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Fresh Style: The Holiday Issue – Magazine Review

4 Sep

This magazine grabbed my attention for multiple reasons. 20 DIY gifts under $20 dollars -HECK YES. Easy decor – Yes Please. Quick Projects – WIN! I love all of those things 😉

When it comes to gift giving for my family I love to go out and buy things that they really want (with a budget in mind) and then on top of that I like to make something that’s more personal as well as budget friendly. Whether it’s an ornament, home decor, or just something fun I couldn’t resist – it makes Christmas over here a lot easier to handle. When you have a large family like mine it’s even more difficult to give a lot of gifts when there’s just way to many people to buy for!

So when I saw this magazine, I instantly picked it up, didn’t look at the price, and trucked it to the check out counter! You can never have too many cute, small, budget friendly gift ideas!

After one quick flip my heart was already racing and ready to go. They have enough choice options to make sure there would be something for everyone in here. From buttons, to books, to personalized pieces; this magazine really makes you feel like you could be a gift giving queen! Another plus? If you don’t feel like making these things – you can easily purchase them from their directory in the back.

Not sure where to pick up all the pieces for these crafts? Oh they got you covered there too! Under Resources for Readers in the back they list where they got what pieces and how much certain things cost (decorative things). Talk about getting your homework done for you? Right!?

Now I didn’t forget – the how to’s, pictures, and descriptions. Icing on the cake people. Their pictures are fantastic – for those who see instructions better through pictures; they give you a taste here and there so you aren’t lost. Their descriptions are easy to read and not so long-winded to keep the attention of those easily distracted people like me 😉 Lastly: How to’s! If the descriptions don’t give you enough details in the back they have Step by Step instructions. Ahh what a life. This magazine beats anything I’ve ever seen so far and I am so in love with it that I’m not willing to let it go!

Since Fresh Style only comes out once a year they don’t do subscriptions but since it’s only $7.99 a magazine – it’s totally worth it. I’m adding this magazine to my yearly inspiration 🙂

  • 5 points for ideas & inspiration
  • 5 points for easy how to and guide steps
  • 5 points for exciting pictures & fun reads
  • 2 points for the amount of issues
  • 5 points for price (7.99 for one issue)

Four out five stars for this one!

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Baby Basket Complete :)

9 Aug

All that hard work on the baby boy basket and it’s finally finished and ready for little Max to enjoy:


Inside this basket is a crocheted baby blanket, four burp cloths, an activity blanket, and a set of three personalized frames! Baby gift sets are just so cute. I hope the happy new parents enjoy their gift set – Congrats!!

Also if you follow my Daydreaming Gifts facebook page you probably saw the status that said I have enough yarn color choices to match my mood and I picked Pink & Gray/Silver:

I finished it! It took me about two days to do it and I’m so loving how it turned out 😀

What do you think?

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Saturday’s Special Guest!

24 Dec

Saturday’s Special Guest Presents: 



It has been a year now since I started teaching myself how to sew… and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I learned of Etsy from a friend and that inspired me to find new ways to reach out and get my creations discovered. I made a fan page on Facebook, and created a twitter account, and finally started a blog this year in late June- which I enjoy the most! I try not to make it all about my shop, but a fun and friendly site that also helps other Etsy shops get discovered. I have a schedule; Fun Mondays, Chatty Tuesdays, Crafts At Home (Wednesday), Giveaways (Thursday), and Picture This (Friday).
I have always found it relaxing to be creative with my hands- the kind of person who buys used furniture to take home, to paint and fix up, or spend an afternoon baking and decorating baked goods. I love to rotate what I do also so that I never feel like I am stuck or burnt out.
I can recall some memories growing up where I would be creative – such as making a catalog while in elementary school of items I owned for my brother, just incase he wanted to buy something 🙂 and even in highschool- there was an assignment of writing a short story… I bought large poster board sheets for each page, creating bright colorful pages with my story written out, I even recruited friends to help record a tape of the reading- along with sound effects to turn the page.
Any chance I see of being hands on creative, I will go for it. After becoming a mother I found many opportunities to learn new ways to be creative. When I see smiles and hear laughter, all it can do is make me wonder… “What else can I make?”
Thanks for stopping by!
Love Always,

Crafts: Soaking Up The Sun

8 May

The weather today was perfect! I grabbed all my crafts, set up outside, and got to work! I started out making report cards for the week because those are more of a need than anything else. I used the stuff that my mother-in-law gave me and did a little repurposing. I used the cards she had and cut the front off, then I cut the inside of the card up and made the area for the name & date and writing area for the daily activities. I didn’t do anything fancy with them besides the flowers and beads because I thought the cards were busy enough as they were. Check um out!

I was trying to get two frames today but so far I have only finished one. I got the blue background for the second one finished but I still have to pain the whales on it so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it later tonight so you can see it. I did get done one though! Let me know what you think..

Then B got a few good pictures of me and I took a picture of my favorite baby girl

She’s wearing the outfit Nana bought for her this past week 😀 She always picks the cutest outfits!

So I guess you could say it was the perfect Mother’s Day. B cleaned the entire house while we were at church, he’s been doing all the laundry, he’s making me dinner, and he’s been a super big hand with E today so that I could do crafts.

Hopefully when Father’s Day comes I can do the same for him.

Love Always,


Picture This :)

27 Nov

Why waste 20-30 bucks on a frame when you can make one that’s exactly your style for less than $5.00? This is an awesome easy project and perfect for gifts!

Materials: Unfinished frame, Box (or Box Top), Adhesive Spray, Wrapping paper of your choice, Ribbon of your choice, Bead (Optional), Pin, Tacky Glue, Double-Sided Tape, X-acto Knife, and Mat Board.

This was so simple and I finished it in no time! I cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit the frame, sprayed adhesive onto the frame and laid the frame on the wrapping paper (face down). Set a book on it and waited for five minutes (perfect time to make a bow if you want one). When it was dry I used the X-acto knife to cut around the edges and the middle section of the frame and it was complete!

The bows took a little more time. Cut pieces of ribbon to your size liking and put them together in a bow shape. The pink one I used double-sided sticky tape and it turned out cute but I wasn’t too thrilled that I could see little pieces of tape so I tried the tacky glue and put a pin through the middle and a bead to make it pretty. I like the way the white bow turned out but I still love the color of the pink one 🙂

This was a fun and really simple project. Hope you all enjoy 🙂

Love Always,


Wrapping it Up ;)

25 Nov

Aren’t those block letters you find at craft stores just addicting!? I also want to go in and buy initials or someones name (especially mine) to decorate just for fun! Well my Mom and Dad bought me E’s letters and I found this piece of wood lying around the house that wasn’t being used for anything and I got a brilliant idea! Wrapping paper so easy to use for decorating things like picture frames, wood letters, really anything!

What you need:

I originally used Elmer’s glue (wet) for this and it made the wrapping paper bubble up so I ripped it off and used the adhesive spray instead. It works SO MUCH BETTER!

A box to put whatever you spraying adhesive on into so you don’t get glue everywhere!

Wrapping paper of your choice


X-acto knife comes in handy here! (and a rubber mat if you are using a knife)

How to:

Cut the wrapping paper so that there are leftover edges along the letter.

Spray adhesive to the wooden letter.

Lay the wooden letter adhesive side down on top of the wrapping paper and place a heavy object on it to keep it firm and to push it down.

Let it dry for 3-5 minutes.

Take the heavy object off and use the scissors to cut along the letter but not too close that it’s hard to x-acto later.

Take the x-acto knife and with the wooden letter facing upside down so that the paper is on top of the mat, use the knife to drag across the edges of the wooden letter. Flip over and if there are any places that were too tight to get into or didn’t cut all the way carefully use the knife to edge across it and take off the extra paper. Tada!!! All done!

Of course I did the other letters of the name but you all know her as E so this is the finished product for you 😉

Have fun!!

Love Always,


New Shoes!!

12 Nov

Oooh what a wonderful day!! New shoes, new pajamas, Christmas cards, crocheted sweatshirt, and more! This morning started out a little slow with me not moving so well after a late night with E. Someone tummy was not very happy! But once nap time came it’s like I got a splurge of energy. I drank some nice hot chocolate to warm me up and after that I went to town! Here’s a little of what I did today 🙂

I got done 20 Christmas cards in about an hour 🙂 I was going a little stamp crazy but they turned out great!!! I still have a few things I think I am going to add to each one but I’ve decided to at least get the basic part of the card done first so I don’t ahead of myself 😉 I’ll update you when I get further along 🙂

After lunch I took a break and worked on E’s sweater and I have to say I am pretty dang proud of how much I have accomplished so far and have a feeling that getting this next arm done isn’t going to take long because I am so excited to get started one the middle. For a while there I wasn’t feeling to great about it and I was wondering if I was ever going to get around to working on it again. Some projects I have learned you just need to put down for a little while and come back to and others you just need to put down forever. It’s not fun to do something that just stresses you out or something you aren’t really enjoying.

Of course that’s not all I have 🙂 Today I got two exciting things in the mail. We’ll start with the first! E’s NEW SHOES! My mother-in-law knows how much I have been struggling to find E shoes lately so she did a little research and found some AWESOME ones and then ordered them for me. Check them out!

E seems to absolutely love them and I do too!!! On top of that my great Aunt sent E some cute pj’s:

She has great taste! And I absolutely LOVE getting things in the mail, even if I am expecting them it is so much fun to open things! It’s like presents on Christmas morning, the excitement rocks!

So that’s about all I have accomplished today. I still have laundry and dinner on my list but after that I am curling up for some reading time while B plays his new video game. It’s going to be a nice relaxing night .. as long as E sleeps 😛

Love Always,


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