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A Five Year Old Family Tradition

23 Jul

This weekend my little girl had her birthday party, and this weekend my Dad and Mom blew me out of the water with a family tradition that I love 😀

Each child since my Dad’s family has had a five car train cake made for them on their fifth birthday. My dad did an amazing job for my sister and I and wanted to keep the tradition going so he offered to make one for Emma (and Payton when her time comes). She was so excited and seriously impressed with her Papa and Ope and so were we!


And because my Mom & Dad are awesome and knows I love to show how I do things, he took pictures along the way to share with all you readers. So a big thank you to my wonderful parents for offering up this awesome blog post to my amazing readers!


He started out with nutter butter bars for the track, icing, and licorice sticks for the tracks. Added some more nutter butter bars and oreos for the bottom of the train cakes.


Once we finished he added edible glitter to the icing to make it look rocky like most train tracks are! During this process my mom was baking away little bread pans of cake in different heights for all the layers of the cars. She also made an impressive SEVEN sets of cream cheese frosting for those things! (She knows I am not a regular frosting person and I am a very big cream cheese frosting person 😉 haha)


Once the cakes and icing was ready my dad went to work carving out each train section how he wanted it (what a cute red caboose!) and went to town icing it.


Major props to my parents for staying up most of the night to get this train cake done for Emma! It turned out AMAZING, was delicious, and Emma will remember this for the rest of her life!

photo (1)


Emma Talks

26 Feb

Photo: Emma in a box!!

Me: Hey Emma Beans, whatcha up to?
Emma: Oh, I’m just coloring a picture with these markers.
Me: Sounds fun!
Emma: Well, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my coloring. We can talk in just a few minutes when I’m finished with my work.
Me: Yes Ma’am!

Emma: Mommy! Mickey was a little baby!! That’s so silly!
Me: Are you a little baby?
Emma: No, I’m just grown up like a kid.

Me: Emma do you want some Chinese or Pizza for dinner.
Emma: Chinese Please!
Me: Chicken and Rice?
Emma: That’s not Chinese! I want Mac N Cheese!
Me: Chinese doesn’t make Mac N Cheese.. would you like some Pizza instead?
Emma: Yes Please! Cheese Pizza!

Emma: Mommy’s belly is getting BIG!
Daddy: Yeah cuz there’s a baby growing in there!
Emma: I have a baby growing in my belly too. It’s a baby boy and mommy’s is a baby girl (we don’t know the sex yet) and your going to have a baby in your belly too!
Daddy: No I am NOT!

Emma’s Life

24 Jan

This child seriously cracks us up. Here are some seriously amusing things we’ve heard/seen these past few days:

Me: Sweetie, I think you forgot to flush the toilet.
Emma: Oh don’t worry, you can do it!

Helping me clean the table (where she sits during all meals).
Emma: hmmm messier than a bear

How Emma eats a grilled cheese sandwich.
A slice of bread not toasted.
A slice of cheese.
Another slice of bread not toasted.
Only my child eats a sandwich one piece at a time and then asks for pepperonis on the side.

Emma: I don’t think daddy will love me forever.
Me: Yes he will!!
Emma: How come?
Me: Because he made you!
Emma: Can I get a ring from daddy that says I will love you forever?
Here is where the future conversation about my ring comes back to bite me in the butt. Brian you are going to have to shovel out some cash for a ring for your little girl!!!!!

Games Emma Loves!

1 Sep

I’m always trying to find things for Emma that are not only fun but also educational. Here is one of the things that we’ve gotten her that she’s absolutely falling in love with – but also makes Mommy happy too!!


Instead of just playing garbage on our phones we try to pick games that are entertaining but also going to help in some way. There’s this awesome download we found called Touch ‘n’ Sing. It’s a a free download and then you can pick which games you want to add on for a really low price! (it comes with two free games!)


I love having apps on my phone to keep Emma entertained in situations she’d be bored. Like at restaurants when we are waiting to be seated, or in the car on a long trip! Emma tends to ask for my phone a lot during the day and I don’t mind handing it over at all since we have options that are educational.

Each song on this app is interactive! She’s either popping balloons or she is making the characters move to the song. I think my favorite thing is that it fits into any age stage! There’s a little bit for everyone in here. Whether you are teaching your little one words, letters, or your older one lyrics to songs – it is pretty darn entertaining!

You can get this download on itunes or in your app store for free!


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Emma’s Piggy Bank

15 Aug

The day I painted my corner cabinet I decided to let Emma enjoy a little painting too!


I set her up on the tarp next to me with everything she needed and paper towels just in case! I think I had to remind her like ten times that it was okay to get messy with this project! (My clean little child!)


She fell in love quickly. She has always been a creative child but painting is something she hasn’t done before so I wasn’t sure how it would go.


It’s like she knew exactly what she was doing before she even started! She’s a natural 🙂


Before she got to the end of the piggy she had run out of red (which is her most favorite color these days) she realized she could use other colors and the glitter too!


We set it out to dry with Mommy’s furniture and then brought it inside for display 🙂 She excitedly put a few of Daddy’s “Monies” in the piggy and shook it with pure joy.



One little piggy equaled about an hour of serious entertainment! This was too much fun!

Holiday Weekend Fun :)

26 Nov

Emma had a blast this thanksgiving weekend. Thursday we went over to see the North side of the family and Emma got to play football with her cousins and color with Dodo:

All that good food and playing led to this on the way home:

One zonked out child 😉 It was only a matter of minutes when we got her in the seat to get to this state!

Friday we had thanksgiving with the Durhams where Emma got to play with Tyler:

They are like two peas in a pod! Playing ball, building lego houses, puzzles, and chasing each other through the house. I have a feeling these two are going to enjoy growing up together.

Saturday we spent the day at Josh & Sarah’s house dog sitting. Emma spent a majority of the day building “sand castles with slides”:

and pretending to be a princess with the new necklace that mommy made:

Sunday was Papa’s birthday! So Emma went to Nana and Dodo’s house to play while the grown up went out to the movies and dinner.

This was on family filled holiday weekend! I hope your weekend was just as entertaining 🙂

Love Always,


Late Night Chats With Myself ;)

15 Nov

Even though you are reading this at some point and it’s probably Thursday for you – technically I am writing this at 11:15 pm Wednesday. So I’ll go ahead and apologize for the lack of pictures and random long sentences.

I’m sitting up after realizing that I have absolutely no clean clothes to wear to my appointment tomorrow. Little Mrs. Has It All Together from my list post yesterday, doesn’t quite have it all together 😉 Well at least not for tomorrow!

If you are a mom, you probably understand when I say that I tend to put everyone before myself. In this case, the rest of my families clothes managed to get done before mine. Silly me thinking I’d be fine with raggity t-shirts and leggings. Whoops!!

So tonight I will be sitting up listening for the dryer to stop so I can move loads in order to have an outfit that is allowed to step out in the public clean for tomorrow!

It’s been a long time since I’ve stayed up late and been the only person awake. If you have been a long time follower of my blog then you’d know that I used to do this all the time. It was the only way to get peace and quiet to myself. Emma was hardly napping for a while there and when she was, I was too!

I had gotten used to staying up later just to get some me time and I spent it sewing, crocheting, blogging, catching up on music and tv shows. It’s amazing that an hour or two of dead silence for your brain to think can really change a person! I felt so free, got so much crafting accomplished, and almost felt like a teenager all over again 🙂

My blogging might have even been better because of it! When I have time to think, writing comes so naturally. Like now. I could probably ramble on for hours because it’s like my mind has space to stretch out and breathe! That is if you like it when I ramble 😉

Staying up like this tonight is a reminder of all that. It’s also a reminder of why I quit doing it!! Sure an hour or two of freedom sounds so refreshing and exciting, but I was also dead tired the next day. I hardly woke up on time, counting down the hours to Emma’s nap time so I could nap too, and feeling like a zombie. I really don’t miss living like that. I missed out on so many fun things with Emma!! I’m not so much looking forward to that tomorrow – but at least I’ll be clothed properly.

Luckily tomorrow is a day off for me as well. Emma will be playing with Nana all day and I’ll be with my Mom in Alexandria for my appointment, her appointment, and then running a few errands. I’ll be able to not be completely all there tomorrow 😉 and if anyone understands that – it’s my Mom!!

As much as I’ll hate this tomorrow – I may just end up doing this again every once in a while. My brain needed it!

Well it’s time to change loads and catch up on shows 😉 See you all bright and early tomorrow and probably napping as soon as I get home haha!

Love Always,





Pure Joy

7 Oct

We went to Cox Farms yesterday and I think it opened Emma’s eyes to a whole new world! There were slides and playgrounds and so many things to climb on! It was a gorgeous day and if you live in Northern Virginia I highly recommend letting your child go wild here. Even though there were a million things to do this is what Emma enjoyed this the most:


I love that smile 🙂

Here are some other pictures from the day:



Emma and Tyler hugging 🙂



Checking out all the animals on the farm!



Emma loved the big pink truck! I’ll have to remember that when she gets older 😉



Tyler and Emma holding hands!



Checking out the view from the top of the ship!



Emma sticking her butt out while she hugs the bunny 😛 I have no idea why she hugs like this!



Sitting on the caboose of the train!



Oink Oink! Emma’s a pig 🙂



Best Friends Forever



Going on the hayride! Emma does not like loud moving tractors but somehow we got on the hayride without a fuss! ❤



I’m pretty sure she had a blast 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Please & Sorry

26 Aug

Please and Sorry have been major words in my vocabulary the past few days. I don’t exactly know what my problem with it is, but I have a hard time asking for help. I make myself a list full of things that are longer than the amount of hours in a day and then beat myself up about not getting them all done.

Another thing I like to do is add on tasks for other people. I hear someone say, “I need this” and I come running ready to solve the problem leaving behind my trail of things that still aren’t done yet.

This past week it really hit me hard and got me into a point of self-sabotage. My list was so long and overwhelming that I just kept putting it off and it just kept getting longer. At one point I remember sitting down on the floor with my list and computer and crap that piled up too high and cried.

I’ve noticed when I’m completely at the end of my rope the best way to deal with it is to email my husband. Knowing he’s at work and he doesn’t even get it sometimes until he gets home doesn’t matter. Sometimes he can answer me right away and it’s nice to hear what he has to say but either way – he comes home and it’s like everything wrong in the world just turns right.

He has a way of calming me down in seconds, sometimes without even saying a word. I love that man.

This time I asked for help. I cried out in an email that was probably three paragraphs longer than it needed to be (much like this post 😉 haha) and gave him a list of things I needed him to do so I could breath again. Then I went to the next best person in the whole wide world.

My Mommy. Nobody fixes a problem like Mommy’s do. I told her what was going on and she gladly took on a few things on my list and knocked them out in seconds and asked for more. I love her so much and now I see where I get my need to do things for people from. She’d gladly do all my work for me if she could just watch me raise my baby girl. I’m going to do the same for Emma without a shadow of a doubt.

So here’s to all those people out there that are stressed, exhausted, and burnt out. Go ask for help. It may make you cry, it may feel like the world is upside down, and you may feel like a complete loser; but it will be the best thing you ever did.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Always,



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That Money Hungry Feeling!

28 Jul

Sometimes budgeting, working with what I have, and pinching penny’s takes a toll on me. Most days I don’t mind having that, “Make It Work Women.” period in time. Most of the time I love the pressure! It’s like a puzzle that others can’t seem to solve and it makes me excited knowing I can figure it out and make it happen. Other days, I’m like, “To heck with this – I just want to go blow a couple a hundred and not even think twice about it!” It’s one of those to heck with it days!

It doesn’t help when you are online looking at pictures like this:

Welcome to St. Thomas! ❤ Oh how I dream of having a home here!! Keep dreaming right!?

Most of the time all it takes is a little motivation like if I work hard enough and don’t waste my money now, I can find a way to have a lifestyle I’ve always wanted instead of a vacation I’ve always wanted. Instead of going to the beach for a week – I could have a beach house! It’s not one of those days here either. I’m being a little impatient and a little money hungry today! I don’t know exactly what it is but the I want bug has hit this home and Emma seems to be following along!

Today she has done her famous pout a zillion times:

and right after that pout comes an, “I want…!” oh darling – don’t we all?!

I guess I need to go with the advice that I give her, “I didn’t ask you what you wanted sweetie, this is what we are going to do. Maybe next time you can get something you want.”

Don’t worry Emma – Mommy doesn’t like hearing it either 😉 so much so that I might just put on that pout face right here right now!

Back to the drawing board to figure out some motivation to keep me going and keep that money in savings instead of spending.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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