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Dr. Seuss Week

4 Mar

It’s been Dr. Seuss week at school and today they were supposed to dress up as their favorite character. Emma immediately screamed HORTON HEARS A WHO!!


We went to walmart and raided the craft section. We got shiny paper, tulle, pom poms, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, quick dry glue, and a headband! I already had packing tape, scissors, a toilet paper role, elastic and a sock on hand.


We cut out ears and taped them to the headband, then used pipe cleaners for the hair. I just twisted them together around the headband to stay.


We used tulle, a toilet paper roll, tape, and elastic to make the nose. Paper and elastic for the mask with some pipe cleaner eyebrows!


And a sock with a cut up end for the tail! The flower was pom poms glued together and glued to pipe cleaners that I made into a bracelet for her so she didn’t have something to carry around all day at school. There was a little silver glitter speck on the flower for whoville.

Needless to say she was so excited to go to school today!


Crafts: Painterific!

21 Apr

Just as I had planned I spent this morning painting. I finished the gray frame with pink and purple elephants! At first I was having a little trouble with the pens and was worried it wasn’t going to turn out how I wanted it too but I am so happy with the final result:

The green and blue elephants are halfway done! I’ve got one more layer to do and the white final touches. Hopefully I’ll be able to have that post ready for you tonight 🙂

What do you think, should I put this on etsy?

Love Always,


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