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I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Jun

I hope you didn’t miss me too much 😉 of course you all know I missed you!

A few things you may have missed:

photo (42)


We bought our FIRST house!  ❤ So we can mark that of the 30 before 30 list!

If you want to see the house tours the are here, here, and here! Yes there are three or else they would have been huge posts!

If you hadn’t noticed I’ve been blogging over here at A Charming Twist with my friend Leslie:



I decided to start writing with Leslie as a way for us to keep in touch, share my DIY & Craft obsession with her and as a way to keep this blog more family related. So from now on you’ll see posts about my life, Emma, and things we are doing as a family!  Sure there will be the occasional DIY post because – let’s be honest – I can’t help myself 😉

If you love my DIY and organizing posts please be sure to follow us at A Charming Twist so you don’t miss out those goodies.

And just because I can’t help myself – here’s what Emma’s been up to these days:


Trying out Mom & Dad’s new bed.

Helping Mommy set up her new craft room / office space!

Attempting the piano (she’s actually pretty good!)

Cuddling with Mommy on the new couch watching the NEW TV!

Taking baby for walks in our new neighborhood!

Enjoying some sun on the deck!

Passing out in her new bed after a long hard day of play!

Trying out new restaurants!!

Walking in the rain with her monkey umbrellie 🙂

Being Mommy’s big helper on shopping trips!


Doing big girl things like puzzles!

Playing in every room of the house!


and of course being as cute as possible 🙂 


We are so happy to be back and we hope you enjoy following our lives here and our crafts at A Charming Twist!


Love Always,


A Little White, A Lot of Color!

10 Dec

This weekend I had a high school reunion with one of my best friends! We spent the entire weekend shopping, crafting, catching up and creating a masterpiece 🙂


This girl rocks my world! She is always up for a good time and ready to get crafty in seconds 🙂 We are so much alike that it’s scary sometimes but my favorite thing about her is that she always surprises me! Just when I think I know her so well, she shocks me with more personality and drive. Catching up was way past due and I am so thankful we found the time to make it happen.

During our shopping trip I bought a new item for my craft show table to display my new necklaces. Nothing shows off what you make than seeing it worn and I felt like this necklace needed that. I’m excited for this new addition to my table 🙂


We also bought a pack of 80’s glam sharpies. We love color and we decided to try a project with them! You’ll get to see the whole thing soon but for now I’ll just give you this as a sneak peak 😉


Another sneak peak is what’s about to happen! There is going to be a huge change in my blogging life. I am now starting a blog with Leslie! We are still working on getting it set and ready – so it won’t be open until January but I am so excited I couldn’t not share!

The Underestimated Mom will still be updated but more like two – three times a week instead of almost daily. Most of my time will be spent making articles for A Charming Twist. If you are interested in keeping up with Leslie & I head on over there now or starting in January.

Your Ad


We are also offering a space to add your button to our page! If you are interested you can email me or our joint address on our page! We will also be doing guest posts so if you think you have something awesome you want to share that’s craft, fashion, food, or home decor related – you’d be the perfect fit for our blog!

Lot’s of fun new things going on!

Hope you are as excited as I am 😉

Love Always,


“Twine” Wrapped Wine Bottle

27 Oct

As you know I have been playing with leftover wine bottles from my sisters wedding and I decided to try a “twine” wrapped wine bottle. I’ve seen these around on pinterest, facebook, and other blogs but I’ve never really been much of a fan of them. That is, until I spotted a gorgeous natural tan colored twine that looked so elegant my jaw dropped!

This comes from from Create Cousin and it made me realize that I do love wrapped wine bottles! I can totally imagine this as part of a table centerpiece for thanksgiving or on a mantel of someone who loves rustic style decor. So I decided to make one myself, but of course if you know me at all – I don’t follow instructions well at all.

I grabbed a wine bottle, some macrame chord and modge podge and got to work! Be warned that this project is not easy to start and kind of messy! I started of slow and let the macrame chord dry before I kept going to ensure it to stay in place.

After that it was quick and easy! I kept wrapping and glueing and wrapping and glueing until I got to the top and realized I needed to stop and let it dry again. Patience is not the easiest thing for me when I’m doing crafts – but in most projects it’s the most important part so I while I was waiting I worked on other projects to keep me busy 😉

Then once it was finished I added on a final bow for that last touch! This project was not only easy, but it was fun! I would recommend this project to anyone and could even been done with school aged children. For the younger kids – I would suggest starting it for them! My next attempt will be to die the macrame chord in other colors – because my Dad is crazy about dying things, so I’ll let him have a go with that 😉

What do you think? If you are interested in seeing some other wine related items that are must haves – check out The Collectionary!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Fresh Style: The Holiday Issue – Magazine Review

4 Sep

This magazine grabbed my attention for multiple reasons. 20 DIY gifts under $20 dollars -HECK YES. Easy decor – Yes Please. Quick Projects – WIN! I love all of those things 😉

When it comes to gift giving for my family I love to go out and buy things that they really want (with a budget in mind) and then on top of that I like to make something that’s more personal as well as budget friendly. Whether it’s an ornament, home decor, or just something fun I couldn’t resist – it makes Christmas over here a lot easier to handle. When you have a large family like mine it’s even more difficult to give a lot of gifts when there’s just way to many people to buy for!

So when I saw this magazine, I instantly picked it up, didn’t look at the price, and trucked it to the check out counter! You can never have too many cute, small, budget friendly gift ideas!

After one quick flip my heart was already racing and ready to go. They have enough choice options to make sure there would be something for everyone in here. From buttons, to books, to personalized pieces; this magazine really makes you feel like you could be a gift giving queen! Another plus? If you don’t feel like making these things – you can easily purchase them from their directory in the back.

Not sure where to pick up all the pieces for these crafts? Oh they got you covered there too! Under Resources for Readers in the back they list where they got what pieces and how much certain things cost (decorative things). Talk about getting your homework done for you? Right!?

Now I didn’t forget – the how to’s, pictures, and descriptions. Icing on the cake people. Their pictures are fantastic – for those who see instructions better through pictures; they give you a taste here and there so you aren’t lost. Their descriptions are easy to read and not so long-winded to keep the attention of those easily distracted people like me 😉 Lastly: How to’s! If the descriptions don’t give you enough details in the back they have Step by Step instructions. Ahh what a life. This magazine beats anything I’ve ever seen so far and I am so in love with it that I’m not willing to let it go!

Since Fresh Style only comes out once a year they don’t do subscriptions but since it’s only $7.99 a magazine – it’s totally worth it. I’m adding this magazine to my yearly inspiration 🙂

  • 5 points for ideas & inspiration
  • 5 points for easy how to and guide steps
  • 5 points for exciting pictures & fun reads
  • 2 points for the amount of issues
  • 5 points for price (7.99 for one issue)

Four out five stars for this one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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Better Homes: Holiday Crafts! Magazine Review

21 Aug

Better Homes: Holiday Crafts!

Magazine Review Time 🙂

Well let’s see here. It didn’t take much for me to want this magazine the second I saw it on the rack. Just the front cover had me giddy for multiple reasons. 1) I love making Christmas presents 2) I love the holidays in general 3) It’s Better Homes and Gardens

Since this is a special interest magazine they only have four a year but between this one and DIY together. I may have found my perfect match in inspirational magazines. Like I said in my last post about Better Homes and Gardens: I love their pictures, their how to pictures, their supply lists, and they way they give instructions but what I also love..

Is that this particular magazine comes with PATTERNS! Not only do they tell you how to make it – they give you all the pattern pieces to make it NOW! I am resisting the urge to quit blogging so that I can go make Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas presents right now.

So while I’m sitting here impatiently waiting to go get crafty crazy I’ll go ahead and finish this post for you 😉

Sadly I can’t find where I can just subscribe to this particular magazine 😦 I’ve looked all over the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine website and it got me no where. This magazine by itself costs a whopping $5.99 for loads of amazing inspiration and How To’s. It’s totally worth the buy and if I can ever find the subscription page I’ll update it for the total cost for a year or two or whatever they offer 😉

  • 5 points for ideas & inspiration
  • 5 points for easy how to and guide steps
  • 5 points for exciting pictures & fun reads
  • 2 points for the amount of issues
  • 5 points for price (5.99 for one issue)

Four out five stars for this one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,



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Green Craft Magazine Review

14 Aug

Green Craft Magazine is also published by Somerset but it is much more the inspiration I was looking for! If you like re-used, recycled, and refashioned things this magazine is right up your ally. I’m all about finding ways to make thrift store finds into something usable in my home but this magazine goes beyond that and really gives you ideas of things you can make that you may already have laying around in your home! That’s what I like to call budget friendly 😉

Now like the previous magazine this one has very wordy explanations and even though it has amazing quality photo’s it never really shows you HOW to make anything. Sure the list of materials is nice and the explanation is fun to read but being a visual person that I am you are really on your own to figuring out how to make these items. So I wouldn’t call this magazine a DIY magazine. More if a way to perk your interest and make you look at the materials around your house in a different light – as a well as a showcase to some pretty awesome etsy shops 🙂

All in all I really liked this magazine. There’s pro’s and con’s for sure but some things I’m willing to look past. What I really wanted out of these magazine reviews was to figure out which magazine I wanted to use as my inspiration and if that’s all it was being judged on then I’d say this one was a top winner, but because I factor in other things like how to’s, pictures, price, and how many magazines come out in a year – it makes this one probably less than higher on my list. Let’s see how it measure up in the numbers:

One magazine is $14.99 but for $79.99 you can get 5 semi-annual or annual magazines and receive a $20 gift card. So basically take away the $20 gift card from the price and you are paying $59.99 a year for 5 different magazines which comes to about $12.00 a year for one magazine subscription. It’s not too bad if you break it down but that’s the only option you get unless you want to buy one magazine at a time.

I give this magazine a 4 out of 5 stars although this one is definitely my second runner up so far!

  • 5 points for ideas & inspiration
  • 3 points for easy how to and guide steps
  • 5 points for exciting pictures & fun reads
  • 2 points for the amount of issues
  • 2 points for price.

If you are just looking for some inspiration and not really how to’s or care about the price this one is a winner for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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30 Things Before I’m 30

3 Aug

This has been something I keep seeing flooding around my favorite blogs. People are postings lists of what they’d like to do before they turn 30! What a fantastic idea – so I’m following along and doing it as well 🙂

Since I’m currently 24, I have 6 years to get these 30 things accomplished. Some of these might be super easy but I know a few of things are going to be a bit tougher, especially the first few things listed because let’s be honest – they’ve been my life goals for a while!

1. Buy a home!

2. Have another baby.

3. Make enough money selling my handmade goods that I’m not dependent on Brian’s income or any other income! I would love to able to make enough so he didn’t have to worry about a thing and just do a job a loves.

4. Either have my own studio room in my home, or buy/rent a studio to work in that could also house as a small shop!

5. Own a beach house! Gotta have that getaway available at a moments notice that doesn’t blow my bank account.

6. Create my dream blog – basically step this one up 10 notches 😉

7. Write a book.

8. Go back to school and get a degree in Business and Art. Maybe even take a few other classes just for fun!

9. Sponsor or support another crafters dream. I’ve always wanted to give someone like me the support that I feel like my family has given me.

10. Travel to Europe (mainly Italy) again.

11. Visit Etsy’s headquarters!! I’d love to see them all in action.

12. Be able to visit my friends more often or house them to visit me.

13. Be featured in a magazine for my work.

14. Create a few more life long friends where I am currently living.

15. Be more fit (not skinnier or bulky strong – just fit).

16. Organize and support my local team to win awards and become well known.

17. Get to the point where I never have to work a Monday ever again.

18. Learn how to cook some new meals well.

19. Buy an ipad!

20. Get a new wardrobe. It needs a little TLC for sure!

21. Have a completed college fund for Emma.

22. Set up a Christmas fund for each year.

23. Have a pool and I’m not talking about a baby pool.

24. Meet Emma Stone.

25. See John Mayer live.

26. Have a table at a major festival!

27. Do some freelance writing.

28. Start a garden and keep it alive 😉

29. Win a blogging contest – that’s rated on my writing and quality.

30. Be proud of who I am no matter what.

Brian thinks it’s going to be near impossible to get these things done before I’m thirty but I’ve always been an overachiever. Who know’s, maybe I’ll even surprise myself and knock out every single one of these goals! I’ll be posting this countdown on a page at the top of my blog to cross of as I go and doing posts when I complete something on my list – so we are all in for a treat 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Do It Yourself

31 Jul

This past weekend I picked up a Better Homes and Gardens Special interest Publication called Do It Yourself and it got me way excited!

Sometimes as a crafter all you need is a little inspiration. I find my best motivation and inspiration when I want to adjust something in my home. I’ll look around and think hmm.. wouldn’t it be nice to have some bright new curtains? OOOH! Or what about some fun new pillows – and then it’s off to the fabric store I go. Other ways I like to find inspiration are pinterest, other bloggers, friends & family’s homes, but lately I’ve been missing that feel of a quick little inspiration in a few pages kind of way. Complete with pictures, examples, tool lists, and how to’s!

What better way than a magazine or crafty book to keep me on my toes and get me motivated?! So for the next few months I’m going to be reviewing magazines and books for all those crafty people out there 😉 I’m ready to make a commitment and get a subscription with one of these magazines and follow a couple of new authors but I have to find the perfect ones first. After all – I only want the best inspiration right?

This Do It Yourself magazine was one of the first ones I picked up. Needless to say my first judgement was perfect. It didn’t take me long to open up this magazine and be completely lost in it in seconds. I was making notes – writing in the edges – things I want to try, things I want to buy, things I can’t wait make now!

With it’s easy to understand how to’s and great guidelines on tools you’ll want to buy, I feel like I can just jump right in and knock these projects out of the park! It also helps they have A TON of pictures along with the how to’s – I’m a person who needs to see what they heck I’m supposed to do. They even have a Q&A with one of my favorite blogs: YoungHouseLove! Another plus (not like they really need anymore 😉 haha) I already have a list of websites and places to check out.

If you can’t tell by the multiple LOVE’s up at the top of this page – I absolutely love this set up and want to use this in my studio room. The ideas and inspiration in this magazine is more than a dream come true for my first magazine find! To subscribe to this magazine it only costs about $20.00 for two years – which is 8 magazines. As much as I love this magazine, I’m going to have to find another one because I don’t know if I can wait every three months for a new issue!

I give this magazine a 4 out of 5 stars.

  • 5 points for ideas & inspiration
  • 5 points for easy how to and guide steps
  • 5 points for exciting pictures & fun reads
  • 2 points for the amount of issues
  • 5 points for price (4.99 for one issue – you can’t beat that!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Kicking Fridge Clutter Goodbye!

26 Jul

I’ve been looking for ideas to get rid of my fridge clutter but still be able to have my grocery list, meal ideas, and what I’m going to make that week schedule. As you can see my fridge could use a little TLC:

I finally found one that peeked my interest.


Painting a cabinet door with chalkboard paint! ❤ It took a couple coats of paint but each time I got that much more excited.


Then after three coats and time to dry it was ready to played with!!

Ahh!!! I love it! My favorite thing about it is I can close the cabinet door and you can’t see any of the chaos 😀 I do need to get a little better at writing with chalk though – that’s obviously not my strong point 😉


My fridge looks happier too 🙂


Thanks for stopping by.


Love Always,



Sew Paper!? What A Fabulous Idea!

15 Jul

Here’s another sneak peak at something I’m making for Emma’s Birthday Decorations. I gathered up some scrapbook paper I had laying around, a punch I got for Christmas, and made string paper that I’m hoping to hang from the doorway! I’ve seen this idea everywhere but here’s one of my favorites from Pinterest:

So here’s what I did:




Now I just need to make a 100 more 😉 Haha!!


Thanks for stopping by,


Love Always,


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