I can’t see that happening so soon anyway, but one can dream.

What inspires you to be crafty?

Other people’s taste. I will be watching TV and that presenter will be wearing a necklace or that ring or some earrings and I will say to myself I could make that! Then I will attempt to do my own adaptation of it. I don’t copy other people’s work… I just get inspired by them.

What is your best quality when it comes to your crafts?

I do all my crafts to the best of my ability. I am not trained, I am mostly self-taught taking tips and tutorials off of the internet. I used to do ebay before I came to Etsy and I never had any bad feedback resulting from the items I sold. Here is a quote from one of my customers:

“Dear tremblerose, Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received your pendant and am so pleased. The picture is wonderful but the actual pendant is regal. You had to have spent a lot of time and patience to do this kind of work. I have taken classes and watched videos to learn. My work is not so intricate and I have a long way to go. You are truly a unique, gifted person and I feel your pendant was worth a lot more than I won it for. If you weren’t quite pleased with your work I can’t even imagine what your other work looks like that you are pleased with. I would love to see some of it. Thank you so much again for sharing a part of you with me. I do appreciate it. Sincerely, Margie “

This was a message that was sent to me about a pendant I made just to practice some techniques. I didn’t like it. I was going to place it in the trash but I thought no, I will try to sell it. I placed it on for a starting bid of a penny and the lady won it for a penny. I don’t think I will make that again. It is totally unique. Here is a picture of the pendant:

If you could have one thing to help your store what would it be?

Advertising. That is one thing I don’t have any spare cash to do as yet. I look around and advertisements cost so much. In time I may see it as cost affective. Oh and I plan on giving my banner an overhaul. My husband is a graphics designer and I will let him loose with an idea for a banner.

If you haven’t already stopped by her store check it out!! Tremblerose

If you’d like to see her feedback on ebay please check it here:

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