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Outdoor Fun!

29 Jun

It’s been such nice weather these past few days but with my workload on high I’ve had a hard time getting outside to play with Emma. Luckily we got some extra time and Lexi decided to join in on the fun!

photo 2

My little guard cat was keeping a watchful eye on Emma while she was making her masterpieces!

photo 1

She also got a little lounge time as well πŸ˜‰ We also got some time to play in the pool. Chalk and water a GREAT ways for some free entertainment. We already hadΒ the chalk this go round but I plan on attempting to make our own chalk at some point! #30makeitwork

photo 1

This girl loves her pool time, but she also loves her lounging time! As you can see she spent the entire time “watering” the deck since it’s soaked πŸ˜‰

photo 2

She told me her picnic table was too dirty and needed a wash so I pulled out some soap and a sponge and let her have a hay day with that!

photo 3

So proud of my little helper! Also proud of us for enjoying the things we already had instead of buying something new. Who says you can’t have fun with things you already have?


I See Sea Shells!

21 Jun

While we are at the beach for our vacation, Emma picked up a serious amount of seashells! She found some awesome ones that had little holes in them that were perfect to make a seashell necklace and we decided to do that for our craft this week that didn’t cost us anything since we had everything on hand!

photo 1


I laid out some newspaper (since they were still sandy!) and let her pick through which ones she thought had a good size hole to put through the string.

photo 2

The string kept unraveling so I used a little glue to keep it together to make it easier on her to thread through the holes.

photo 3

It didn’t take her long to get started and then she was on a roll!

photo 4

We sized it and knotted it and she now has a great memory peace from our trip!

photo (2)

Obviously we had a lot of left over seashells she we decided to put them in a vase we had to keep and I’m excited to have an extra home decor item to add to our beachy themed things!


And the trip begins!

18 May


We are so excited for a week at the beach and cousin Abi’s wedding! Let the trip begin!!

New Shoes!!

12 Nov

Oooh what a wonderful day!! New shoes, new pajamas, Christmas cards, crocheted sweatshirt, and more! This morning started out a little slow with me not moving so well after a late night with E. Someone tummy was not very happy! But once nap time came it’s like I got a splurge of energy. I drank some nice hot chocolate to warm me up and after that I went to town! Here’s a little of what I did today πŸ™‚

I got done 20 Christmas cards in about an hour πŸ™‚ I was going a little stamp crazy but they turned out great!!! I still have a few things I think I am going to add to each one but I’ve decided to at least get the basic part of the card done first so I don’t ahead of myself πŸ˜‰ I’ll update you when I get further along πŸ™‚

After lunch I took a break and worked on E’s sweater and I have to say I am pretty dang proud of how much I have accomplished so far and have a feeling that getting this next arm done isn’t going to take long because I am so excited to get started one the middle. For a while there I wasn’t feeling to great about it and I was wondering if I was ever going to get around to working on it again. Some projects I have learned you just need to put down for a little while and come back to and others you just need to put down forever. It’s not fun to do something that just stresses you out or something you aren’t really enjoying.

Of course that’s not all I have πŸ™‚ Today I got two exciting things in the mail. We’ll start with the first! E’s NEW SHOES! My mother-in-law knows how much I have been struggling to find E shoes lately so she did a little research and found some AWESOME ones and then ordered them for me. Check them out!

E seems to absolutely love them and I do too!!! On top of that my great Aunt sent E some cute pj’s:

She has great taste! And I absolutely LOVE getting things in the mail, even if I am expecting them it is so much fun to open things! It’s like presents on Christmas morning, the excitement rocks!

So that’s about all I have accomplished today. I still have laundry and dinner on my list but after that I am curling up for some reading time while B plays his new video game. It’s going to be a nice relaxing night .. as long as E sleeps πŸ˜›

Love Always,


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