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Dinning Out for Lunch

7 Mar

Payton and I were invited to Fredrick Maryland for a lunch date and even though it was a rainy day, we had blast!


If you have never been to Frederick but are near the area, I suggest taking a day to stroll around. It is beautiful! There are so many great shops and restaurants, the people are friendly, and the atmosphere is stunning.


I met with a friend to catch up after a year! We both were pregnant the last time we had met and it was so nice to meet each other’s little ones. Of course, Payton was excited to get out of the house and be entertained by other people!!


We ate at a little place called Firestone’s Culinary Tavern. This place was amazing! The staff was attentive, the food was on point, and you could really tell that they take great care in every detail.


Needless to say, we will be back! Next time I plan on taking Emma and making a day of it!

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