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A Tisket A Tasket

18 Mar

Two girls made a basket! My neighbor has joined in the basket making fun with me and we are addicted! Not only that, but we are getting a lot of interest so we decided we’d open up a shop and see how it goes. There isn’t anything posted yet but who knows where this could lead!


I’m up for an adventure!

Coming Soon


We Come and We Go

6 Dec

As I was sitting down yesterday after an eventful exciting day with the girls, I realized I was so tired of putting off the things I love the most. I haven’t been crafting as much as used to, I haven’t been writing here as much as I’d love to, I haven’t taken care of myself because I am so busy taking care of everything else! It seems like I’ve been slowly realizing this as I’ve started putting me back in the front seat.


Recently I’ve pulled back out my yarn and hook and starting making things for myself instead of my etsy page. I had worked so hard on my etsy shop making things I thought people would want to buy that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I took some time to think about what I wanted to make for me or my family and the ideas started rolling in!


How many scarves and hats have I made and Emma didn’t even have a set of her own? She had outgrown all of hers and although Payton has been loving the previous one’s Emma passed down, it was about time Emma has a set of her own! I let her pick out some of the yarn I already had in stock and I couldn’t be more proud of my hard work!


Since we moved into this house we haven’t had a wreath on our door. I know it seems ridiculous to be upset about that, but that was one of the things I was looking forward to when we owned our own home. Three years and I hadn’t made one wreath for our own home!!


Now I am happy wreath on my door home owner! Granted it’s only one, but I do have a few more ideas in mind. I am so proud of the fact that I didn’t attempt to buy sixteen of these, stock up on premade ones, and buy shipping boxes with the intention of selling them, because honestly I don’t want to!


What I plan on making is a happy home! I hope you all will join in me in my process of finding what’s important for me and my family and enjoy us as we come and go. I might not be consistent on this blog, but I will be here when I can.

Getting A New Look!

2 Sep

I’m in the process of giving my shop pictures a new look!


I’ve been reading up on a lot of photography tips and ideas for etsy sellers and finally decided it was time I put it all together and did some styling of my own.

My goal was to not spend a dime and although I failed – I only spent $1.00. That’s right, one dollar on that lovely wrapping paper at the dollar store as the background.


I did it all with iphone too! I downloaded adobe’s photo app and plugged in my account with them and boom, perfect editing tools.

I grabbed things around the house that I thought would make the pictures more interesting and just did a trial and error feel.


I think I can comfortably say that I have found my “look”! Next step will be revamping all of my previous listings and getting these new ones up and going!

It’s time for fall – time to get my shop in shape!

What I’m Working On

27 Jan

With my new year goals in full gear I have been getting busy with some exciting new things 🙂


I have a few new hats in that will be coming in the store soon as well as some new mittens!!


With Payton hiking out the snow with me to pick Emma up from the bus stop, I decided it was about time we made her some cute mittens (the baby ones just don’t fit anymore!) But of course I couldn’t stop there – my brain is on new year new goals.


Instead of just MAKING them, I’m making the pattern and it will be available for purchase too! Stay tuned on my facebook to see when they are live or check out my etsy shop if you are interested!

What are you working on?

Behind The Scenes Happenings

29 Jul

For those of you who follow my Daydreaming Gifts facebook page, you already know that I’ve been crocheting my little fingers away making boot cuffs, gloves, and cup cozies. I am stocking up and prepping for this holiday season and so excited to be offering a few new items.

photo 3 (2)

I’ve already gotten an order from my sister to make her two pairs of boot cuffs and I’m excited to say they are turning out amazing!! All I need is a few buttons to finish this one off.

photo 1 (3)

I’ve also been taking pictures of the process so I can share it with you all! Here’s a sneak peak at what it takes to get the pictures processed while I work. Imagine me wrapping my arms around the camera working 😉 It’s quite amusing and Emma thought it was pretty cool and tried to imitate me with her own camera 😀

photo 2 (3)

So much crocheting!! I can’t wait to share all the details with you soon!

How I Ship My Orders

17 Jun

Hooray for an Etsy Sale! I love getting orders on my Daydreaming Gifts website. Today I thought I’d share with you how I package my items to be shipped out. It’s nothing too special but it’s super fun for me!


This lucky order was one of my favorite scarves! I got this yarn at Hobby Lobby and it is so silky smooth I will be running back to get more! It comes already variegated so it’s easy to work with – my mom was the one that made this one! I get out all my supplies to ship everything. The item, a box or padded envelope, tissue paper, my card, a thank you circle, and some of the stickers my sister bought me!


I fold up the tissue paper and put it on the box making sure to leave a little hole for the item itself.


In goes the order and the tissue paper then gets folder with the paper.


I have a bit of a sticker obsession so I use the sticker to keep the tissue paper down and make it “gift” like as possible!


Next goes in my card and the thank you circle (these are just decorative paper cut out with a 1 inch paper cutter. I love using these because they are easy to store, big enough for what I want to write on it, and it adds another color to this crazy mix of colors 😉



I tape it up and add another sticker on the box for good measure 😉 then the label and it’s ready to go! Because I use USPS priority shipping (which costs more) they come pick it up on my doorstep which means the world to me since I’m not always able to run out and I am not going to be more so when Payton comes! The other thing that makes the price worth it to me is the fact that I get insurance on my packages and it’s 2 day delivery so I know my customers are going to get what they ordered quickly!

You can also use free USPS priority boxes and they will deliver those to your doorstep free as well but I have a bunch of leftover boxes and like to reuse boxes as much as possible. It cuts back on other shipping expenses.


New Craft Room Tour

23 Apr

A big shout out to my wonderful Dad who put all this together and my wonderful husband who put in a lot of time and grunt work helping out! It’s finally here!



The hardwood floors are in, my dream desk has been designed and put together, and my stash of supplies are slowly getting put where they belong! Surprisingly my upper cabinets aren’t anywhere near full yet (oh but they will be!).

My stock wall is being filled as we speak. Surprisingly throughout this process (and a big thanks to my mom) I have more stock than I did prior to Christmas! Which is making me feel a lot calmer since Peanut is going to come and mess up my schedule even more 😉

My shipping section is fully stocked and ready go as well as my photo corner which I’ll be tweaking a little bit but has been working out like a gem the past few days! I love that it’s on a rolling cart so I can find the perfect light spots depending on what time of day it is.


What’s left to do besides craft? Well we haven’t done anything with the closet yet. I wanted to wait and see how I used the rest of the space before I decided what my closet needed to be. So far it’s craft show supplies storage and a few rolls of batting. So happy to have that beautiful two door closet instead of an obnoxious wall in between it tho!


I also have a new sign to hang that my Dad decided was a must have for door outside! I can’t wait to hang it up! I’ll also be on the hunt for some great wall decor items and ideas for my “backsplash” behind my desk. I think we’ve finally hit the finishing touches stage and I am proud to say I’ve already spent a few amazing days up there getting lost in fabric and photos.

Don’t forget to check out my Etsy store now that it’s up and running!

DIY Place Mats

8 Aug

 I have been dying to try out this pattern that I got from my Maw Maw (actually Brian’s Maw Maw but I claim her as mine!) and I finally got the chance to do it! This is so simple and so much fun. What you’ll need:

Mat Board
Pencil Scissors
1.5 to 2 yards of fabric
Sewing Machine
Iron & Board

If you have everything you need minus the mat board – do not go out and buy mat board! Find a box laying around your house that’s wide enough and long enough for this project.

There are three different sizes you could use for a place mat so feel free to pick any one, I chose the first:

or 12′ diameter for round.

First I took measurements to create my template, made a drawing on my board, and cut it out with scissors.
Once you have it cut out you’ll never have to measure again!!! That is probably my favorite thing about templates 🙂 I have scrapes and piles of mat board, boxes, laying around the house just for this purpose.

Pull out your fabric and lay your template down on top and cut around it. I fold my fabric over and do two cuts at one time to make sure they are exactly identical!


Once you have your two pieces cut out I flip them inside out and give them a quick iron to make sure the pieces lay flat.

Pin around the edges and sew around all of them but leave a large enough opening on one side to flip it inside out.


As you can see in this photo – I just did a straight plain stitch around the edges.


And here is my opening to flip it inside out!


Once it’s flipped do a quick iron again, iron down the edges of the opening and pin it for sewing closed.


Sew all the edges with a fun decorative stitch and your done!


If you have seen my work before you know this is my go to decorative stitch. It uses up a lot of thread but I love the way it looks and it feels really secure!


I hope you enjoyed my place mats tutorial and if you’d like to go ahead and purchase them – I have these up on Etsy for sell here.


The Good Life

26 Jun

Hey Everyone!

I posted a recipe on A Charming Twist that I thought you all might love! It’s Garlic Butter Chicken with Rice & Veggies! Check out the link above to see the recipe!


Yesterday I spent the day in the kitchen and out in the pool with Emma beans 🙂

I also got some new listings done for my etsy shop! My goal has been to post something new each day that I’m home. So far I’ve gotten this made and listed:

Crochet Cell Phone Case Linen and Dusty Rose


Crochet Cell Phone Case Linen and Dusty Blue

Cell phone cases anyone!? These are so much fun to make!!!

Set of Three Burp Cloths - Dinosaurs

Finally! I’m all set up to make burp cloths again – I made a set just like this for my friends baby shower and loved the fabric so much I decided to make some more! Emma has been saying: RAWWWRRRR I’m a DINOSAUR!! every time she see’s them 🙂

If you want to check out my shop it’s: Daydreaming Gifts


Thanks for stopping by!


Are You Up For A Challenge?

19 Feb

I just love that I posted about my future schedule not to long ago and here I am mixing up my own schedule to make things work out 😛 Anyways!! So I had a long way past due thought last night and I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to write about it and give you a challenge to step up and do it yourself!!

I am all about having priorities, keeping them in mind, sticking with them, and then when it comes time to – reprioritizing them! I had an AH HA moment which I seem to have on a quarterly basis (haha that’s sad) that made me take a step back and say, “Wait a minute – I’m not moving forward here – what am I doing wrong?”

You could say that my schedule these days has seemed a bit packed but to be completely honest I love being busy! As long as the busy that I’m being is making me happy, I see no harm in it. Sometimes I get busy helping other people and realize that I’m losing myself and my priorities in the process. This tends to happen more often that I’d like it to but I have such a big heart and have a hard time saying no – I chalk it up to life lessons. These things are holding me back.

As most of you know, Brian and I have been house shopping!! Which is on my 30 things to do before I’m 30 list so BOOOYAH it’s happening 😉 haha. This has been taking up a lot of our nights and weekends but I’m so giddy and excited about it – I DON’T CARE! Obviously this is a new priority in my life and I’m loving it.

Other things on the other hand have seem to gotten off track to where I want to be. One of my goals was to notch this blog up and really  make it the dream blog I always hoped it would be. As most of you, I’ve been slacking in that department but I haven’t stopped trying! The effort is still there!

The saddest part is I’ve put my Etsy Shop aside. I’m actually embarrassed I’m even saying this because it’s the ONE HUGE MAJOR GOAL I really want to achieve. I want my shop to be my full time job – I want to wake up every morning and know that being creative has gotten me there and I’m going to keep doing it until I run out of it 😉

I was reading a post the other day about selling items to shops, wholesale orders, and their experiences. It was like a punch in the face that I’m not doing what I want to be doing. What’s stopping me from working my tail off at my shop to do this? Oh right, all these other things that I’ve been making time for that I shouldn’t be.

As I’m writing this I am shaking my head but also so darn proud of myself for seeing it so clearly and knowing exactly what I need to do in order to fix it.

So I’ve decided to start a trend. I want everyone to make a list of their priorities in life – what’s most important to you and what do you want to spend a majority of your time daily doing – down to the not so important but you still want to keep it up. Now make a list of your goals where you want your priorities to be in five years. Think about your future and really plan on what you think are reasonable (maybe a little unreasonably but not totally) goals that you could see yourself doing.

Now figure out what it’s going to take to get from your current priority list to your five year plan. Start looking at what you are doing on a daily basis that’s holding you back from that.

Are you able to cut back on that? Is there a way out? If not, stick with it but remember that in five years you don’t want that thing to be a priority anymore. In order to get rid of the things that are keeping you from your goals you need to MAKE them go away yourself. Find a solution – even if its a long term solution – that could really make a difference in your life.

Let’s make this a movement to do what you want to do – after all it is your life!!

Feel free to leave a comment below to let me know some of your goals and what you hope to stop doing and start doing these next few years! I’d love to hear them!

Love Always,


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