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A How To: Burp Cloths

3 Sep

I’ve been making burp cloths almost as long as I have been blogging but I don’t think I’ve ever done a how to on it! The idea came from a family member who swore I could make them and wanted a few for a baby shower. Her confidence gave me a boost of energy so much so that I ran out to target that morning and bought a pack of diaper cloths to make pretty with fabric ❤

That’s where I started and this is what I ended up coming up with. Making my own burp cloths from scratch. It didn’t take long for me to get irritated with the fabric of diaper cloths as well as their unevenness! It drove me bonkers to the point where I said, “I can make these suckers myself – and better!!”

So here we have it. A How To for Burp Cloths made by me!


I start with two pieces of flannel fabric. One decorative and one plain for the back. I flip them so that the front of the fabric faces each other. Pin the long sides and sew a straight line down. Iron the edges and then flip it inside out!


Then I cut out the middle piece of the burp cloth as well as the batting to go in between. The little white piece in the middle is my tag that I made 🙂


Next, I measure and put the batting and top material down the middle section and pin! Then comes the hardest part. Fold in the top and bottom edges so that they are even, iron, and pin.


Sew along all the edges and make sure not to forget your tag if you are adding one!


Then there you have it! A burp cloth in the shape and thickness, (if not a little thicker) MUCH softer, with full coverage for those messy babies 😉

It takes me about an hour to make 2 burp cloths so they aren’t that easy to punch out a bunch of them, but now that I have my system down it definitely makes for a fun gift to give as well as pretty darn cute 😉

Daily Life: BNR Queens

7 Sep

It’s amazing how just a few other people doing the same thing as you can really change you entire perspective on life. It only took a few hours for me to fall in love with the women I have met through BNRing. Each one of us do completely different handmade crafts and yet we all have so much in common! Our goals are so similar it’s scary 😉

This week I’ve been working with some old BNR friends and some new ones and I can’t even explain how amazing it has been. Check out some of the amazing things they make below or come join us and chat in our BNR. You don’t have to buy anything or sell anything – we’d just love to have you stop by and say hi! http://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTE0MjQ0NTh8NjgzMzcxMjU2/open-bnr-daydreaming-gifts-part-3-round?page=25#comments

Orla Kiely Fabric Car Cushion / Pillow       Burp Cloths - Set of 3 Bright Fall Colors

Orla Kiely Fabric Car Cush…        Burp Cloths – Set of 3 Bri…

creativemumm…                            SweetSummerB…

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Chiffon Ruffle Bum Bloomers - Great PHOTO PROP - Other Colors Available SALE       Reversible Car Seat Strap Covers/ Padded Strap Protectors

$8.75 USD                                       $7.50 USD

 Roly Poly Glasses 60's Retro Vintage Light Blue Gold Barware Set of Three (3)        HIPPIE - wrapped fabric Bracelet --- turquoise, pink, brown --- 20.5 inches, 52 cm

Roly Poly Glasses 60’s…                  HIPPIE – wrapped fabric Br…

$14.55 USD                                       $9.75 USD

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Free Shipping Promo Code, Baby Shoes - Shwimmy Kids Floral on Periwinkle - Mary Jane         Reindeer T-Shirt

Free Shipping Promo Code, …        Reindeer T-Shirt

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Crocheted Hat with Detachable Bow      Autumn Harvest Earrings Earthy Terra Cotta, Green and Cream Yellow Square Czech Picasso

Crocheted Hat with Detacha…     Autumn Harvest Earrings Ea…

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Crochet Halloween  fall  Thanksgiving  Tissue box covers  Free shipping      Red Long Sleeve Shirt with Green Polka Dot Tie 12 mos

$10.00 USD                                   $12.00 USD

DDsDarlings                                   bumblebelle

Solar energy- Czech glass beads and silver plated wire earrings       Avon Collectible Plate 1982

Solar energy- Czech glass …         Avon Collectible Plate 198…

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Snap-A-Pod        Hawaiian Plumeria Bookmark

Snap-A-Pod                                     Hawaiian Plumeria Bookmark

lilcleo                                                 natashaaloha

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Crafts: BNR Round 2!

17 Aug

Same BNR different sales!! We got 5 sales, 638 views, 259 clicks, and 37 favorites! I am so proud 😀

Here’ whats up for sale now!

Bridget and Co Strawberry Ice  Ruffley Rufflettes     Flower Headband-  Hand Crocheted Made To Order- All sizes, several colors

Outer Space Name Sign (4 Letters) - Custom Hand Painted Wood Letters on a Personalized Wall Hanging for Nursery or Child's Bedroom     Owl on Branch   WALL DECAL

Elephant Picture Frame     Toy Leash, Sippy Cup Tether, Bottle Holder - Houndstooth in Black and White

Tag Ribbon Lovey, Bunnies Chicks, White Minky Dot     Circles/Diamonds Boy Baby/Toddler Bib and Burp Cloth Set

3 piece, Boutique style baby burp cloth / bib set. argyle,houndstooth, pink     Wood Play Blocks-Strawberry Kiwi-  READY TO SHIP

Boutique Style Infant Toddler Headband Set - Tiny Flower with elastic headband - YOU CHOOSE COLOR     Orla Kiely Multi Stem Print - 100% Cotton Fabric FQ - 50cm x 50cm

Let's Twirl Little Girls Curly Swirl Swing Skirt in Sizes 6 Months to Size 6     Handmade Zebra Infant Car Seat Cover

SALE Fruit Cup Baby Bib, Ann Kelle Metro Market     Snowball Fight for Boys- Cozy Fleece Fitted Sheets-  Fits Cribs & Toddler Beds

We’ve got some super cute stuff! If you want to check it out the link is here: Baby BNR

If you are unsure of what a BNR is? Here is my description from yesterday’s post:

“Today I am working on my first BNR with Etsy! It’s baby related items – which I love. I’ve never done a BNR before so I had some serious training to do ;) First of all a BNR is a treasury list on Etsy that you can buy from in order to be featured. It’s called Buy and Replace. Some people buy in order to get a spot on the treasury list and other people buy because they want the item and it’s just a bonus to be featured! The best part of a BNR is even if you don’t have a shop or want to be featured you can shop away! Most of the stores give away coupons like percentages off or free shipping for purchasing from a BNR so if you are just a buyer you luck out on an awesome deal that you wouldn’t get just being a regular buyer from the store!”

So stop by and show us some love!

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Crafts: My first BNR!

16 Aug
Today I am working on my first BNR! It’s baby related items – which I love. I’ve never done a BNR before so I had some serious training to do 😉 First of all a BNR is a treasury list on Etsy that you can buy from in order to be featured. It’s called Buy and Replace. Some people buy in order to get a spot on the treasury list and other people buy because they want the item and it’s just a bonus to be featured!
If you’d like to check out the feature go here : Baby BNR
Here is my first BNR Treasury:
Mini Tuxedo Bow clippies (Create your own-Set of 12)     Bridget and Co Wildberry 8y 10y

Zoo Animal Name Sign (5 Letters) - Custom Hand Painted Wood Letters on a Personalized Wall Hanging for Nursery or Child's Bedroom     Owl hat - crochet- boy colors- made to order

Felt Flower Headband Violet Pink Gray     Sippy Cup Leash, Toy Strap, Bottle Holder - Hot Pink and Black Paisley Print

Minky Plush Dinosaur Toy - Blue and Brown     ELEPHANTS Childrens  Vinyl WALL DECAL Art Children Boy Girl Kids Nursery Sticker Room Decor Elephant Zoo

Burp Cloth - Stencil Me Pink & Green     Wood Baby Blocks/Nursery Decor Pink Lemonade

Baby burp cloth and bib set. purple, pink, turquiose flowers. 3 piece Boutique style baby shower gift.     Infant Car Seat Cover Blue and Brown

Ribbon Lovey - Urban Zoologie - Owls Pink     Nursery Print "It's going to be alright", customized Bird art (Lily)

Feed Me in the Cafe Baby Bib, Robert Kaufman Metro Living     Pack-N-Play Sheet/ Blanket Set- Fleece Bedding Set for Babies- Roar...Zoo Animals Print

Isn’t all of this stuff adorable!!?

The best part of a BNR is even if you don’t have a shop or want to be featured you can shop away! Most of the stores give away coupons like percentages off or free shipping for purchasing from a BNR so if you are just a buyer you luck out on an awesome deal that you wouldn’t get just being a regular buyer from the store!

I love promoting other shops .. and this might be my new addiction!!

If you haven’t already checked out the feature go here : Baby BNR  You can check out all the sellers, set up a profile and buy something, or just chat with us while we cross our fingers for sales!! We’d love the entertainment!! Or if your feeling super nice you can share the link on your blog, facebook, or twitter!! We need all the marketing we can get 😉


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Daily Life: Family Time

11 Jul

Today we had family come in that we haven’t seen in ages!! The best part of all? They have a little girl that’s a little under E’s age. Seeing them play together tonight was unbelievably cute and of course comparing stories and tips with another mom is super fun. Especially when that mom is exactly like me!! We have so much in common that it wasn’t hard to keep the conversation going 😉

I’m one of those relaxed/carefree mom’s who doesn’t care if my daughter’s hair is a little messy, or that she eats with her hands and she likes it! I believe in the 5 second rule because a little dirt doesn’t hurt! As long as E is happy and not putting herself in danger – I’m happy. If you are having a heart attack reading this .. you should probably stop reading because I’m about to say something most people would scream about. My daughter still takes a bottle and she’ll be two in two weeks. Now don’t get me wrong! I have tried on multiple occasions in a zillion different ways but this kid is NOT ready. Should I force her to be ready? No! Am I going to keep trying different methods until one works? Yes!! Am I going to go cold turkey? NOO! She’ll quit when she’s ready and I’ll keep trying until then.  My parents joke that once she hits peer pressure she’ll quit 😉 That always makes me giggle.

But don’t you just love those rare moments? Maybe it’s just rare for me but sometimes I feel like most mom’s around me don’t quite get me, or they don’t even want to. It may just be my anxiety that throws my head through the loops but it really does feel good when you have another mom to share things with who isn’t going to judge you for what you say. Heck, we spent the majority of the night laughing at what each other said!! That’s what I’ve always thought it was supposed to be like! Sure we do a few things differently – but all in all – we just want our kids to be happy.

I read another blog about a mom who was discussing breast-feeding and how it changed her views on a few things about the mothers we surround ourself with and it really hit me. It is so important as a mom to feel like the decisions you  make as a parent are the right one, but just because another mom doesn’t do it your way or gives you grief about what you are doing – doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s just different. How come there aren’t a lot more mom’s out there like this? and if there are – where are you!!??? I need a few more mom’s like this in my life and thankfully I think my family has given me a great one to keep in touch with.

Thank Goodness for family!

Love Always,




Crafts: Baby Madness!

3 Jun

So I got a phone call from my cousin today and it looks like I am in business! I am going to be monogramming baby bibs, making burp clothes and monogramming them and possibly more!! This is super exciting 😀 I can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow to see what I can find for little baby girls. Who knows, I may stock up on some stuff and add a few listings on etsy!! This is one project I won’t have trouble getting into. Then on top of that I am going to be making a duvet cover for my sister. Well I’ll stick with saying I am going to attempt it! I’ve never made something like this before so I am going to have to do a little practicing but I’m excited to learn something new! Especially something that could potentially save people serious money! Inexpensive gorgeous crafts are my favorite.

So let’s get to it!! Hopefully I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow night of the progress 😀

Love Always,


Daily Life: Leaving It All Behind

25 Mar

For the readers who come on a regular basis, you may have a few questions for me. Like how come daily posts have become every other day. What happened to the 20 million photo’s and one liner’s about being a mom. You may be thinking that I am losing touch and giving up. Oh are you wrong 😉

After all that spring cleaning I did in the storage, I have gone through a rampage of “cleaning out” things all around the house. I’ve decided the shabby but workable is out the window. I’ve been upgrading baby!!! I think I have put more stuff in the thrift store, consignment store, and give away pile then I have EVER in my entire life – besides when I got pregnant and gave ALL my clothes to T 😛 She looks better in them anyway 😀

I probably could have jumped on the computer and written this 2 hours ago but I was zoning out. Today I thought I had the day off and was going to knock a million things on my list to do but if you know me by now I sometimes don’t hear everything right and well you guessed it.. It’s next week I have off Friday not this Friday. So little P came over and the poor thing was teething so bad she couldn’t stand it. No matter what I did the little girl was in tears. An hour later I finally got her to take a bottle, eat some oatmeal (which both were a challenge) and I sang her to sleep.

I can remember when E was teething.. it’s just something that every mother dreads. Not being able to soothe your baby or “fix” whatever is wrong is the most depressing feeling in the world next to not knowing what the heck is wrong with them!! It took me a day and half to figure out that E was teething and that day and a half was a full-blown panic attack for me. She was the easiest baby and all the sudden she was the unhappiest baby. Minor fever, didn’t want to eat anything, and the whining-sobbing-drueling mess. Oh and I will never forget those diapers.. you mom’s know exactly what I am talking about!!

At 12:30 I gave P baby Tylenol (by parents request) and she took another nap and woke up the happiest camper ever! We were giggling, tickling, singing, playing, smiling, cooing, and still drooling 😉 It felt good to know that she ate a good amount and had a good nap behind all that pain.

After that B and I put together the new kitchen table & chairs. It feels so great to actually own a table that I am not paranoid it’s going to fall apart on me any second!! (Same with the chairs). Now don’t get me wrong, I love hand-me downs. I love things that run in the family. I love thrifty things. It’s so nice to take something knowing it doesn’t matter what happens or what you do with it, that it’s all yours and if it breaks in the process. Oh well..

But it was so nice to actually pay a good price for something that will last us a while and something we don’t have to fix or change. We love it from the start! Not to mention I have twice the space to do crafty things 😀 hehe. The problem was getting B and I to agree on where it works best in our little home. Haha. I told my mom there was blood, sweat, and tears but there was only me being stubborn, him being stubborn, and me getting emotional (tears). After all that chaos we now have it where it will stay for QUITE some time. I do not plan on rearranging that thing unless I absolutely have to!

Along with all the chaos I didn’t exactly get .. well .. anything on my list done so I’ve been a little off my game today.

The good news? B and I are going with friends from his work to see a concert in Richmond tomorrow night. We are leaving E with my mom and dad and staying with my college BFF for the night! YAY a night off, a night vacation, seeing my BFF, and going to a concert all in one night! HOOORAYY! Then B and I are waking up and meeting my high school BFF in Williamsburg. I get to see BOTH of my best friends in a matter of TWO days! Lucky lucky me 😀 I have the best friends ever.

So tonight I am letting it all go, I’m setting my list aside, realizing that I have tons of time to get it done later, and going to leave it all behind me and enjoy this weekend. Sure it’ll be a little stressful when I get back but since the weather is still crummy it’s not like I’ll be cleaning this place out and missing out on warm sunny weather 😉 (Trying to look at the bright side!)

I hope my rambling leaves you satisfied. At least you know what I am up to.. or not up to 😀

Love Always,


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