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Daily Life: Vin Diesel – His trick to a woman’s heart!

1 May

Every girl can admit that there’s something about Vin Diesel that’s enticing. Some might say he’s not that hott, but there’s something about him that attracts your eye and attention and you just don’t want to admit it 😉

B and I went to go see Fast Five today. Which I HIGHLY recommend! It was awesome – great cars, speed, danger, action, great looking guys, great looking girls, money, family, children, and the love story that keeps each girl hanging on 😉 B and I were talking about how amazing it is that this series of movies has made it this far and still is attracting the amount of viewers it did when it started. It had a few slumps, the 2 Fast 2 Furious wasn’t nearly as good as the first one, the Tokyo Drift didn’t have many of the same characters which was a little disappointing, but we kept coming back to see it didn’t we? After the clip at the end of the credits, I know I’ll be coming back for more 😀

So back to talking about super hott guys. If you are wondering what every girls addiction is towards Vin Diesel – I think I figured it out tonight.

Vin Diesel’s tough appearance, raw muscles, deep raspy voice, and hard attitude is what everyone assumes is the attractive features on him. Which I admit do catch a girls eye and attention but I think there’s a little more to it. The old saying that girls like what they can’t have, they like the bad boys, or are all in it for the looks. I think there’s something else in there that everyone’s missing. There’s a drive here that has been looked over and I might have figured it out.

This picture is what most people think of when they think Vin Diesel, but to me it’s a little something else about him that instead of just catching my eye and attention. It keeps me interested and I think it’s exactly what makes every girl melt. It’s a little glimmer that most people don’t think twice about but it’s exactly what held my attention. It may just be because I am a serious people pleaser, the kind of person who wants to make everything right, solve everyone’s problem, be the super hero mom, but I think there’s a little bit of that in every girl.

So what’s the missing puzzle piece to the reason every girl is hanging on Vin Diesel’s every move and word? His signature smile. Throughout the movie Vin Diesel has a smirk (that I couldn’t find a picture of) that grabbed my attention and made me think that every girl was probably thinking the same thing I was.

If someone so hard, rough, and untouchable could let a little vulnerability and emotion in .. that’s what makes a girl melt. Not every girl, but most girls have that inner feeling of they want to “save” the guy they love. They want to make everything perfect and tear down all his walls and find what really makes him happy. It’s that feeling of accomplishment and pride that only you can get that deep into a man’s heart and when someone so tough can let down a wall and show you that hint of true love and emotion – she’s hooked! Nothing can get in the way of a love so deep like that.

Luckily for me B didn’t have many walls to tear down, or at least it didn’t take me long to get deep in his heart and figure out what he loves the most. I figured him out fast, and I loved what I found out. So he might not have huge muscles, a deep raspy voice, and a bad attitude .. but he’s got exactly what I needed to make me feel like a woman. To make me feel like I could save him.

There’s more men than meets the eye – even if he’s a super hunk!! That’s all I have to say. 😉

Love Always,



Daily Life: I’m exhausted.

15 Feb

As worn out as I have been this past weekend and this week I am shocked it’s been a pretty darn good one! I spent all last week cleaning the house and getting it ready for the girls, painted and made some unsuccessful frames – which was a total bummer, then pulled out all my old toys and cleaned them for the girls this week, I have actually managed to squeeze in some things I love!

B and I have been watching movies again. Last night we watched I Love You, Man which I would say is completely hilarious and certain parts of it define B and I. Not exactly the him not having any friends, but moving to a place where we knew no one our age made for some similarities. It probably is one of the funniest movies we have watched in a while. Probably not to B but he likes a lot movies that I don’t think are that funny 😉 For example, we watched The Other Guys on Sunday night. B couldn’t stop laughing through the entire movie but only parts of it are funny to me.

While we are watching these movies I have gotten a good amount of crocheting done! So I am back on track with that. I downloaded my new books on my nook and I am going to start reading those tonight, and once I get ink for my printer I will be back on track with my new ideas & painting!

Today was going to be the day that the girls came over but unfortunately one of them is sick so we rescheduled so I am trying to think of a few more fun projects and things to do for them but we’ll see what all I get done. Since we rescheduled for my usual errand running days I’ll be running errands tomorrow and getting the house picked up and spotless!

I’m thinking an easy afternoon is in the plans. I will obviously be getting ready for my shopping day tomorrow and trying to do as little as possible!! Dinner looks like leftovers & PB&J’s 😀 Yes I am feeling that lazy!! Maybe just maybe that will give me a pick me up and E will go down for bed easily so I can knock some more things off my list and still have some down time!

I can’t wait to tell you how the playdate goes and of course how adorable these kids are. I’ve already seen a picture so I know they are super cute but seeing their personalities are twice as much fun!

I’ll keep you updated!

Love Always,


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