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Christmas At 3

1 Jan

This year Emma had 5 different Christmases!! That’s what happens when you have a huge family and you live close to all of them 🙂 We actually missed out on one family Christmas this year so there could have been six! Whew. So instead of splitting them all up into different posts I’ll just give you the quick peak at a few of them.




Little miss too excited to wait two minutes for me to get a pick before she saw all the presents! She was so excited!


This year we let her play with each toy after she opened it. Needless to say it took from 9am-4pm the first day!


Emma’s dressy outfit 🙂


By Round 3 of Christmas she was a professional at opening presents!


Brian and I enjoying watching her open presents instead of having to help her like last year 😉


Chick Fil A treats for Christmas this year! I had to share mine of course 😉


A beautiful mist of snow just in time for Christmas this year.


Now it’s time to say goodbye to December and hello to the new year!

I hope you all had wonderful holiday’s this year and I am looking forward to a new year of blogging here! What are you looking forward to this year?

Love Always,


Work In Progress Wednesday: Seafood Festival Preview!

1 Feb

Hey Everyone! Finally a work in progress post right!? After taking a vacation and getting sick with a virus that lasted a week, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to actually get something accomplished! Thankfully I’m feeling better and I can get back on track and doing the things I love most!

Today I’m showing you something I’ve been so excited about! Now that the holiday rush is over I’ll be planning my entire year for the biggest craft show I’ve ever signed up for! Four straight days of crazy excitement in my home town – The Seafood Festival!! I’m kicking the new year off with a bang. Since I only have about one more month of cold weather (since this year has been weirdly warm) I’m crocheting my life away this month in hopes that I have enough for the fair. For those of you who don’t know, my home town school colors are maroon and gold so I found this yarn that goes from red to maroon and thought it would be perfect!

So here’s to my first craft show stash scarf!

I absolutely love how the colors just randomly change!

This is an upclose of the picture so you can show dramatic the color changes are – the lighting makes it look a little orange but it’s more of a red maroon like the first picture!

Emma sporting the scarf – when it’s wrapped twice it’s supposed to be like a cowl neck.

I am a half a skein away from being done with this so it will be a tad fuller and cozy! This isn’t the typical yarn I buy but it’s so soft I couldn’t resist! I’ve also been in a search for some gold yarn but that one is a little harder to find in the right softness.

Now if I could crank out about 20 of these in the next few weeks – that would be AWESOME! My goals are outrageous – I know!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Knocking My List in Half

12 Jan

After that wonderful feeling yesterday of getting rid of clutter and not having a list of things to do I decided to make it possible to feel like this ALL the time! So here are a few things I’m doing now in order to keep my list non-existent and my life a lot less stressful!

*Getting rid of my recycling bin – and taking the recycle out once a day instead of waiting for the thing to fill up to the point where I don’t want to take it out 😉

*Doing the dishes as they come – I usually rinse them out and let them pile up in the sink. Then when it’s time I unload the clean dishes and put new ones in. NOT ANYMORE! Nothing is allowed to sit in the sink unless it’s a pot (I leave those for Brian to do 😉 hehe)

*Throwing out/putting away the mail as soon as it comes – paper piles up in this house quickly. Whether it’s by the phone or on my craft table it finds a way to make itself a project instead of an easy daily task.

*Destashing – thanks to the etsy team I’m in, the vacation time I get off this month, and our budget possibly becoming ridiculously tight – I’ve been planning for a huge destash/consignment store run. After I’ve gone through everything and we’ve gotten rid of all the clutter I want to at least once a day get rid of something I don’t need anymore.

*Laundry – doing a load of laundry a day! How nice would it feel to not stare at a pile of laundry and dread doing it! How awesome would it be to always have the clothes you want clean! I think this is one I’ll actually enjoy doing!

Doing these things as they are needed instead of putting them down and doing them later are going to make it seem less like a list of things to do and just a daily habit. Therefore I can leave all the things I hate doing off my list and center around things that make me happy!

Instead of wasting a whole day cleaning (stressing about cleaning) I’ll be able to concentrate on crafting, playing with Emma, relaxing without feeling guilty! My goal is to wake up every morning and say – what do I want to do today. Instead of – what do I have to do today.

Sum it UP Saturday: What the WHAT!?

7 Jan

So to sum up this week I’d say it was a crazy blast!! We had our first BNR on Etsy  for the new year and although the sales didn’t compare to Christmas I’d say it was a success! Along with the new year I have a ton of new products to be made. It’s a little overwhelming but if you think about it being spread out in a 10 month process it makes it a little easier to swallow 😉

Although this week came with a fun-filled success – it also came with sickness!! Emma and I were sick most of the week with this cold that’s been going around and the little girl I watch (who I will refer to as the one year old) had it too! Three sick girls cooped up in one little house was far more exciting than I thought it would be! Even with all the struggles we all managed to have fun and giggle a little here and there. Now that the one year old is walking well, running a little, and playing with toys instead of eating them – it’s been an adventure. Emma’s learning to share toys with others and the one year old is learning to gladly take them 😀 haha. I am however excited for this weekend off so that we can all get over this cold and rest up.

What can you look forward to this coming week? We’ve got our usual Motivation Monday and a Tutorial Tuesday that will make you want to pull out all your extra fabric scraps and get busy! We are hoping to have a Work-In-Progress Wednesday this week so if you have an item your working on that you would like to show off – go up to the contact tab at the top right-hand corner and email me pictures and a description! I hope you’ll come back to see all the excitement and let us know your favorite parts of the underestimatedmom blog 😉

Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,


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