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Daily Life: Happy Anniversary!!

21 May

 To my amazing husband and my best friend, happy one year anniversary!!! And for all of you wondering what we did.. of course we did the most untraditional thing ever 😉  I’ve come to realize that everything B and I do isn’t extravagant or completely elegant. Our wedding was simple, our life is simple, and our love is simple. And I love it!!

So today instead of spending a gazillion dollars we went house hunting! Yes we are officially in the market of buying a house! For quite some time I was wondering if it was ever going to happen but today we have found three 😀 We will be talking to our realtor and checking these babies out and who knows.. maybe in a few weeks or months we will be home owners! YAY!

Then after that we went to an early dinner at Carrabba’s! It’s B’s favorite place to eat and now definitely one of my favorites. Italian food is always on the top of my list but I’ve never gotten the meal I got today.. and let’s just say it bumped Carrabba’s up a bit!!

Then we went to a movie! We went to see Bridesmaids. Downright. Hilarious! B almost laughed until he cried.. or he might have cried (we’ll never really know) but it was that good! I don’t laugh out loud much when it comes to funny movies because I also worry about disturbing the people around me but I couldn’t hold it in. If you like SNL, Knocked Up, Superbad, or the Hangover, you will LOVE this movie – even if you are a male. This is the female version of all those hilarious male movies with crude humor and etc. and it’s Awesome! We will be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

Now he’s playing video games and I am back on the computer 😛 I don’t even care that this is the most typical weekend (minus not having E) because it’s time I get to spend with him. It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do, it’s the fact that we are together and enjoying the time we have. I’m so glad we get each other when it comes to things like this because I really feel like that makes us a stronger couple.

So happy one year anniversary to my one true love. I hope we spend the rest of our life being exactly who we are together.

Love Always,



Daily Life: I’m exhausted.

15 Feb

As worn out as I have been this past weekend and this week I am shocked it’s been a pretty darn good one! I spent all last week cleaning the house and getting it ready for the girls, painted and made some unsuccessful frames – which was a total bummer, then pulled out all my old toys and cleaned them for the girls this week, I have actually managed to squeeze in some things I love!

B and I have been watching movies again. Last night we watched I Love You, Man which I would say is completely hilarious and certain parts of it define B and I. Not exactly the him not having any friends, but moving to a place where we knew no one our age made for some similarities. It probably is one of the funniest movies we have watched in a while. Probably not to B but he likes a lot movies that I don’t think are that funny 😉 For example, we watched The Other Guys on Sunday night. B couldn’t stop laughing through the entire movie but only parts of it are funny to me.

While we are watching these movies I have gotten a good amount of crocheting done! So I am back on track with that. I downloaded my new books on my nook and I am going to start reading those tonight, and once I get ink for my printer I will be back on track with my new ideas & painting!

Today was going to be the day that the girls came over but unfortunately one of them is sick so we rescheduled so I am trying to think of a few more fun projects and things to do for them but we’ll see what all I get done. Since we rescheduled for my usual errand running days I’ll be running errands tomorrow and getting the house picked up and spotless!

I’m thinking an easy afternoon is in the plans. I will obviously be getting ready for my shopping day tomorrow and trying to do as little as possible!! Dinner looks like leftovers & PB&J’s 😀 Yes I am feeling that lazy!! Maybe just maybe that will give me a pick me up and E will go down for bed easily so I can knock some more things off my list and still have some down time!

I can’t wait to tell you how the playdate goes and of course how adorable these kids are. I’ve already seen a picture so I know they are super cute but seeing their personalities are twice as much fun!

I’ll keep you updated!

Love Always,


I’m getting the last laugh now :)

29 Jan

Yes, I do realize that is 12:26 in the morning and I am typing a blog post. I also realize that I am going to wake up at 7:15, take a shower, put makeup on, do my hair, eat breakfast, and wait for E to wake up around 8:15. Let’s get real here, I never stay up!! So tonight I am saying, what the heck!! There is nothing crazy important that needs to be done tomorrow so I am spoiling myself and having some me time with my hubby!

Tonight we watched “The Watchmenmovie. When I was in college my sophomore english class had to read this comic book and continuously write about what we thought was going to happen next. I am sure my teacher was snickering when he knew that all of us had no flipping clue what was going to happen next, nor did we want to guess. Well I ended that year with a 5 page paper stating why I did not like this comic book. Why did I not like it? I couldn’t figure out who was who, what they were doing, or why and when the end happened and the person that did “it” was reviled, I sadly didn’t even remember who he was. That’s the thing that I don’t like about comic books, you can read and reread and stare at the pictures all day long but ultimately, you have no clue what the heck is going on!!!!!!!!!! So I bet he is probably snickering again right now at the fact that the one student who protested how much she hated this comic book actually watched the movie. And now I get to snicker 🙂

A quote from my husband to his friends via video game bluetooth, “It wasn’t that great, I didn’t even really feel for any of the characters. I like to care about who is going to die and who is going to live and it’s hard when you don’t even really know the character or the back story. It really wasn’t that good.”

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Thank you. Point proven. This story line, needed more .. oh i don’t know. STORY! And that is all I have to say.

Now you are probably wondering, if this movie was so bad then why did you stay up until 12:30 to tell me? Well after we watched the movie B decided to play video games and honestly, it’s a lot more fun than The Watchmen.

Also a little sidenote of amazingness that happened in my MOST AMAZING day since January started 😀 I crocheted an entire skane while sitting through that three-hour madness! We are totally watching more movies friday nights and staying up late so I can bust out some awesome uninterrupted craftiness.

Hope everyone else is having a great morning, night, whatever 😛

Love Always,


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