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Tuesday Tutorial: Fleece Alphabet Pillows

29 Nov

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty ;)  

This crafty tutorial comes from: craftynest.com

DIY fleece alphabet pillows

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Back on Top

15 Jun

As miserable as I was today it was nice to finally get it all out of my system. I think I’ve been building up all of my feelings and I finally just let it all out today. Thank goodness I’m feeling much better!! It’s nice to know that the people who mean the most to you are always there when you need them 🙂 especially the ones you’ll never let go. I love you B.

Sorry about the project delay but maybe just maybe I can still do five projects in five days.. starting tomorrow 😛 Sure I work on Monday but I’ll leave my easy peasy project for that day and we’ll see if I can still get it accomplished! Who knows maybe by then I’ll be on such a roll I’ll be getting one done each day for the rest of the week!! WHATT! Yeah I might be totally kidding myself and that may not happen 😉 but we’ll see.

Okay, it may just be the massive amounts of sugar that’s in this Hawaiian Punch but I am getting a major burst of energy and excitement! This could lead to staying up late and doing crazy amounts of crafting and organizing. It usually means I rearrange something or makes lists upon lists of things I want to do and only cross off half of them 😛 I am that weird.

I’m sure if I do end up staying up it will involve some pictures and a future post so be prepared. This might just be one long night 😉

Love Always,


Crafts: It’s Do or Die Baby!

14 Jun

I’m a little bit disappointed in myself. You would think with all this free time I have I would be crafting up a storm but instead it’s taking me ages to get anything accomplished. I have gotten a little work done with my embroidery but I really haven’t spent as much time on it as I thought I would.

I’ve only got five more days to do or die here! I’m going to start pulling out all the things that I’ve been putting off and start busting my butt to get them done. I’m going to try to finish one project a day. Five projects in five days. This is the beginning of my challenge. Let’s make it happen 😉

Love Always,


Crafts: Embroidery Part One

12 Jun

In-between my lists of projects to do for everyone else I have been slowly but surely working on this one! It’s my first embroidery project and of course I always pick a super hard one 😉

I picked out a pattern I liked

Traced it out on some fabric

Picked out my yarn colors

And got to work!!!

Of course instead of doing an outline embroidery style – I thought it would look so much cooler if it was filled in!! This is probably why I’ve only gotten this far on it 😉

So far I am absolutely loving it and when I’m finished I plan on using it as the fabric for my nook cover 😀 I probably won’t be making many of these unless they are special requested because they are so time-consuming. But I am definitely going to make a few with just the outlines. It’s a fun way to add a creative touch to some plain fabric and I love the handmade look to it!

The pictures are a little dimmed since it wasn’t natural light so next time I take a picture I’ll be sure to do it out in the sun so you can see how bright and fun it is!

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually stick to it and get it done this week?!

We’ll see!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Wow..

3 Jun

I just realized I haven’t posted since Monday. What the heck is going on?! Every time I think I’m getting back on track the next few days are a total slump. It’s not that I am sitting around doing nothing!! At least not all the time 😉 Haha okay I am guilty of a little sitting around doing nothing but sheesh I need a break.

So again with the catching up! Tuesday I had planned to go house shopping all day but that didn’t happen and I didn’t really get anything done because I was just waiting all day. Wednesday I worked and managed to fit in seeing two houses. One that was absolutely to die for but wasn’t quite enough square footage for my growing family and child care providing job.. and the second one was disastrous!!! For being at the top of my price range it was quite ridiculous how much work it needed.. so sad.

Thursday was girls day! We got E’s first ever haircut!! YAY! My mother-in-law spent the day with us and we went to lunch and just spent some quality time together. I wish I would have been feeling a little better though.. it’s hard to really get the most out of spending time with the ones you love when you feel like your dying (allergies). Then I went over to P’s house and took care of E, P, and S while their parents went house shopping! Ya for play date time! All the girls passed out with no problems 😉

Then that brings us today! Today is going to be seriously eventful. I have S and P over ALL day! It might be a little hectic but I’m sure we’ll have fun.

As far as getting crafts and other fun stuff done.. I have been a little distracted. I’ve been working on embroidery and it is quite fun!! But I have a lot of work to do on it before it’s picture-worthy.

I’m still in the process of reading When We Were Friends by Elizabeth Joy Arnold but I only have 60 pages to go!!

 Then I’ve kind of put aside the scarf I was crocheting due to concentrating on the embroider but I’ll pick that up again.

I have a few projects in mind (some from my sister) that I’d really love to work on! I just need a good day or two without interruptions to get them accomplished. Luckily I have one more week until my WEEK vacation! Maybe I’ll get some serious craftiness on that week! Anyone wanna babysit E for a couple of hours? Haha.

Well I better get off here and start getting ready for the girls.

Hopefully it won’t be a week before I write again 😉

Love Always,


Crafts: A Family Affair

17 May

Thanks to my sister I have a few fun new projects to tackle! Her boyfriends sister is expecting a little baby boy so I got to go shopping for some bibs and I’m going to cross-stitch or embroider the letter M on them for the new baby boy. Since plain bibs are impossible to find, I found some a pack with some cute patterns on them and am hoping that the thread I picked will go well. These are my favorite projects to do, the ones that actually go to someone who can enjoy them! It’s fun to make projects for no one in particular but I love personalized gifts and can only imagine the excitement of someone else getting something just for them.

I’ll be taking pictures of the progress so you can see!

She also has another project for me! Turning a duvet cover into curtains!! Should be super easy and super fun!!!

I have a feeling I might get addicted to these things 😀

Love Always,


Crafts: Monogramming Round 2

15 May

After posting my first cross-stitching success I decided to bust my butt and finish the T! I had the top half done and pushed myself to finish it tonight 😀

It actually turned out a lot better than the P. Probably because I am getting the hang of it but I still want to try a smaller waste canvas size!

Another thought I had after finishing this one was just doing an outline instead of fulling it in and then trying a different type of stitching. I’m not sure if there are actually different ways to stitch but I’ve got some ideas in my head that I think would be cute 😀

Hopefully more to come soon!

Love Always,


Crafts: Monogramming Madness!

15 May

Hooray! I finished my first cross-stitching letter and .. I am not that great at it! But practice makes perfect so I am making a T next 😀

I am really happy I stuck with my idea even though everyone gave me funny faces when I suggested my plan! I think once I get better at cross-stitching it will be a super cute way to finish off my frames.

I also think I need to add a layer of stiffener to the back of it so it doesn’t pucker the fabric as much. I was a little worried when I had the idea that it would make the frames that much more expensive but it turns out cross-stitching is super cheap! Once you have the needles and hoop the waste canvas is $1.00 for 12″ by 8″ (which makes three frames worth for me) and the thread is like 60 cents each. One pack of thread did this entire P. I’m also thinking about getting a smaller size waste canvas so the little purple fabric doesn’t show through as much in between the stitches.

Let me know what you think!

Love Always,


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