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Daily Life: Crafting or Chopping?

5 May

Yes I was supposed to craft today, but instead I chopped off all my hair!! So I went from this:

to this!

Daily Life: Chopping It Off!

2 May

It’s official. Goodbye long gorgeous long hair! I’ve been wanting to do something bold and completely different for quite some time now. I’ve also doubted myself a zillion times wondering if I could pull it off. With my serious baby face I also second guess what I do with my hair. Hair and make-up can either really help or really hurt me. I either look really really really young or just young… annoying now but I know, I know, I’ll appreciate it later.. Everyone keeps telling me that but I want to love it now!! So now I am taking on giant leap of faith and chopping off all my hair!

I have had my hair the same length since junior year of highschool (yes seven years!!)

and now it looks like this:

That is the product of having a child and never wearing your hair down .. ever. Yeah um wayyy to loong!! I never do my  hair in the morning because I don’t feel like taking an hour every morning to work on this ridiculousness amount of hair. We’ll I won’t have to for much longer. I’m doing this:

BAM! Bold, hott, easy, fresh!! I’ve never had the guts to see if I could actually pull it off but I am going to do it, with a little more clothes on of course 😉 Ever since this series of America’s Next Top Model has come on and Brittani got this hair cut I have been daydreaming of what it would look like on me. Of course she has gorgeous bright blue/green eyes to stand out behind all that bold hair and mine are poop brown, but somehow, I plan to make it work!

I think it’ll look cute and classy on the days I dress down.

Super hott and fashion forward when I want to bump it up a notch and actually wear something cute 😉

Or just super sexy in general 😀

Crossing my fingers this works on me because I am in need of a quick easy new look.

Wish me luck!

Love Always,


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