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Daily Life: Always Changing

8 Aug

Things have been changing around here lately! First off the big change is the look of my website 😀 It took me probably a half hour just to pick it all out 😉 Secondly I added a button for my blog (that you can copy and steal and put on your website) and a button for my etsy page! It’s on the bottom right hand side —> check it out!

The other change is probably more of a sad change. Now that I’ve got all the materials I need There aren’t going to be many “new” things to see. I am stocking up on inventory this month and next month for my first ever craft show so I’m making a lot of extra’s of what I have. Which ultimately means no new fun things for a little while. So to keep it from getting depressing around here I’ll be posting and adding pictures of what I am working on and hopefully throw in a few surprises in-between. I am also going to be posting about how I am planning and setting up for a craft show. Since this is my first one if anyone has any tips or tricks don’t hesitate to share!

On another note – I hit the highest views since I’ve made this blog yesterday! 220 views!!! That’s outrageous 😀 I love it. Hopefully you all stick around 😉

Love Always,


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