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Love turns the whole thing around.

15 Oct

Having a child changes you inside and out. It might not seem like it’s changing for the best in the beginning but trust me it does.

There’s moments in motherhood where you wonder whether you are going to make it to the next one, then there are moments like these. The moments that make you so proud, melt your heart, and remind you that THIS is what life is all about. Forget about all the things gone wrong, all the things you could have done, and all the things you still have left to do! This little life in front of you is so much more rewarding ūüėČ

Love Always,


What would I do without you?

15 Oct

It’s amazing how one person can make your life a million times better. This week was probably the hardest week I have had in a long time. A majority of the week I spent away from home visiting people and spending time with family helping out here and there. I wouldn’t take any of it back because each day was much needed time with them. You know how they say babies need a schedule to stick to in order for them to be their best? I think adults need it just as much!!

Well anyways, back to my point. B came in and saved the week for me. He took care of the little things at the house that I couldn’t, he¬†took care of Emma when I ran out of energy, and he took care of me. This isn’t unusual of B at all. He has always been there for me and so supportive of everything. It’s like all those little things he did was with a smile. Like he knew he was taking a weight of my shoulders and was proud of it. That was amazing.

My mom has always said that I am the kind of person that puts everyone else first and me last. I get pleasure from knowing that I am making someone else’s life easier/better. She wanted someone who would do the same for me and B does. He is my better half.

So this post is a HUGE THANK YOU to my amazing husband. I love you!

Love always,


Questions with No Answers.

12 Oct

What exactly do you do when you have everything that you could possibly want that’s within your reach?

I am happily married, have an amazing daughter, live in a nice place, and get to stay at home like I always dreamed. What’s next? Yeah we are saving for a down payment for a new place which will happen eventually. It would be nice if I could figure out what exactly it is that I am really good at so I could concentrate on making that my next attempt for an income but that will happen eventually¬†too. But everything that’s out of our reach is going to take time to accomplish. So I guess what I am saying is, what do I do in between?

I can’t rush saving for a new place unless I get a job which defeats the purpose of being a stay at home mom and I have already crunched numbers to save as much as we can. I can’t rush figuring out what I am really good at because the only things I am really good at are being a mom and being artistic. So I am jumping through hoops trying as many crafts as I can to find out where exactly I belong. This may take a while!!

Do you ever feeling like you are trying so hard to make everyone else happy that it’s taking up your entire time?

Sometimes I think that’s why I don’t get anywhere with my crafts because I am too busy worried about everything else. Sometimes I think I am just too scared to commit to something because it might not make the income we need. Then some things I do very well but I am sure there’s someone else that does it better, in fact I already know someone does. Most of the time.. I give up.

When it comes to E, I try my hardest and do whatever it takes to get her through the day. I put as much energy I can into her and I am so proud of how it’s turning out. So if that is the only thing that I am REALLY good at.. how am I supposed to provide an income for a family?

Honestly if we were living anywhere else besides Northern Virginia I feel like we wouldn’t be worried about making enough money. At first I moved here thinking the moms around here were just rich and spoiled. That they sent their kids to daycare because they wanted to work, they were materialistic, and they didn’t care like I care about E. Boy¬†was I wrong and I’ll be the first to admit that was the worst stereotypical thing I probably could have thought. The reason these moms are working instead of staying home to raise their children is because they can’t afford to live here otherwise! It costs an arm and a leg to live here. But this is where the jobs are and in an economy like this we would be putting our entire life on the line to move.

So how can a mom like me live in a place like this?

I am the kind of person who wants to be there for my child whenever she needs me. Not the kind of smothering you are probably thinking! The kind that my mom was. The one who said, “come to me when you need me and I’ll always be here no matter what.” It was the fact that she could be there if I needed something and all I had to do was ask. I would forget my paper that I wrote for English class at home on the dinning room table and she would bring it to school before the class started. I would forget my lunch (on multiple occasions) and she would drop it off for me. I would get sick in the middle of class she would pick me up, take me home, and take care of me. Or the best one yet, I would come home crying from school because someone said something about me that hurt so bad I didn’t think I could make it one more day and she would be there to hold me and get me through the pain. That’s the kind of mother I want to be. I want to be available for shopping, helping with homework, driving her wherever her and her friends want to go. I want to be the MOM!

So again .. what exactly is it that I am supposed to do to keep this and also provide for my family?

I feel like I am trying everything here and I know it’s only going to take time but how much time do I have?

Love Always,


Patience is a vurtue .. and I am running out ;)

10 Oct

Whew! It has been a rough day!¬†E is on this grunting and squeeling kick and today it was seriously getting to B and I. It seemed like everything she knows she isn’t allowed to touch/do.. she touched/did.. I think if I had endured this day alone I would be in a big ball of a mess when B came home! It seems like every other word out of my mouth was “E Noo!!!!” and everything I was hearing was fake cries, grunts, and squeels!!!! Do terrible two’s really start at age 1?

Luckily this is the first day that B and I have felt like we were losing our minds and I have to give major props to him for taking care of her a majority of the day today so I could do some crafting ūüôā But I am seriously looking forward to bedtime tonight so B and I can have some relaxation and adult time!! I know B had a rough day besides E driving him crazy. Our internet here likes to go in and out at random occasions which makes it difficult for him to play his video games online. Then he decided to play a game that didn’t require the internet and said, “I really want to like this game but I am not liking it..”. Poor thing. On top of that I am kicking his butt in fantasty football league this week! (Oops!)

On a different note, B made this AMAZING lunch this afternoon! While I was at the grocery he asked me to pick up fresh bread, cheese, and lunch meat. I got a buy one get one free roll of sourdough and french bread and he made me a grilled cheese with colby jack cheese. It tasted like it came from a restaurant! It was sooooooooooooo gooooooooood! I know your probably thinking it’s just a grilled cheese J, but this was the best grilled cheese I have ever had and it tops Panera Bread. He really is the better cook in the family.

Well it looks like someone special needs some diaper assitance so I guess this is it for now ūüėČ



Stay at home Mom & Dad?

8 Oct

Oh what a dream come true that would be!

B and I have always been the kind of people who enjoy being home. We each take turns cleaning things, taking care of Emma, being lazy, taking care of each other, and our favorites .. indulging in the things we love the most. Me- crafts, computer games, and blogging. B- watching sports, movies, and playing video games. B went to school for a journalism degree and it was his idea to start a blog about sports and video games and he got me thinking that it would be so much fun! I was also inspired by www.freebies4mom.com. She started a blog just to share what she liked (getting amazing deals and things for free!) and she created a business out of it! So my little mind wonders .. could it happen to me?

What if B and I both created businesses that made it possible for us to stay home? Now honestly, I have been thinking about this for years but I just knew it could never happen .. now I am starting to change my mind!! If blogging had been “in” four years ago I think I wouldn’t have a problem creating a business. In highschool I was a creativity queen. I constantly made scrapbooks out of my highschool planner, took a zillion pictures, used leftover scraps from my moms wrapping paper and whatever else was lying around the house, and made a masterpiece out of it.¬†When I¬†was in journalism¬†I could spend hours in front of the computer screen creating graphic designs. I also took an art class and loved everything that my teacher had to offer. I never doubted what I was working on then because I always had the feeling that I was going to make it work. Not so much the case now..

I wonder if that’s how B feels about writing? He had no problem pumping out an awesome article in college. He doesn’t write much now but I think if he did it wouldn’t take long for him to get back into it.

So I have made a decision. I found this book from www.vanillajoy.com¬†by Martha Stewart. It’s called The Encyclopedia of Crafts. I flipped through this book in complete amazement¬†that she had almost EVERYTHING in there! Of course it’s going to cost money so I am going to have to work on one project every couple of weeks. So in between¬†that I am going to keep crocheting it baby!! Haha. I plan on reviewing each project, letting you know how much it costs, how much it’s worth when it’s completed, how difficult it is, and if it’s any fun!! So consider this my first craft review. The beginning of what could eventually be a crafty lifestyle ūüėČ


Love always,


Mold and Rollie Pollie’s

7 Oct

I want to start of by saying that the contractor’s who built this place were completely HORRIBLE ..

Okay so I was moving stuff around today to vacuum¬†and oh wow!! There is a waterline of water damage and mold growing on the baseboards.. The last time I moved this stuff was probably two to three weeks ago so it wasn’t to the point where you touch the wall and it crumbles but it was spotty and significant lines of black gray green¬†blue mold. THEN! Looking down at the line of the carpet there is an infestation (I would guesstimate¬†around 40) rollie¬†pollies¬†loving this dark wet warm new home they have found.. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! Now don’t get me wrong, as a kid I used to LOVE rollie¬†pollies! The fact that they thought rolling up into a ball was going to protect them just made me think that they were cute little creatures and my favorite part was if you sat real still with them in your had eventually¬†they would think they were away from danger and unroll and keep crawling! I would much rather have these little bugs than worms, big hairy spiders, or thinks that are going to attack me! But a pile of them? What if E tried to eat one? GROSS. Moving on.

Initially I had a complete panic attack along with a bazillion tears and freaking out that my child has mold damage that is going to affect her for the rest of her life and the thought if this costing a fortune, new baseboards, new plaster walls, new carpet, basically a completely new place!!! Of course our minds go to the worst image possible and mine was the entire place plastic wrapped and not being able to go in the house for days while they suck the place clean from the inside out.

Then B comes home. Sucks up the little pollie’s¬†and dry mold, clorox¬†and magic eraser’s the baseboards, paper towels¬†the place, creates a barrier for E, and has a completely calm attitude. He checks outside to see where the water damage might be coming in, found some possible places, and says we will figure it all out and the biggest thing we need to pay attention to is if the mold starts coming back. He states that we have had a lot of thunderstorms and rainy days lately so there is a good chance this is current water damage and hasn’t been here for long. So reassuring, so calm, so collected, and puts in the back of his mind while I am sitting there thinking we are all going to die and I feel like I am breathing in little spores of mold … ewwww… he’s amazing.

Well it’s been one heck of a day and I am exhausted!! Thanks to¬†Nana and Dodo (B’s Parents) for inviting us over for dinner and some fresh air ūüėČ

G’night everyone!


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