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The Next Big Step!

6 Nov

Most of you know I own an etsy shop online where I sell all the crafts I make! What most of you don’t know is that I’ve been working on opening my own online shop!

It took a lot of time and budgeting and designing – but it’s finally here!! You may notice that not all of my things are up on that store yet as I’m still adding listings and pictures. Slowly this store will be packed full of everything I’ve made 🙂

If you click on the shop page you can see everything or sort by sections. There will more sections as soon as I get more items listed 😉

Clicking on the listing gives you all the details you need and extra pictures (which most only have one but soon will have a bunch for each!)

Checking out is super easy too – just like Etsy, all you need is a paypal account which is safer to use rather than your credit card. You add your items to the cart. Click checkout, then it will take you to paypal.

My favorite thing about Etsy was it was so personal and I could do custom orders really easily. Thanks to my contact page I still can! It’s just as easy to get in touch with me and under the Shop tab I’ll be adding a Custom Order section. So if you are looking for a custom order you wanted from me you can easily find it there!

I’m so excited to finally have my own shop! Soon you’ll see a button over on my the side there —-> with my new site on it so it’s easy to find! Even though I’m doing this – I’m not closing my Etsy shop. I won’t be adding any new listings over there but I’ll still be there!

Hooray for the next big step – I’m excited to see where it takes me next!

If you are interested in checking it out it’s www.daydreaminggifts.com

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,

Daily Life: Monday oh Monday

18 Jul

Today was my first day back to work since my kidney madness and it flew by so fast!!! The girls have been wonderful and P is more playful than I have ever seen her (probably because she can now walk to wherever her little heart pleases). I also managed to get started on a maroon scarf while the girls were napping. But halfway through nap time my fingers were getting sore so I took a break and did some online shopping!! I haven’t done this since forever!!! When I decided to become a stay at home mom I gave up all my rights to window shop and spend hours browsing online for things I might not ever get. Thanks to amazing budgeting and my craft plans working out wonderfully I now have a little to spend each paycheck on ME! On me? YES ON ME!!!

So today I sat on Kohl’s website for about an hour. I haven’t gone shopping for me in quite sometime and it usually ends up being at Plato’s Closet or a thrift store so this was way too much fun. Here’s somethings I’ve picked out that I might just buy next paycheck:

Hooray Hooray!

9 Dec

Since becoming pregnant, I guess you could say I have been completely out of the fashion trend. Between constantly changing sizes in clothes and being so absorbed with this new little life I have lost my sense of fashion .. if I ever had one to begin with! At least I used to feel comfortable in clothes. Now I just want to be comfy! Well as you know B and I are going to a wedding and I have been frantically online shopping what I am supposed to wear. I googled everything possible and was having no luck. The stores I usually love (Khols and Target) were offering me nothing but casual with a little bit of awesome but nowhere near wedding…

Well I did it! B and I reluctantly went to the mall after Khols and Marshalls to see if we could get any luck there. It only took a couple of stores then I found the one!

Heck yes!!! All I need now is a jacket, stockings, and some awesome shoes … and we leave tomorrow afternoon!! Looks like I will be shopping and digging through my mom’s closet tomorrow 😉

The second best thing about today is that B and I have never gone shopping together where I try on things and he tells me what he likes. Okay maybe we did once while we were dating but he had to be nice then right? Well he was amazing. Not only did he help me decide what was hott and what was not, he was honest and helped me pick stuff out. Love this guy!!!!!!!!! He spoils me with his amazingness!

E decided to be complete awesome as well! She blew kisses and gave big smiles to everyone who couldn’t stop loving her. She sat patiently and people watched 🙂 She even ate her WHOLE meal! I love this little girl!


Today was successful and thank you American Eagle for having the perfect dress.

Love Always,


Black Friday & Why This Winter ROCKS

26 Nov

This year was the first year EVER that I have gone shopping on black friday! I usually avoid taking a step outside of my door just because the craziest of crazies come out on black friday .. or so I was told! But if you are a crafter then black friday is for you! Living near Washington D.C. we have a lovely thing called traffic and too many people living in one area but luckily because I went to Michael’s, Hancock Fabrics, and JoAnn‘s the lines weren’t long, the shelves were still stocked, doorbusters still available at 11:00, and everyone was in a pleasant mood! I saved a ton, parked near the front doors, and got amazing customer service! Even the other people shopping were nice!? Crazy huh!? I think this is going to be the beginning of my new black friday tradition – crazy craft shopping! I will be saving up until next year starting immediately 🙂  I managed to score a 200 dollar cricut cutter for only 60 bucks and reluctantly am going to have to wait until Christmas morning to play with it.. but once I do you better bet your bottom dollar I will have crafts out the wazoo! I also got some other awesome deals and fun things to keep me entertained for the next week or so that will also eventually show up on this blog 😉

It seems like lately I have had plenty of opportune times to do some serious crafting. Maybe it’s because that time management or lack there of read really got to me. If you have no idea what I am talking about see this https://underestimatedmom.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/i-am-a-blogaholic/. It’s sad but true! And since then I have managed to accomplish more than what I thought was possible and still have time to spend with my daughter and my husband. I have also been cooking a lot more which came as a total shock to me because I am not that great at it! Seems like the practice is working out though because everyone loved my chocolate caramel almond bars and my mother-in-laws cheesy potatoes! Yum Yum! 

I feel pretty lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom, do the occasional craft shopping, find the luxury of time to craft, and still enjoy the moments I have with the people I love the most .. and of course blog about it 😛 I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing man. Which brings me to my favorite things about this year:

1) This is the first year EVER since I was a baby that I don’t have to go to school or go to work in the winter! YAYYYYYYYYY!!

2) I don’t even have to step foot outside the house if I don’t want to this year! (Thank you online shopping)

3) I don’t have to get dressed up in uncomfy clothes! Bumming it all winter yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!

4) I get to snuggle up in nice warm fuzzy blankets 😀

5) HOT CHOCOLATE!! I think this will be a daily drink for me. yuuuMMmmmm.

6) If I want to go outside we have a covered porch so I can let E go play while I snuggle undercover 😛

 7) The house seems to stay so much cleaner in the winter! I don’t know why but it seriously does!

8) This is the one time I actually enjoy doing the laundry .. putting on fresh warm clothes from the dryer = awesome!

9) Being cold gives me all the more reason to snuggle with B. I am sucker for cuddling!

and last but not least!

10) Having the laptop on my legs is my favorite little heater 🙂

Love Always,


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