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Daily Life: Sunshine I need you in my life!

16 Mar

For the past few days I haven’t been feeling my best. I think this up and down in weather is really giving my sinuses a ride! Other than that I have been up to the usual! Watching three little girls grow, being crafty, and  planning (wish listing) what I want for the patio. Friday my dad is going to be power washing it for me and then we are going to Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Babies R Us to see who has the best prices for miniature fences for kids 😛 That’s right we are putting up a little fence around the patio so E doesn’t go running like wild and disappear 😉 I am also taking a look at a few outside fun things to do like this outdoor table that has a side for water and a side for sand! Super fun!!

As for crafting, I have slowly but surely made every scarf longer except I am still working on one, then it’s back to making new colors. I ordered silver, cream, light brown, dark brown, light purple, dark purple, and a light pink. After I do solids with short rows I am going to take a friend’s advice and do long row solids, then mix up the colors 🙂 I am super excited! By the end of this month I should have one of every color completed! If I can do that every two months I’ll have around 130 scarfs made in my year goal 😀 Holy Cow! That’s a tun of scarfs!!

Tomorrow is my every other Thursday running errands day. I’ll be at the grocery store for most of the morning then I am going to Hancock Fabrics to pick up a few things of yarn. I found this really awesome website that I can order yarn for super cheap so when I only need one or two I am just going to Hancock Fabrics but when I get 10 or more, heck yes I am ordering from www.knitting-warehouse.com those prices are just too great to beat!

I also finished reading Pretty Little Liars #2! Lets just say with being sick I literally didn’t want to do anything at all. So reading, napping, and crocheting where pretty much all I did 😉 I’ll be putting up a book review about that later.

Love Always,


Good Morning Sunshine!

6 Dec


This morning as been pretty good! I think E got used to sleeping in this weekend because she is still asleep!! It’s 8:30 and I have been up for thirty minutes planning my day, started a load of laundry, searched around for the cheap chicken recipe but no luck .. and now on email, facebook, and wordpress! Another mom commented on my blog not too long ago saying that she gets up earlier then her litte one so she can have some “me” time and get prepared for the day. I completely understand why! This feels great to be up and have already accomplished a few things before someone needs me!
Also on my list to do today is I think I am going to make a wishlist at JoAnns, Michaels, Ben Franklins, Hancock Fabrics, AC Moore, Home Goods, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Khols. Then when I have save enough money I’ll know exactly what I want to get! Or I can just hang on to it until I find something better 🙂 The Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target and Khols are going to me more for me and not really craft stuff but that way I don’t forget what I want or projects I want to do, I can put it in order of importance and change it around as much as I want, and less time meandering around the store and more time getting more crafts done! Another plan is to save up enough money so that I can just order everything and once you spend a certain amount you get free shipping! YAY no going out in the cold!!
Today should be a fun and interesting day! I have lunch planned to make it easy and breezy. We’ll see if E eats it or not 😉 Lately she has been just way too busy having fun to eat. Then realizes she’s hungry and I’ve already cleaned it up and then we are stuck with snack foods or reheated meals. At least they are healthy snack foods!
B helped me with laundry yesterday. Isn’t that sweet!? I had put one load in the washer and one in the dryer, then folded the stuff in the dryer and put it away and moved his stuff into the dryer, then made dinner and he helped. Matched and put away socks that I had been avoiding 😛 and then cleaned up dinner, and while I was cleaning he went upstairs and I assumed it was either for eclairs or reese’s cups and I was right but he also folded laundry and brought it down for me! 🙂 I can’t remember what else he did but he did something and it made me smile. Something helpful that I didn’t ask him to do. I am glad I am noticing that stuff more because I am sure all the praise is overdue!
Wow I have been rambling all morning long! I feel so productive this morning and I have no idea why. Partially because I woke up before Emma so I feel like I get some me time and I made a list that’s exciting and gosh if all goes well with E today I will get a lot of stuff done!
So lately I have been trying to limit my computer time so I don’t sit around all day on the computer and get nothing accomplished! Although I will be making wishlists so I might be on the computer half of the day, I feel like it’s really working! I put the computer down and it’s only an hour later and I get up and do something rather then playing around reading, relaxing, shopping (window shopping), and looking at the time and going oh my gosh! It’s lunch time!! Where did my morning go!??? It’s really not a great feeling, and I have managed to cease it for now.
Well I’ll stop rambling, you probably have better things to do with your time 😉
Should be posting some more crafts later tonight if today goes as planned!
Love Always,

Black Friday & Why This Winter ROCKS

26 Nov

This year was the first year EVER that I have gone shopping on black friday! I usually avoid taking a step outside of my door just because the craziest of crazies come out on black friday .. or so I was told! But if you are a crafter then black friday is for you! Living near Washington D.C. we have a lovely thing called traffic and too many people living in one area but luckily because I went to Michael’s, Hancock Fabrics, and JoAnn‘s the lines weren’t long, the shelves were still stocked, doorbusters still available at 11:00, and everyone was in a pleasant mood! I saved a ton, parked near the front doors, and got amazing customer service! Even the other people shopping were nice!? Crazy huh!? I think this is going to be the beginning of my new black friday tradition – crazy craft shopping! I will be saving up until next year starting immediately 🙂  I managed to score a 200 dollar cricut cutter for only 60 bucks and reluctantly am going to have to wait until Christmas morning to play with it.. but once I do you better bet your bottom dollar I will have crafts out the wazoo! I also got some other awesome deals and fun things to keep me entertained for the next week or so that will also eventually show up on this blog 😉

It seems like lately I have had plenty of opportune times to do some serious crafting. Maybe it’s because that time management or lack there of read really got to me. If you have no idea what I am talking about see this https://underestimatedmom.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/i-am-a-blogaholic/. It’s sad but true! And since then I have managed to accomplish more than what I thought was possible and still have time to spend with my daughter and my husband. I have also been cooking a lot more which came as a total shock to me because I am not that great at it! Seems like the practice is working out though because everyone loved my chocolate caramel almond bars and my mother-in-laws cheesy potatoes! Yum Yum! 

I feel pretty lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom, do the occasional craft shopping, find the luxury of time to craft, and still enjoy the moments I have with the people I love the most .. and of course blog about it 😛 I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing man. Which brings me to my favorite things about this year:

1) This is the first year EVER since I was a baby that I don’t have to go to school or go to work in the winter! YAYYYYYYYYY!!

2) I don’t even have to step foot outside the house if I don’t want to this year! (Thank you online shopping)

3) I don’t have to get dressed up in uncomfy clothes! Bumming it all winter yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!

4) I get to snuggle up in nice warm fuzzy blankets 😀

5) HOT CHOCOLATE!! I think this will be a daily drink for me. yuuuMMmmmm.

6) If I want to go outside we have a covered porch so I can let E go play while I snuggle undercover 😛

 7) The house seems to stay so much cleaner in the winter! I don’t know why but it seriously does!

8) This is the one time I actually enjoy doing the laundry .. putting on fresh warm clothes from the dryer = awesome!

9) Being cold gives me all the more reason to snuggle with B. I am sucker for cuddling!

and last but not least!

10) Having the laptop on my legs is my favorite little heater 🙂

Love Always,


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