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New Toys for Mommy!!

28 Jun

When Brian gets spending money – he buys video games and DVDs, every chance we go out and Emma is amazingly sweet and patient we buy here a $1.00 toy, when I get spending money – I buy organization and functional things!! ❤

Check out what awesome finds I found for the kitchen at target:


Fun new canisters to hold my favorite things – sugar, rice, brown sugar, and powered sugar! ❤ Can you tell I love sugar? 😉 My favorite thing about these canisters is the little rubber pieces at the top. They squish out all the air when you close them and you know it’s sealed tight! Love Love Love!


Since we don’t have much counter space – I’ve never been the kind of person to buy something that blatantly takes up perfectly usable counter space but I couldn’t resist! This piece was so perfect and I LOVE fresh fruit. It’s been the one thing that’s kept me from snacking on chips and other horrible snacks. Now that it’s out and in my face, hopefully I’ll take advantage of it and it will be easier to pick fruits over junk 😉


My junk drawer needed me to buy this! We have so many darn utensils that we usually on a random basis. My usual utensils get lost in them and it becomes a frustrating time when I’m in the middle of cooking. So I bought this to pull out my most used pieces. My favorite thing about this piece? It swivels!! So I can just smack it around until I find what I want 😉 If only everything in life was that fun!

I can’t wait to go to Target with some more spending money. I’m thinking about all the fun organization pieces I can find for the living room and our bedroom!

Thanks for stopping by!
Love Always,


Daily Life: Hubby Time

24 Jul

Today I am spending the day shopping with my man. For someone who only shops at best buy and fast food restaurants this is going to be exciting!! Now that he works at a place without uniforms – or really a dress code at all – he wants to go buy some new jeans and t-shirts so we are going to head to Kohls. I am also going clothes shopping for E. Since all of her clothes are a size too small… and we got a TON of birthday money I’m going to go a little crazy 😉 Hopefully E can handle having a little bit of a late nap today because I have a feeling this is going to take a little longer than B thinks it is!

Here’s some pictures of E’s birthday celebration!!








We had a great time and E has been playing with her new toys all morning!! She also has a few new words to her vocabulary: Aunt K, Charlotte (which sounds perfectly clear!), ice cream, ding-dong (doorbell on her doll house), and stick it (thanks to Uncle J).

We are so lucky to have an amazing family 🙂

Love Always,


Daily Life: Gift Cards Please?

28 May

Hey everyone! After my past few days being like a rollercoaster I have finally hit inspiration mode! I’m not sure exactly what it is but I can’t stop coming up with brilliant ideas! Well, I hope they are brilliant 😀 Nothing else gets me more motivated than seeing something so thrifty and well made. My next project is going to include recycled gift cards. I have a few of these just lying around in miscellaneous places. I know one of them has like two bucks on it.. but the store is like an hour away and I rarely go! So if you live in Northern Virginia and are weird like me and actually have empty used gift cards send them to me!!

Let’s see how many I can get!

Totally off subject, has anyone been watching extreme couponing!? I dvr’d this show and watched two of them this morning before house shopping. As much as I would love to have a stockpile of food and get as much of it as possible for free I doubt I could ever actually do it. One of the things I noticed with these couponers is that they get packets and packets of the same coupons. Although I have an amazing mother in law who thankfully gives me her coupons I don’t think two packs would cut it. Nor do I have the time to cut a zillion coupons!! I am thinking about at least checking what my grocery store is putting on sale to see if there are coupons to make it free but instead of buying 100 things of toothpaste, I’ll stick to two 😉 Another thing to notice about this show is that they never buy staples like bread, milk, and perishable items. Only one girl so far actually bought stockpiles of frozen foods. She might have been one of my favorites because I just stockpiled my freezer with fruits and veggies. But keep in mind I bought one bag of each from Sam’s and they’ll probably last me 6 months 😀 So when I say stockpile I mean two bags. Haha. Who knows maybe instead of saving thousands of dollars, I’ll just save a hundred or so.

Also completely random: I am crocheting a “sailor” striped inspired scarf. I’m not exactly sure if they are that much in style, but I love them. I’m also going to try to put pockets on them. I saw this scarf that had pockets on the ends so you could put your hands or maybe a cell phone in it. Super cute so lets see if I can pull it off 😉

Lot’s to do! I’ll be busy tomorrow.

Love Always,




Deceptively Accomplished

20 Jan

Wow. I can’t believe I actually got it all done! Today was my grocery store run and start of deceptively delicious trial and let me just say I am exhausted!! I spent less than I thought I was going to (Thank Goodness!) and it took me about 2-3 hours to get everything ready to try out these new meals! If this becomes a habit I think it’ll take me about an hour like Jessica says, but since I am new to everything it took a little longer, and I had a little “help” to keep me distracted 🙂

Mommy’s little helper

I hid the puree’s in the back bottom shelf so B wouldn’t see them 🙂

Our seriously stocked refrigerator!

And super stocked cabinet!!

I am really tempted to see if we can live off all this food and NOT have to go to the grocery store for four weeks (except for milk I can only get away with two weeks on that one). That would be AWESOME!!!

Tonight I am making chicken cacchetori, which is not on the deceptively delicious list and I won’t be deceiving anyone. It’s just really easy to make and after a long day of cutting, steaming, baking, and blending, easy sounds fantastic.

I also plan to do Absolutely Nothing else except for crocheting (and playing with E) if I can get away with it. T’s blanket is getting pretty far! I am halfway through the fourth skane and originally didn’t think I would make it to the fifth by the end of the month! Looks like I will be making it after all 😉

Getting excited about the bottom part of the blanket. That’s where the fun is going to come in 🙂

Love Always,


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