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Nick Mom, You Crack Me Up

24 Nov

I don’t know if you all have heard of Nick Mom or not but while staying up and finishing chores I decided to watch it one night. I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time! This show is like Comedy Central for mothers.


For those of you who are mothers that love to laugh at all the ridiculous things that your kids get into – this is for you. For those of you who are mothers that get offended easily – don’t watch this!! As for me, I’m a mom that laughs and this made me laugh.

They have two different shows that I’ve seen: Parental Discretion which is basically like SNL for Moms. Some parts are funny some parts are just plain dumb.

Another show is Mom’s Night Out which is stand up comedy, again funny.

Something you probably weren’t expecting, the commercials are even jokes and one liners to make you smile. This was definitely an interesting night for me!

Don’t have time or want to stay up to watch these shows? Oh don’t worry, they have a website! NickMom.com get your laughs in when you want 😉

Thought I’d share the fun!
Love Always,


Thoughtful Thursday: Vocabing it up ;)

2 Feb

My thought for this Thursday is vocabulary! Brought on by my daughter learning so many new words that she’s now making sentences out of them! Her favorite things to say this past few weeks:

“What ya doin?”

“Are you okay!!?”

“Oh mommy, baby crying…” referring to her baby doll then following it with a gentle kiss and cuddle.

“READY, GET SET, GO!!!!!!!!” And she takes of running.

Even though this picture wasn’t from today I wanted to share it with you so you could see the little one in action. She’s been addicted to books, music lover, and an award-winning imitator of PBS Kids Sprout and Nick Jr. Here’s a little preview for you:

This is Emma all snug and cozy under beside her book caddy “reading” one of her favorite books. She has remembered almost every major word on each page so she knows exactly what to say to make it seem like she is reading it for real!! Crazy girl! I absolutely love this picture of her because it’s just the kind of thing I did when I was a kid and I’m sure Brian did too. The oddest places were the most comfortable and she sat there for a good fifteen minutes with this one book!

Thanks to my spell of being sick I’ve also had a chance to get some reading done. I read The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks and it was a page turner! I’ve always been a huge fan of Nicholas and his writing skills. There’s just something about the way he words things or his flow that makes it so easy to read you don’t even realize how many pages you’ve flipped through! Those to me – are the best kind!

I also started another book this week called The Alphabet Sisters by Monica McInerney. I’m only on chapter two so I don’t have any news about this one except for the fact that it sounds super interesting!! It’s different from my usual read and I’m excited about it.

So here’s to widening our vocabulary! Both mom and child 😉

Love Always,


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