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17 Dec

Okay so my last post about being successfully positive totally came back and bit me in the butt!! After thinking I had everything down pat to a science I woke up in a funk today. I am not going to sit here and list all the things that were driving me crazy because I know that would just be completely boring for you to read but it felt like everything was crumbling around me and I was having a minor meltdown!! I don’t know why I didn’t turn on music or try hot chocolate. I guess I just figured I would snap out of it in no time and be back on track! Not the case this time..

It took me until about 2:00 to realize that I need to read my own blog posts and actually do what I am telling myself to do! So I turned on some Taylor Swift and this song just seriously made me stop folding laundry and just stare into space thinking, “Holy Crud! She is a genius!” Here are the lyrics to the song Innocent:

Wasn’t it easier in your lunchbox days?
Always a bigger bed to crawl into.
Wasn’t it beautiful when you believed in everything?
Everybody believed in you.

It was so much easier when everyone stood behind you knowing you could do it. When you were the kid in school that everyone always wanted to hang out! Gosh those were the days…

In the end she goes on to say:

Lives change like the weather
I hope you remember
Today is never to late to
Be brand new

And all I could do was sit there and smile. Thank you Taylor Swift for making my day again and again and again!

So here I am still in a funky kind of mood but at least I am smiling and hopeful this weekend is only going to bring more creativity and surprises! This is the time of the week that I love the most. I get so much time to be with B, an extra hand around the house to help me with E, and little reminders of how much he loves me.. Those are my favorite!!! This weekend may be just what I need to get back to where I want to be 🙂

Hope everyone else’s weekend turns out great too!

Love Always,


My life is like a rollercoaster!

15 Dec

It seriously has some major ups and downs .. but who’s life doesn’t!? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it’s taken me until E was born to realize that I may not control the ups and downs but I can make it worthwhile. For the past year it seems like I have gone back to my roots (aka highschool / beginning of college days) where I ignore all those mean people who like to bring me down, and instead I keep track of all the amazing stuff. It’s about dang time! Right?

Instead of dwelling over all the crazy, uncontrollable, stressful things that happen, I have been making note of the things that I love the most about my life. I have successfully managed to let the bad go and bring in the good. This wasn’t an easy process and I feel like at times I am still learning it but it’s totally amazing! After lots of practice and complaining to my husband when I am hitting the down times, I have managed to keep this blog and my facebook almost completely positive! I have been tracking all the things that have made me laugh, and remember to make the effort to go out of my way to make hot chocolate on a cold dreary day! Who doesn’t love that!?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to make my life a living happy bubble but come on! Doesn’t it feel good to feel good! Especially in this cold yucky season?

The main steps that I have been teaching myself to take is to recognize when I am in that nasty, horrible, no good mood. I find out what is really bugging me and then decide to just “let it go”. Because honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you are negative about something, it’s only going to come out with more ugly negative news. I kept track of the things that are mood-lifters to me. Like hot chocolate, some good music, doing something productive (even if it means that the cleaning is not going to get done!), or just doing something you love like reading maybe!?

Then after the mood lift happens and your back in your “happy place” do something FUN! For me it’s obviously crafting, and when your negative nancy, let me just tell you.. your crafts come out dreadful! Sometimes it takes all day to get back out of my funk, and some days it just takes a few seconds but lately it has seemed to work out wonderfully!

Then after your relaxing from your uplifting mood, write it down! Remember it, take a picture, change your facebook status! Whatever it takes so that when you go back to look at all the things you have done the past couple of days, your realize that your life totally rocks!

Maybe it will work for you? Maybe it wont. You might be surprised…

Love Always,


My Happy Place:

Loving these memories

12 Dec

Between the memories of how B and I met and fell in love, the friends who were there through it all, the places we spent so much time together, the wedding, and the night of the wedding, it was truly an amazing weekend. We spent the first night in our old stomping grounds and checked out all the things that they had changed while we were gone. It’s fun to see all the new additions they’ve made but it really makes you miss the time that you spent there. I am not sure that if we had stayed there we would be doing as well as we are now but you always wonder what it would be like.

So I bet you’re wondering how much crocheting I got done with all this fun I was having. Guilty as charged! I hadn’t planned on not being able to see to even crochet the on the way there so that cut out about 3 hours of serious working time and then we didn’t have much down time all weekend so that resulted in only have the trip back here! Luckily I finished one sleeve, deconstructed the other so I can remake it how it’s supposed to look. I am about two out of seven rows done and I am hoping between grocery shopping tomorrow and working on getting E back on schedule that I can at least get halfway done. That leaves me with 52 days left to get all my projects done! I still think I can do it 😉

I probably should be crocheting right now and then maybe I would finish it tomorrow but instead I am laying here next to B relaxing and enjoying his and E’s company. Right now he is holding E in his arms while picking out music on his Playstation and she is playing with his cell phone and acting like she is talking to someone 🙂 It’s moments like these that I love the most!

Well somebody is starting to rub her little eyes. Looks like it’s Mommys time to make her a bottle and put her in bed.

Love Always,


I am THAT mom!

3 Dec

Lately I have been that mom, the one who doesn’t want to get out of bed or off the couch. The one who forgets to clean up after herself and really just doesn’t have the energy to explain to you why. I am that mom. The fever, sniffles, chills, mom. Luckily it seems to be finally going away and this place is starting to look back to normal. Today I decided I needed a break from the sad silence of the house and turned on the radio for some pick me up music. The station that I usually listen to plays the top hits but today it has been playing older hits and I am actually enjoying it! Music has always been a huge part of my life and the more I listen to it the better I feel. It’s helped me get through some major chores that I have been putting off and I know B is going to be so proud of me when he gets home which makes me even more excited about what I have done today.

Other things to be excited about now that I am feeling better. This weekend we are celebrating my dad’s birthday (since his is on Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday we decided to move it to another day so he gets his favorite holiday and his own special day!) and we are also picking out the tree, putting it up, and decorating it. I love decorating the tree. It never feels quite like Christmas until you decorate a Christmas tree and my parents have a serious tree tradition! The tree is always pretty pricey, looks pretty perfect, gets decorated with a million ornaments that we have each gotten over the years as presents, and then we sprinkle real fake plastic snow on it to make it look like it’s outside with the wintery trees. My dad was so proud when he found the real fake plastic snow and we have done it every year since then and I have to say it just tops of the tree so gorgeously. You get the wonderful smell of Christmas, the gorgeous green color, wonderful lights, meaningful ornaments, then a light white powdery dash of snow to top it all off. There will be a picture as soon as it’s all complete 😀

 On top of that I can’t wait to start crafting again! It’s really hard to be motivated to craft when you feel gross so I am excited to get back to some seriously crafty ideas! I have a few more ornament ideas I wanted to finish with paint, paper mache, and maybe some monograming. I also have an awesome wooden sign I want to finish off like I did with the wrapping paper and frames except this time I am thinking about using scrapbooking paper and construction paper. I am excited to see how it turns out. I saw a couple of other ideas on other blogs like mini christmas tree decorations made with styrofoam and glitter that look awesome and fabric ornaments. There is just so much I want to do! And even though I have been sick that hasn’t kept me from reading and crocheting so hopefully I’ll have a book review up soon and part of the jacket to show off. I was wondering if people knew how to monogram sweaters and blankets with yarn? I am seriously thinking about monograming E’s sweater!

Well anyways, enough of my ideas for now. I’ll wait until I have something good to show you 😛

This weekend should be filled with plenty of pictures!

Love Always,


This time of year again!

30 Nov

 It’s that time of year again when we are planning holiday festivites and spending a lot of time with the family. Holiday season for me now is no where near what it was like when I was a child. I didn’t do any shopping, wrapping, spending money, worrying about bills, or figuring out travel plans. I simply jumped up and down with excitement for Christmas morning, watched a zillion of holiday movies and tv shows, listened to Christmas music, and ate a lot of yummy baked goods. The only Christmas card I made was to Santa Claus. The good old days..

This year I have decided to do things a little differently! B and I did a majority of our Christmas shopping Black Friday and the day after and the rest I plan on purchasing online. I have made a list of who is getting what and from where and only spending a certain amount each paycheck so I don’t overdue it and the bills still get paid. Luckily now that we live near almost all of our family travel plans have been cut down to an hour to two hours distance and that is a lot easier to do then a 6-12 hour car ride!!

So this year I plan on jumping up and down for Christmas morning to come, watching a zillion of holiday movies and tv shows, listening to Christmas music, and eating yummy baked goods. Okay okay and a little Christmas wrapping too 🙂

Love Always,


Just One of THOSE days..

21 Nov

B was having one of those days yesterday where nothing seemed to peak his interest. He sat around the house wanting to do his usual relaxing and enjoying the day with E and I while also enjoying some TV and video gaming. Instead he flipped channels, did a little downloading, played a game, put it down, flipped channels again. He looked so bored and unmotivated that it didn’t take me long to figure out what kind of state of mind he was in. I have those days. Probably more often than anyone else I know. The poor guy only gets two days to really enjoy himself and he spends one of those days caught in the in-between feeling…

I know when I am in that kind of mood nothing seems to make it better no matter what I or anyone else seems to try and that made me stop and think. What can I do to make it any better? The typical nagging me asking him if everything was alright was definitely not helping. What do I do for me when I am in the state? What does everyone else do?

Me? I usually have to put on some music that it is uplifting and inspiring. Maybe drink some hot chocolate or tea. Then if all else fails take a nice LONG hot shower. It wasn’t until 10:30 at night that B put on some music of his and the first thing that came to my mind was .. DUHHH J why didn’t you think of that? I realize that I can’t always fix him or his feelings but I like to think that I could at least have enough ideas to get him going in the right direction.

So maybe it wasn’t meant to be me this time. Maybe he was supposed to figure out what he needed to do for him on his own. But I did think of one thing.

Chocolate Milk.

This boy loves chocolate milk like I love hot chocolate. We used to drink it every night in the summer (yes I convert to chocolate milk when it’s hot and hot chocolate when it’s cold.. it works for me). So I did it, I asked him, “Do you want me to make you some chocolate milk?” and I get an answer I seriously wasn’t expecting. He shook his head no..

What do you do for your significant other when they are in that drifting state of mind? What does your loved one do for you?

In this case, I did nothing and I felt a little disappointed in my usual AWESOME IDEA of a world. All I could do was cross my fingers and hope that tomorrow brought better days, better ideas, better laughs, and please please please bigger smiles!!

Love Always,


I Did It!!!!!

14 Nov

So my first day not using the computer for a majority of it completed WORKED! I spent a majority of the time jumping crafting stores with my mom but the rest of the time I used craftily!! Here’s a little of what I did today.

I am so excited and proud of myself. I was right. All these things that I thought I would never have the time to accomplish and it can be done! Hope you enjoy.

Love Always,


Check Yourself Before You Reck Yourself!!

3 Nov

The entire day consisted of, “What are you doing!?”, “Seriously child..”, and “If I say No one more time!!!!!”. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t getting anywhere with E and she probably thought I was going crazy. Luckily one nap time later and a good talk with my closest friend from highschool – T, I calmed down. It’s funny how one minute your thinking that this child knows exactly what to do to drive me crazy and the next minute you question yourself. I woke up in a not so great mood and those little things that drive me crazy .. yeah she does those every day. My patience wasn’t in tact and the only thing coming out of my mouth was frustration. So who’s to blame? Maybe a little bit of both but after I realized I was the problem and not her the day got a lot better.

Every mom has a bad day when nothing seems to go right and you’d rather give up then try again. Although I think it is a lot harder to take a step back and see that we may be more of the problem then the things we blame it on. I am not going to lie, I like to blame other things for the reasons I just can’t seem to get things done but honestly .. like I said in my previous post .. if you want it bad enough you can make it happen. So I am determined to “check myself before I reck myself” right when I wake up every morning so that I don’t take my “I hate morning” attitude throughout the rest of my day haha.

Starting out in a positive mood is a little easier than said for those of us who are happy in the morning challenged 🙂 So I have put together a list of easy to do things in the morning to make things a little smoother and me a lot happier!!

1) Instead of immediately checking my phone before I remove myself from the bed I am getting my butt out of bed and making the bed when I wake up. I think the lying around part just adds to my laziness and makes for a seriously non-motivating day.

2) Start with something warm since it is getting flipping cold out here!! I am thinking hot chocolate/apple cider/tea. Because nothing puts me in a better mood than warm things in the winter!

3) Make E an easy to eat on her own breakfast. I tend to make oatmeal every morning for her because it’s easy, it’s filling, and she likes it. But spoon-feeding this child takes three times as long as it used to. (She gets the easily distracted thing from me .. poor thing.)

4) Use the time that E is feeding herself to pick up the place so that’s one less thing to do and I am not looking around the room like .. it’s already 11:00 and I got nothing done. Hahahaha (Everyday for me)

After breakfast E plays for about an hour and then takes another nap (usually but not always) If the nap is a go I think that’s where I am going to incorporate the doing something crafty/fun that keep me motivated to do more later.

To add to my positive attitude I am going to start listening to music again. I did this a lot when I was a teenager and in college. Somehow music seems to take me away from all my millions and millions of thoughts and seems to let me enjoy the minute that I am living in. It’s crazy how music can do that…

Okay well now I feel like I am just rambling about things so I am going to go write this plan down and put it on my refrigerator so it actually happens 😛

Love Always,


Food, Books, Tubs, & Taylor Swift :D

26 Oct

I have a list of interesting things that I have been dying to write about all day today but haven’t really stopped to have the chance. So here it goes! Super awesome deal number one. If you are a mother of a young child (1-90 haha) I found the perfect snacks! I went grocery shopping the other day and went down the snack isle now that E is eating everything and the baby snacks just don’t do it for her anymore. Well all I found was junk food which I am not a hater on junk food. I love junk food and E will love junk food when she can pick her own food but for now being a responsible adult feel like she needs to eat somewhat healthy for as long as I can get her too. So I seriously disappointed strolling down this isle and came to the crackers which I figured, we have those they just crumble everywhere and make a mess .. and something caught my eye!

CLUB MINIS! These are awesome! They are bitesize and perfect for little hands and little teeth! And semi-healthy because they do have butter. E tried these and was begging for more and it makes me feel awesome that I am not worried about a total mess or a choking baby because they practically melt in your mouth. Plus B can’t keep his hand out of the box 😉 Haha I love this guy!

Next item on my list is an update on The Accidental Mom by Rowan Coleman. I am 200 pages into this book (out of 400) and I still have not hit a boring section yet! This book is definitely an interesting read! Should be done with it before the end of the week if it’s as good as the first half was.

Also! My first review of baby items!! The First Years Sure Comfort NewbornToddler Tub:

E used this from day one to year 1 and after that she was ready to move around a little more and get out! I think it’s a smart purchase because anything that can last from newborn to toddler saves you money rather than buying two different tubs for two different stages. I liked everything about this tub minus the fact that E didn’t seem to like it as much as I did when she got older 🙂 Another not so great thing is when you are in-between the newborn stage and the sitting up stage I felt like it needed a little more cushioning. It never seemed like it was quite comfy to me but then again I am not the one in the tub 😛 Overall this gets four stars for me!

Next Subject: My daily life! Today was E’s 15 month appointment and we have all been crossing her fingers that she weighed twenty points so we could turn her car seat around!! I don’t know why as a first time mother you seriously can’t wait for the next step (whatever step it is) to happen! I am always trying to be patient but seriously it’s just so exciting. Well sad news is this child got a seriously fast metabolism from her mother so she only weighs 19.6 nakie. Good news! Pediatrician said we could turn it around because she has all the physical abilities she needs and with clothes on (which she will have on in her car seat) probably puts her at 20 pounds. YAYYYY!!! Guess what we’ll be doing later this week??? NOT CAR SEAT SHOPPING but turning that baby around! Yes I bought a car seat that goes both ways .. saving money here is my number one favorite thing to do!

Oh and last but not least! My favorite review of all. Taylor Swifts new album Speak Now. First of I want to go ahead and say that when I first heard of Taylor Swift I went against the grain and said that she wasn’t my favorite because I thought she was overrated. Well if you know me at all the people that I “don’t like” when I first hear them 90% of the time turn out to my favorite. OKAY! So I am a huge Taylor Swift fan get over it! The first time I actually heard her music I was shocked I didn’t like her the first time. She wrote about everything that a highschool/college girl was feeling. Her music took me from previously feeling pretty dang depressed and pissed off at the male gender and back to reality. I love B to death and Thank Goodness I met this guy after my Taylor Swift wake up call because I had completely sworn of men and decided to focus on myself. Then Taylor Swift happened, and then I might B. Coincidence? I think not! So after all my ranting and loving 😛 I give this CD five stars for sure! Every song I have listened from her it’s like she puts you back in your highschool/college years and makes you reminisce about past times and smile at the same time. Awesome job Taylor, you rock our worlds!

And after all this that I have been holding in I am going to go listen to Taylor and read my new favorite book 😛

Love Always,


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7 Oct

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