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Mini Meal: Egg Salad Sandwiches

30 Jul

Hey everyone! It’s my first Mini Meal post!! HIP HIP HOORAY! I plan to have many of these throughout my blog to hopefully compile a great list of ideas for everyone.

If you don’t remember or didn’t see the post that started Mini Meals please refer here: Mini Meals

For those of you who don’t feel like clicking the link I’ll give a brief description!

Mini meals came about when I was trying to find new things to make for Emma to see if she would eat/like them but I didn’t feel like making an entire meals worth! Especially if she didn’t like it (or I don’t like it either!!) so I decided I’d figure out how to make meals for one person (or just my mini me).

Today I am making Egg Salad Sandwiches for my little one!

006Since I’d be eating this one too I put in three eggs. If I had been making this for just Emma I would have only done one.

Fill a pot with water and add the egg(s) and let it come to a boil. Once it starts boiling set the timer for 12-15 minutes. While you are waiting for it to boil you can get the rest of it ready!:


Pull out vinegar, mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper and a little bowl for mixing it in.

009When it comes to egg salad it’s all about preference but I’ll go ahead and let you know I like mine a little sloppy (extra mixture) rather then clumpy (more egg than mixture). SO! For three eggs I put in a half a cap of vinegar, four-five squirts of mayo, three-four squirts of mustard, and a good shake of salt and pepper. Mix Mix Mix!


I like using toast and I like it to be a little toasted since my egg salad is sloppy 🙂 but for Emma I put her’s on a sandwich bun. It’s easier for her to hold and eat and I buy the little mini ones (like for sliders) and she LOVES them! I also like lettuce on mine (Emma does not!).


After the eggs are done boiling – pour it out into a strainer and run the eggs under cold water (because they will be hot HoT HOT!).

012Crack the edges and peel off the shell (for me this is the fun part! Don’t ask me why – I just like it)

013If you don’t have a smancy fancy dicer like min just use a nice to cut it into slices then squares 🙂


Mix it up and up and dish it on your toast!

015We didn’t have my mini slider bun rolls today but she did just fine (after pulling out all the lettuce – it was worth a shot 😉 haha) and it was a success! My child will eat egg salad sandwiches and I didn’t have to make a bunch and throw it away!!

I will say now that we’ve tried this – it has become a staple in this house! We eat it about once a week or every other week for lunch in this house and instead of making a bunch I just make one serving each time!

**For those of you who are packing lunches and taking them to work – you can make this meal the night before or the morning of and take it to work with you – just pop in the fridge and you can even eat it cold!**

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