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Dreams Do Come True!

3 Feb

So I had this crazy dream last night and it’s been on my mind so I decided to share it with everyone before I forget it 🙂

I was getting ready for my 25 year highschool reunion (which I don’t plan on going to) and I put on a super hott summer dress with some awesome dressy sandals that looked like they came from a fashion show! E is now 20 years old and spending the weekend with a friend back home and we have a second child, a boy, who is 14 and staying with my parents. B is looking better than ever and his smile is reassuring me that I picked the perfect dress. We meet up with T (my bestie) for a quick bite to eat before we head to the school. When we get there almost everyone from our graduating class is there and it’s crazy how different we all are. Everyone is catching up and a group of my old friends are each telling their life stories, marriage, kids, work, where they are living, the usual. Someone asks me how I have been and what I have been doing and I tell them that I own a few companies but really all I am stay at home mom a majority of the day. They ask me what companies and I reply TT (I’m obviously not giving the store names in-case this comes true!) UC2 and a few smaller companies. I guess I wasn’t surprised when they looked shocked, everyone knew in high school that I never really made plans to make it big, that I just wanted to be a mom. Funny how things change 🙂

I move on and someone else comes up to me and says, “Hey J! I saw your name in the paper the other day, about writing a huge check to A’s little company to go world-wide!! That’s so cool!” I say yes and shake it off. I didn’t realize that it was going to be all over the papers.. I just wanted to do it for A. She’s always been there for all of my craft needs and I thought making her store global would be life-changing for her. I mean, it’s not like I really needed the money!

T’s hubby asks B how ESPN is going and one of our high schools football stars over hears and says, “Oh did you see that last report on ESPN about budget cuts!?” and B replies like it’s nothing, “I wrote that article.”

T comments again on how much she hates me because I am so tan. I tell her next time she shouldn’t skip out on a free cruise to Cancun!

Gosh can you believe it!!!? I own my own stores, gave the friend who has inspired me to use my craftiness a check for her own store to go global AND I am going on cruises like it’s no big deal!

Ahhh what a life.

Guess I need to get back to work so I can make that dream come true huh!?

Love Always,


Football Crazy?

4 Nov

Tonight B and I have been swapping channels between two shows. The Virginia Tech football game (yes we are Hokie fans) and Top 100 NFL’s Greatest Players. I was never a huge fan of football. I was a cheerleader when I was too little to know what I was really doing 😉 and then I was taking pictures for the school newspaper at the games in high school. The most that I knew about football was all the football players at our school were complete jerks and that super bowl always ended up on or really close to my birthday. Sometime in highschool when the Super Bowl Party at Seaford Baptist Church became a huge hit is when I started actually paying attention. There would be hundreds of people gathered in a huge gym on a seriously large projector screen and the kitchen filled with snacks and drinks no one could ever seem to finish off. It was a bring your own chair and that was seriously my favorite part of it. Just imagine hundreds of different people with hundreds of different kinds of chairs (people even brought lazy-boys and couches) and blankets and galore. I would get my group of high school friends together and we would go eat, giggle, watch the commercials, and laugh at the guys who stood up and screamed defeat or praise during the game! I think to be exact it was my sophomore or junior year that I fell in love with Troy Polamalu. Something about the way he did somersaults in the air and came out of no where with all those interceptions that caught my attention. My jaw dropped and I was completely astonished at the way this man moved. I guess I was so used to guys running back and for catching, throwing, tackling, falling, and the random touchdown that when I saw Polamalu move through the air I was hooked. I didn’t know what he was doing, how he did it, or really much of the purpose but he got me interested.

I have slowly throughout the years been taught and picked up on things here and there and I know the basics (not all of them but most of them) and each year I am asking B twenty-one more questions and getting better but my love for Polamalu will never change. B bought me a Polamalu jersey which is a huge surprise because he is a die-hard Redskins fan and that I must say is Love. So as I sit here and watch the list of Top 100 football players and I only know a handful mostly the ones that have played the past few years and Joe Montana because my Aunt was obsessed with him 🙂 I love her.

So all of you die-hard football lovers can mock me and make fun of me all you want for being completely clueless but I am standing true to my man. I LOVE YOU TROY! Go Steelers 😉

Love Always,


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