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Prize Time!

1 May

Hello There!

I am so excited to share that my blog has hit 200 followers! As a big thank you to all my readers I am hosting a Prize Time Event! Tonight at 10:00 PM I will be giving away two gift cards from:

JoAnn’s Fabric & Crafts Stores



So that you can get crafty in your own kind of way 🙂 This blog has been a way of sharing my life, my crafty adventures, and many other things and I feel like it’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in a while. I hope that my blog inspires you to be crafty as well so I’m giving away these two gift cards to two lucky dedicated followers!

Each of my followers will immediately get their name put in a bucket for the drawing. In order to get your name in there again you can do any of the following. Each thing that you do will earn you one extra name in the bucket. Please leave a comment below stating which items you did!

Like this post!

Tell me in the comment section what you’d like to do with your gift card if you win!

Share this post on your facebook, twitter, or email!

Thanks again for being such great followers and I can’t wait to see who wins!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Under Construction!

3 Mar

Alright everyone!! Thank you all for being awesome followers of my blog 😀 If you have been here from the beginning you know that I’ve done A LOT of changing around here. Some things for the better – some I’ll be tweaking a little!! I’m going back to making this blog completely personal. I’ve started a new blog so that I can keep up with the business, features, tutorials, and such so if you love all those things make sure to follow me


There will also be handmade product reviews on that site so if you are interested in buying handmade products check out that site of mine – there are tons of tips and tricks in order to find out if the store has good quality and customer service.

Now back to the new/old blog here! I really missed just rambling about how my life was going and what all I was doing so I decided to separate the two interests into two blogs and I’ll be going back to the basics with this one. If you love the random personal posts then stay here! I’ll be talking about what I’m working on at home, life with my lovely two-year old and husband, and things I’m learning about as I go through life.


If there are certain topics you’d like to hear about or if there’s something in particular that I write about that interests you – please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear what my readers are looking for.
Talk to you all soon!

Love Always,


What A Wonderful Day!

18 Feb

I pulled this from my new team blog that I just posted on http://www.northernvacraftaholics.wordpress.com – so if you are ever interested in what my group is doing locally you can find information there!

Today was our Destash Bash and get together and I cannot even start to explain how much fun it was! We had a great number of people show up with lots of interesting things to give away! Of course I scooped up a few things of my own 😀 It’s hard as a crafter to not think of a million amazing things you can make with other’s stuff. For those of you who missed it don’t worry I’m going to dive in to all the things we chatted about! But for now – let’s check out some pictures!

We had tables full of supplies from fabric, yarn, beads, paper products, and more!

It was a great way to get to know everyone and the materials that they use and don’t use anymore.

What better way to get to know someone than see what they are the most passionate about?

Of course I couldn’t resist showing off what I picked up 😉

Coming from someone who has had a hard time finding my group of friends after moving and settling down – it really meant the world to me to be in a room full of people who share the same interests and common goals. Etsy has been more than just a way to show the world what I can make but a stepping grounds for who I am and thanks to Etsy Teams, it’s given me the opportunity to reach out to others and find who are just as excited about this road ahead of us as I am!

Once we all got settled we started talking about who we were, where we were from, what we make in our shops and our other interests. We talked about upcoming events that I’ll be posting in team threads and here on the blog that you might catch us at. One thing that was brought up for a future get together was critiques. I can’t think of a better way to get input on your shop then from people who are on etsy on a daily basis seeing what’s out there and what works – so keep your ears open for that one! Another thing I’m looking forward to is to find a “home” for or monthly gatherings. We’ll be looking into libraries and other places that we can book to meet up and craft or just hang out.

We talked about craft shows – the good, the bad, and the ugly! How do you know if the craft show will be a success? What can you prepare yourself for? Tips and tricks to make it benefit your store.

There was a great discussion about Treasuries, BNRs, and Marketing. All great things in order to boost sales, views, and feedbacks. This is something I’d love to talk more about with anyone if they have any questions.

One thing that I don’t want to forget to mention is providing and promoting for our shops! I’m really excited about expanding as a team and being able to support each other during this process.

I have to say this meet and greet was a complete success. Not only did I walk out of it feeling like I had just met an amazing group of people – but I am so excited about meeting up again and creating this group of people with such a wide variety of skills into a group of friends I’ll never forget!

Love Always,


Short & Sweet

14 Jan

Since I’ll be posting a fun crafty post with pictures later today I’m keeping this one short and sweet (like me) haha. My sister has been sending me these new blogs to check out and even though I’ve been de-cluttering my email I couldn’t resist subscribing to them!! So while you are waiting for my crafty post check out these three awesome blogs:


Young House Love – 1 Young Family – 1 Old House = Love

This blog is about a young family fixing up and making their home a dream home! She has great tips on being crafty and staying in a budget.


Life As Thrifter – A Part Time Thrifter

This blog is AMAZING for awesome ideas and inspiration on a TIGHT budget! You’ll be shocked at how much bang she gets for her buck!


IHeart Organizing – A Happy Mom of Three Boys

If you like organizing, need help organizing, or are just not organized at all – this will BLOW your mind! Not only does she figure out how to stay organized in small spaces – she does it on a budget! Even though I was already in a purging & organizing mood – she just made me want to jump of the couch and get moving!


So go enjoy that boost of motivation and inspiration and I’ll be back with fun crafty before you know it 😉 I mean once the paint dries 😀


Love Always,


Saturday’s Special Guest!

24 Dec

Saturday’s Special Guest Presents: 



It has been a year now since I started teaching myself how to sew… and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I learned of Etsy from a friend and that inspired me to find new ways to reach out and get my creations discovered. I made a fan page on Facebook, and created a twitter account, and finally started a blog this year in late June- which I enjoy the most! I try not to make it all about my shop, but a fun and friendly site that also helps other Etsy shops get discovered. I have a schedule; Fun Mondays, Chatty Tuesdays, Crafts At Home (Wednesday), Giveaways (Thursday), and Picture This (Friday).
I have always found it relaxing to be creative with my hands- the kind of person who buys used furniture to take home, to paint and fix up, or spend an afternoon baking and decorating baked goods. I love to rotate what I do also so that I never feel like I am stuck or burnt out.
I can recall some memories growing up where I would be creative – such as making a catalog while in elementary school of items I owned for my brother, just incase he wanted to buy something 🙂 and even in highschool- there was an assignment of writing a short story… I bought large poster board sheets for each page, creating bright colorful pages with my story written out, I even recruited friends to help record a tape of the reading- along with sound effects to turn the page.
Any chance I see of being hands on creative, I will go for it. After becoming a mother I found many opportunities to learn new ways to be creative. When I see smiles and hear laughter, all it can do is make me wonder… “What else can I make?”
Thanks for stopping by!
Love Always,

Daily Life: There’s not enough hours in one day!

21 Apr

Today is my day off, my day of relaxation, my day of craftiness! I slept in an hour later than usual and got up in a fantastic mood! Got E out of bed, dressed, and fed. Then I decided I was going to spend 15 minutes on the computer and get straight to painting and that’s just what I did. I will say listening to a little someone throw tantrum after tantrum kind of made it hard to pay attention to what I was doing but by 11:30 today I finished one elephant frame and half of another one! Hoorayy!

We stopped for lunch and while I was checking updates and reading email I noticed something amazing!! A friend from my hometown church sent me a group link to this Dream Home Giveaway that St. Judes is having. Not to mention the fact that is exactly where I have been looking to move to for months upon months. B could easily get a new job and not have to suffer a pay cut, I could find a job even easier because I grew up in the area and already know my way around and people who live there. What a dream come true! So I go check it out, look at all the gorgeous pictures of the gorgeous home that’s more than we could ever ask for and click on the sign up sheet right away. Instantly disappointed. A ticket costs $100 dollars which goes to St. Judes (which is amazing) then they pull out a ticket raffle style in hopes that you win. B would never let me put money into this thing because let’s just say I rarely ever win anything and $100 bucks is a lot to give. I could probably talk him into one ticket but what are the chances we’ll get it with one ticket??! Then I had this BRILLIANT idea of selling things on Etsy for it to go to St. Jude’s so I could add whatever I make for tickets for the house, then decided it wouldn’t work. Then I had another BRILLIANT IDEA, ask everyone we know to help donate to St. Judes in hopes that we win the home, then decided nobody would want to do that. Oh and there’s the little detail that I only have four days to send in the money for a ticket. So here I am, drooling over this gorgeous home I’ll never have 😦

I guess I shouldn’t have checked my facebook today because that has been a serious distraction!

Which leads me to know, it’s already 2:00. It took me all morning to get E dressed, fed, and ready for the day. After I ate and sat down it was 10:15. By the time I got to crafting it was 10:30 so I got a good hour in. Then it’s lunch time. Get food ready for E, give her snacks until it’s ready, fix it for her, then find something for me, get it ready, eat, get her to eat more (because she rarely eats lunch well for me), get her cleaned up, her mess of high chair cleaned up, my stuff cleaned up (which doesn’t always happen right away), by the time I finish all that it’s bottle and bed time for E. Fix her a bottle (which I am trying to get her to sip out of instead of using a bottle top so we can be a big girl and get rid of bottles) so I sit there with her while she drinks it, prepared for a mess, end up cleaning the mess, putting E to bed and it’s 1:30.

Took pictures of the frames, wrote a blog post, and updated my facebook and now it’s 2:00. B will be home in two hours. I still have more cleaning up to do from the million messes my child makes, and I am exhausted. Do I really only get two hours in the day to have free time? This just seems ridiculous! For some reason, I thought I actually had more time in the day, especially on my days off but apparently not!! Looks like i’ll be searching for a new daily routine!! One that includes a little less cleaning and a little more free time 😉 haha I must be dreaming again!!

Anybody want to come entertain my child for a few hours tonight so I can have some free time to do some crafting? Or Saturday!!? Haha.

Love Always,


My life is like a rollercoaster!

15 Dec

It seriously has some major ups and downs .. but who’s life doesn’t!? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it’s taken me until E was born to realize that I may not control the ups and downs but I can make it worthwhile. For the past year it seems like I have gone back to my roots (aka highschool / beginning of college days) where I ignore all those mean people who like to bring me down, and instead I keep track of all the amazing stuff. It’s about dang time! Right?

Instead of dwelling over all the crazy, uncontrollable, stressful things that happen, I have been making note of the things that I love the most about my life. I have successfully managed to let the bad go and bring in the good. This wasn’t an easy process and I feel like at times I am still learning it but it’s totally amazing! After lots of practice and complaining to my husband when I am hitting the down times, I have managed to keep this blog and my facebook almost completely positive! I have been tracking all the things that have made me laugh, and remember to make the effort to go out of my way to make hot chocolate on a cold dreary day! Who doesn’t love that!?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to make my life a living happy bubble but come on! Doesn’t it feel good to feel good! Especially in this cold yucky season?

The main steps that I have been teaching myself to take is to recognize when I am in that nasty, horrible, no good mood. I find out what is really bugging me and then decide to just “let it go”. Because honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you are negative about something, it’s only going to come out with more ugly negative news. I kept track of the things that are mood-lifters to me. Like hot chocolate, some good music, doing something productive (even if it means that the cleaning is not going to get done!), or just doing something you love like reading maybe!?

Then after the mood lift happens and your back in your “happy place” do something FUN! For me it’s obviously crafting, and when your negative nancy, let me just tell you.. your crafts come out dreadful! Sometimes it takes all day to get back out of my funk, and some days it just takes a few seconds but lately it has seemed to work out wonderfully!

Then after your relaxing from your uplifting mood, write it down! Remember it, take a picture, change your facebook status! Whatever it takes so that when you go back to look at all the things you have done the past couple of days, your realize that your life totally rocks!

Maybe it will work for you? Maybe it wont. You might be surprised…

Love Always,


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