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Moving Moving Purging Moving!

2 Jul

Hey everyone! In the process of moving – this girl is PURGING! It seems like every box I open  I get rid of almost half of it (except my clothes 😉 haha!)

This week it was CD’s, DVD’s, & Video Games. Granted I don’t own many video games because they are mostly Brian’s,  I do have a few that I will be passing down to Emma Beans and other’s I’m downright ready to get rid of.


We have a collection of DVDs and if I hadn’t taken out Emma’s DVD’s, we wouldn’t have any space in this sucker!


Brian’s Video Games drawers. I’m pretty sure he has more than this hiding somewhere 😛


Oh wait – yes that is more video games 🙂

I didn’t even take a picture of our CD’s – They are still in boxes..

So while I’m purging all of this with Brian, I was introduced to Music Magpie.

It’s an online company that literally buys your old CDs, DVDs, and Games from you. It takes the hassle away from yard selling, trading them in at Game Stop, or selling them on Amazon or Ebay.


I created a free account, typed in the barcode info and it immediately gave me a price for my items. I haven’t even done a quarter of our things and we’ve already almost hit $100 dollars!!! My mouth dropped when I saw this!

Best part of this? I don’t even have to pay for shipping! You print out your shipping information and put it on the box and say, “See You Later!!!” (Actually no I won’t – I’ll see a sweet check in the mail later 😉 haha)

This has to be the newest number one purging and organizing tip I’ve gotten all month! If you want to check it out – click the link above and give it a go yourself! You can go through the whole process to just see what you are going to make without even sending your things in.

After showing this to Brian, I think he’s a little more excited about getting rid of a few things and that’s a huge accomplishment to say the least!

What do you think!?

Love Always,


This post was sponsored by Music Magpie.

Thoughtful Thursday: Bad Day Bad Day GO AWAY!

9 Feb

How do you get out of a slump from a horribly no good day? Sometimes when I’m having one of those no good days I have to stop whatever I’m trying to do and sit for a little while. It’s usually those no good days that I actually have time and REALLY want to craft but I know if I do I’ll just mess it up somehow and end up grumpier than I started. Here are some tips I found to beat those absolutely horrible days or at least just keep you entertained enough to pass the time away 😉

  • Turn on your favorite music to lighten up the mood and keep happy thoughts in your head!


  • Check out your calendar for the week and make sure to leave yourself a little time each day to make up for the loss of today!
  • Sometimes I take a walk outside – some fresh air and exercise sometimes makes the day less of a pain.
  • Get in a super comfy outfit, make your favorite drink, get lost on your favorite website.


  • A little progress is better than nothing at all – find the easiest thing on your list to do and do that ONE thing and be proud of yourself!
  • The best thing for me to do is to not talk to anyone about my bad day – the more I talk about it the more mad I get!
  • Catch up on DVR‘d shows, Netflix, or get lost in a good book!


Hopefully this helps you get out of your slump and helps me too 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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