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Shopping Shopping Shopping!

12 Oct

I’ve been shopping up a storm for the craft show coming up and I thought I’d share with you all the things I’ve bought this week!


I bought this jewelry holder at Bed Bath & Beyond for $15! I’ll be using these to hold the crocheted bracelets I make at the craft show.

We found these little easels at JoAnns for $1.99 so I picked up a few to display my frames on.

I bought a few more wreaths for my yarn wreaths! Since I have a little extra time I thought I’d make a few more. These are $4.99 at JoAnns.

These key chains and screw eyes are to make more cork key chains with. The key chains are $2.99 each at JoAnns and the screw eyes are $6.99 each at Home Depot.

If you remember from my post about my craft table set up – I said I was going to fix the hangers so that they were angled more forward. These little dots are going to keep the hangers at an angle so they’ll face forward instead of in a line. These were $3.99 at Target!

I also bought some Command Hooks. These are going to go on the lattice behind the second table to hang the book wreaths and extra frames.

Today I’m making an order for more yarn and trying to find fabric for a new tablecloth for my tables!

Phew – this girl has done too much shopping! But the good news is I am almost all set for the craft show 🙂 I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!

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Cork Key Chains

28 Sep

Lately I’ve been working on easy small crafts to take to my show. Now that I have all the big stuff ready, I wanted to make a couple different small and cheap knick knacky items. I know when I’m out at a craft show, I’m always looking for fun little knick knacks for stocking stuffers or just as a memory from the event.

I got the idea to make cork key chains from my sister’s wedding. She took all the wine corks she got from the winery (where she had her wedding) and made these cork key chains to give out to everyone that came as a little memory of the wedding and the winery. I love the idea and I also love that it’s quick and easy to make!

So what you’ll need are some corks, some key chain rings, and some screw eyes!

Screw in the screw eye to one side of the cork.

Attach the ring – and tada! You have a cork key chain 🙂

Having these at the show will give me a little more variety on prices and since they were so easy to do I knocked out 100 in on time! Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with all these left over corks 😉

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Love Always,


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