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Thoughtful Thursday: Stepping up My Game!

23 Feb

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday! If you read my last thursday post you know that I am trying to do things in order to make my environment, and life more organized so that I can focus on things like my business!

Here are a brief reminder of the tips I talked about:

1. Create an easy work environment

2. Get all the daily chores done in the first few hours of the day

3. Use time wisely

4. Keep motivation up

5. Put yourself first

6. Keep track of your progress more than your to-do list

7. Take care of you

Now here’s the part where I talk about what I’ve done this week to improve on these steps!

Starting with number one: Create an easy work environment -I wanted to create a better work environment for my business. Since I work part-time as a child care provider, take care of my daughter all day, and sell handmade gifts as my job – sometimes its hard to put all those things in one room without freaking out! So I cleaned out my storage area and created a good temporary working space. I can open the doors during nap time, everything is easily accessible and ready for work. The things that aren’t great to be left out around children (ironing board, packing materials, paperwork in piles) I leave in my new area so all I have to do is close the doors and I am now child friendly again! This took pretty much most of my week to get organized and I haven’t had much time to use it yet but trust me – I will!!

Number two: Get all the daily chores done in the first few hours of the day – It seemed like by the time I got my chores all done it was lunch time, then nap time/work time, then dinner time. Where was the down time for me? Now that I’ve gotten in a better routine of getting things done I am finished my chores by 9 am! That gives me almost 2 hours to relax, reorganize my day, and spend quality time with my little girl.

Number three: Use time Wisely – Thanks to number three – I have more time!! Which makes it easier to use it wisely because I have that extra time to relax.

Number four: Keep motivation up – this is an awesome trick I’ve figured out. I get up, get ready, get Emma ready, eat breakfast then immediately turn on Pandora on my cell phone and put it in my pocket. My ear buds are free so I can still talk to Emma, the music travels with me so I don’t have to turn it up just to hear it on the other side of the house, it’s lightweight and fits in my back pocket so I don’t even feel it. Good mood follows me wherever I go!

Number five: Put yourself first – something I am HORRIBLE at! I’ve been trying to say no and concentrate on things I need to get done before others but this will be a learning in progress. I’m getting a little better at it but I still am easily distracted with helping everyone else!

Number six: Keep track of your progress rather than your to-do list! This is something I’ve been really great about. After I finish for the day I list of all the things I accomplished to my husband. Then when we are lying in bed I tell him everything I want to do for the next day. I make sure not to put more than three things on my list since I only have about 2 hours to get things done – no need to overwhelm myself!

Number seven: Take care of you – another thing I fail at miserably. Although I have been going to bed earlier, which makes me wake up earlier, which makes me get all my chores done earlier – leaving me with more time during the day. It’s amazing what a little shut-eye will do 😉

Have you been using any of these methods throughout your week? How are they helping you?

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


My listless week!

11 Jan

So if you’ve read this blog at all – you know I am a list queen/addict! I make lists upon lists and hardly ever finish one completely! This week, along with my new anti-mom jean week, I’ve decided to anti-list it too!

Of course I started out with a list of things I wanted to do 😉 haha! Goals for this week: Dance my butt off, get dressed up for no reason, listen to music all day, sing in the shower, enjoy some down time, be crafty (duh), smile!

The difference is that I didn’t pick specific days or really any chores at all! So far I have successfully completed five things! I’ve also done more chores and relaxing than I have in the past few months! So I’ve come to realize that when I make myself a list of things to do I spend 95% of the day just stressing about it 😛

Yesterday was the day I got dressed up for no reason and even though it included a t-shirt I’d say it was pretty fashionable compared to my usually baggy t-shirts & sweatshirts! Emma and I even had a fun photoshoot:











We went out to lunch just the two of us and had a blast! After lunch we took a stroll through the shopping center and back just in time for nap time! I did my best to spend that entire day without a schedule and just enjoy the day and I’d have to say it was a complete success!

Today has been an uneventful day! Just the way I like it! I decided to take the day off from chores (except for the dishwasher) and spent the entire day playing with the girls. Now that it’s nap time I’ve been sitting on the computer thinking how wonderful it has been to not be stressed out – then my phone beeped five times within 15 minutes. It’s ridiculous how many emails I get in one day and half of them are from websites that by signing up for them – I automatically get an email everyday. So to move on with my de-stressing I decided to de-clutter. I spent the past half hour unsubscribing to all these things that I spend opening and closing on a daily basis just so my phone won’t beep at me for no reason! Just getting that done has done amazing things to my mood!!

Now all I can think about is what else I can do that will prevent me from wasting time on a daily basis?

I’ll be back with some more ideas! 😉


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Love Always,



Lessons Learned

28 Oct


I was reading a blog today about time management and goals. Basically they stated that if your goals are that important to you then managing your time shouldn’t be that hard. This made me think about my daily routine and my goals and it made perfect sense. I don’t enjoy doing my daily chores because well lets see, I do them every day often multiple times a day (pick up toys, laundry, cook, clean kitchen) and then I don’t manage to have time for the things I WANT to do (read, blog, crafts, reviews, surfing the web). I try to get my list of daily chores done before I even consider my goals that I really want to do. Luckily I have an amazing husband who doesn’t care if the toys picked up or the house isn’t perfect as long as I am happy so I think I will be rearranging my daily chores and goals!

They made a valid point that the more that you get done in the morning within an hour or so makes the rest of your day that much easier to plan. As much as that really seems like an awesome idea I am not so much a morning person. By the time I get my “things” started its usually 11:00 and I am thinking about lunch. Then after lunch and cleaning that up it’s 2:00 and there goes my day! I think also having a schedule with a child is a lot more difficult than having a schedule with school or a job. Children kind of make their own schedules and you just work around it, or at least I do. Then I thought well it just makes sense to wake up before E so I can get an hour or so of things out of the way before she wakes up. Did I mention I am not a morning person? The earlier it is the slower I seem to get so waking up an hour early turns into me needing to wake up two hours earlier just to get an hours worth of stuff done. At that point I am a crabby mess who needs a nap along with baby in the afternoon 😛

So how exactly am I going to figure this schedule out? I let you know when I do! 🙂

Love Always,


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