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Trim up those Crazy Bangs!

9 May

Hello There!

Today I attempted to trim my crazy bangs. This isn’t the first time that I’ve tried to do it on my own but this was the most successful so I wanted to share a few tips that helped me out as well as a few of my errors that I will never do again!

I’ve been messing around with bangs for the past couple of months. I go from pushing them off to the side like this:

to straight let them hang down in my face!

It got to the point where they were poking me in the eyes and I just couldn’t take it anymore!! For those of you who have awesome hair salons like I do – trimming bangs is usually free as long as the person you go to has a few minutes to fit you in between their schedule. If you don’t have one of those salons and you live in Northern Virginia – you better email me now so I can give you my guy’s (Tim) number 😉

Unfortunately I live about an hour and a half away from my salon so driving there for a quick bang trim costs more in gas than it’s worth. Thankfully the last time I was there he gave me a few tips and I finally got enough guts to try again with his wonderful advice!

Now, before I start – you really need a great pair of scissors. My Mother-In-Law bought me shears like these:

  • You don’t need to spend a fortune on them as long as they are meant to cut hair. Just promise me you won’t cut anything else with them because that will ruin your shears and you can forget about trimming your bangs properly!
  • Make sure you have a well lit area and a good clean mirror to position yourself in front of.
  • Pull back the rest of your hair so it’s out of your way. Sometimes in between cuts I’ll let it down to see how it looks with my hair style but try not to cut with it down – it’s distracting and you don’t want to make a mistake!
  • Tim told me to cut with my scissors angled upward instead of trying to cut them straight across for a more natural look. It sounds weird and I even looked at him like he was a little crazy but boy is he right! You can totally tell the difference!
  • Cut little tiny bits at a time. Even if it takes a few different times to cut it. Smaller cuts lead to better results!
  • When you think your done, put the scissors down and play with it. Maybe restyle your hair, brush your teeth, enjoy the look for a little bit to make sure you like it and chances are you find a few pieces you missed that you’ll want to come back and fix!

When it’s all said and done the chances of you having a million little hairs all over your face are pretty high. Wiping them off is not as easy as it seems. I tried blow drying most of mine off and that didn’t work out so well either. My favorite thing to use are these suckers:

I already use these to wipe off my make up but the little hairs just stick right to it and magically don’t fall off! It’s also smooth and cleansing for you skin. I’m in love with these and their price!

When I first attempted to cut my hair I did it right after I got out of the shower while it was wet. I held my hair in between my fingers like they do at the salon and when hacking away eyeballing to see if they lined up. I ended up cutting my bangs way too short. Epic fail.

This time I went ahead and dried my hair right after I showered. Instead of using my fingers to hold my hair I just brushed out my bangs and held the scissors up to my bangs at a slight angle. I snipped the bottom edge of my hair in little clumps one at a time. I took my time to make sure that they lined up evenly and in some cuts I barely cut anything off because I was trying to be careful that I didn’t cut too much. I ended up cutting my bangs three times in order to get them to the height that I love the most.


They are still long but that’s the way I like them and since the bang trimming salon is in my house I can do it whenever it gets just a little too long instead of going somewhere where they cut it a little shorter than you’d like since they know you aren’t going to come back for another three months 😛

Now my bangs will stay a the same length and I’ll never have to worry about them being too short or too long. Thank goodness for figuring out how to trim my own bangs and thank goodness for my awesome salon guy for dishing me some good tips!

Let me know if you have any other good tips you use in the comments section!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Crafting or Chopping?

5 May

Yes I was supposed to craft today, but instead I chopped off all my hair!! So I went from this:

to this!

Daily Life: Chopping It Off!

2 May

It’s official. Goodbye long gorgeous long hair! I’ve been wanting to do something bold and completely different for quite some time now. I’ve also doubted myself a zillion times wondering if I could pull it off. With my serious baby face I also second guess what I do with my hair. Hair and make-up can either really help or really hurt me. I either look really really really young or just young… annoying now but I know, I know, I’ll appreciate it later.. Everyone keeps telling me that but I want to love it now!! So now I am taking on giant leap of faith and chopping off all my hair!

I have had my hair the same length since junior year of highschool (yes seven years!!)

and now it looks like this:

That is the product of having a child and never wearing your hair down .. ever. Yeah um wayyy to loong!! I never do my  hair in the morning because I don’t feel like taking an hour every morning to work on this ridiculousness amount of hair. We’ll I won’t have to for much longer. I’m doing this:

BAM! Bold, hott, easy, fresh!! I’ve never had the guts to see if I could actually pull it off but I am going to do it, with a little more clothes on of course 😉 Ever since this series of America’s Next Top Model has come on and Brittani got this hair cut I have been daydreaming of what it would look like on me. Of course she has gorgeous bright blue/green eyes to stand out behind all that bold hair and mine are poop brown, but somehow, I plan to make it work!

I think it’ll look cute and classy on the days I dress down.

Super hott and fashion forward when I want to bump it up a notch and actually wear something cute 😉

Or just super sexy in general 😀

Crossing my fingers this works on me because I am in need of a quick easy new look.

Wish me luck!

Love Always,


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