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My Little Big Girl

13 Nov

My little girl is getting too big!

These days my little sunshine wants to sit in a seat “all by herself” no baby seats allowed. In a normal chair I would be fine, but because we sit in bar stools to eat, it made me nervous with her that high up and no chair to keep her in it! It’s been two days now and she’s doing just fine. My eyes don’t leave her side because I’m still terrified, but she is one happy big girl.

We are also potty training! It’s been a long process of trying to teach her to know when she needs to go potty and we still haven’t found out the right system – but we are trying!

Emma is also starting to show serious interest in sports. She loves to kick balls around the house, pretend she’s playing baseball, smack golf balls across the room, pretend she’s swimming like a fish in the tub, and dance like nobody’s business.

She’s been practicing conversation with random people when I’m pushing her in the cart in the grocery store. We’ll walk passed someone shopping and she knows just what to do:

Emma: Hi!

Stranger: Usually looks and smiles.

Emma: What you doing?!

Stranger: Usually says shopping.

Emma: Oh Okay! (giggles) I shopping too. I see snacks!!

Next lesson is to teach her not all strangers are nice, or want to talk – that’s going to be a tough one!

Last night she had tubby time and she got in trouble for splashing outside of the tub. She did it more than once so tubby time was immediately over. This morning when I woke her up and this happened:

Emma: I sorry I splashed and make mess.

Me: That’s okay. Thank you for saying you are sorry.

Emma: I sorry I make Mommy sad.

Me: That’s okay hunny.

Emma: I no splash again!

Me: Fantastic!

I can’t believe how much she’s growing up! This time next year she’ll be in school and I won’t know what to do with myself all day!


A How To: Burp Cloths

3 Sep

I’ve been making burp cloths almost as long as I have been blogging but I don’t think I’ve ever done a how to on it! The idea came from a family member who swore I could make them and wanted a few for a baby shower. Her confidence gave me a boost of energy so much so that I ran out to target that morning and bought a pack of diaper cloths to make pretty with fabric ❤

That’s where I started and this is what I ended up coming up with. Making my own burp cloths from scratch. It didn’t take long for me to get irritated with the fabric of diaper cloths as well as their unevenness! It drove me bonkers to the point where I said, “I can make these suckers myself – and better!!”

So here we have it. A How To for Burp Cloths made by me!


I start with two pieces of flannel fabric. One decorative and one plain for the back. I flip them so that the front of the fabric faces each other. Pin the long sides and sew a straight line down. Iron the edges and then flip it inside out!


Then I cut out the middle piece of the burp cloth as well as the batting to go in between. The little white piece in the middle is my tag that I made 🙂


Next, I measure and put the batting and top material down the middle section and pin! Then comes the hardest part. Fold in the top and bottom edges so that they are even, iron, and pin.


Sew along all the edges and make sure not to forget your tag if you are adding one!


Then there you have it! A burp cloth in the shape and thickness, (if not a little thicker) MUCH softer, with full coverage for those messy babies 😉

It takes me about an hour to make 2 burp cloths so they aren’t that easy to punch out a bunch of them, but now that I have my system down it definitely makes for a fun gift to give as well as pretty darn cute 😉

Daily Life: Packing for a child!

8 Aug

For the past couple of trips I’ve taken – I’ve only had to pack for a day trip.. this time it’s an overnight stay with one looong day at a hotel with a pool – which equals 1-toy & pool stuff bag, 1-snacks, cups, easy meals, bottles, diapers, pool diapers, wipes, blanky, pacifier, child size utensils, bibs, table mats, napkins, .. did I forget anything? probably, and then I shoved all of our clothes together in another bag. Holy cow. Three bags and my purse.

One thing I’m doing differently this time is I’m not bringing the pack ‘n’ play. I’m letting a family member borrow it and I got a room with two beds. One for E and one for me. Every time we stay in a hotel E ends up sleeping with us. She HATES the pack ‘n’ play. She’s never liked it and she’s never slept in it without a major fight. Last time it was just me and her in the bed and I put a bunch of pillows around her. This time I’m letting her sleep in her own bed with a million pillows around her. Luckily she’s not a roller – she just squirms around but if she feels the barrier she’ll squirm back in the middle so I’m not worried about her being in her own bed at all.

I guess the shocking part of it all is exactly how much stuff you need to pack when you take a child with you. I can’t imagine packing for more than a week.. might as well just pack her whole room at that point 😉

I’m just glad it’s already done!!

Now back to crocheting 😛

Love Always,


Daily Life: Busy Busy Bee

28 Apr

What a busy busy day! I spent this morning getting ready to run errands, budgeting, catching up on America’s Next Top Model, and eating. Yes today was running errands day but it was stalled due to tornado warnings. We ended up not going out until E’s nap time so I dropped her off at Nana’s so she wouldn’t miss it and hopefully would be in a much better mood by the time we came back! I’m not sure what’s going on with her lately but she has been really clingly and completely whiney. She wants to be held all day long while I am trying to do chores and usually she just goes off and plays with something or brings me something for us to play with. Instead she was at my fit crying hysterically when I wouldn’t constantly hold her. It’s not easy to get much accomplished this way.. so I sat down for a little bit with her in my lap but that didn’t seem to please her either. My mom seems to think it’s just a phase and probably a normal phase for her age and I think she might be right.

Have you had this problem? What did you do? How do you explain to a child who doesn’t understand that you can’t hold her 24-7?

On another note, I bought stamps, exchanged my cushion for my patio, went grocery shopping, but more importantly.. bought potty training things!! Today E sat on the potty fully clothed a couple of times but when I put her on it nakie she was too happy! It might take some getting used to 😉 So here starts the introducing of the potty stage, this could be fun!

After all those errands this morning and picking up the house yet again, I made some dinner and some pasta salad for a  side for tomorrow’s dinner. I wanted to make some spaghetti sauce to freeze and use later but I got too exhausted. We’ll see if I have the energy tomorrow but I doubt it since I’ll have P all day.

 B is watching the NFL draft tonight so I might just fall asleep right here in the couch in a few minutes 😉

Hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to show and tell later this weekend!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Potty Training!?

22 Apr

Today my cousin’s son came over to play and he’s being potty trained. Apparently E caught the drift really quick and when T was done using his potty E would go sit on it (fully clothed) and sit there for a few minutes. It was adorable. It didn’t take long though, once lunch time came around E ran to the potty and sat on it and went number 2 (again fully clothed and in her diaper). I think someone is eager to be potty trained here!! Sadly I don’t think I am ready to go all out and potty train this little cutie pie of mine but I am tempted to go buy a little potty for her. She can sit on it fully clothed until we are both ready 😉

Love Always,


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