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Let’s Hear It For Some Change!!

21 Sep

Welcome to my typical night!


It usually involves me with the computer – working on my etsy shop, blogging, emailing, or reading other blogs. I’m almost always also crocheting something. Whether it’s a scarf or blanket, I like to keep my fingers busy!

A lot of things happened this weekend that weren’t exactly blog post worthy so I thought I’d combined them all into one! This week I finished three scarves, picked up my dress for a wedding I’m in, worked/played with the girls, organized the next few house projects I’ll be doing, but most importantly – I hit my inventory list goal for the huge craft show I’m doing this year!!! ❤


So let’s all do a happy dance!!!


Okay – now that I got that out of the way I can explain a few things that are going to be coming up these next few weeks.

1. Home projects! Now that I’m not cooped up in my studio or working my little tail off – I now have time to do some projects around this place. Brian and I have a few that we are excited to do! We are making a pallet garden together for our patio outside, we are painting our living room (still choosing paint colors), and putting up a backsplash in our kitchen (finally)!!

2. New crafty projects! Again – goodbye doing the same things every weekend just to stock up. I can now work on some fun new projects that will have nothing to do with craft shows! Who’s excited for random projects?! I am!

3. With all this extra time – you better bet there’s going to be some purging and organizing around this house. Expect some great tips on this.

4. FREE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be a lot more posts about whatever Emma and I are doing – even if it is being lazy for the day. I know you’ve missed seeing that little girl and her playful poses.


What are you excited about?


Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,


Daily Life: What a day!

23 Apr

I am so proud of myself today! I’m completely satisfied with how I spent my day and hopefully I will find some time to keep up with that much crafting. I realize being a mom and being a caregiver for two other children come first and that’s my most important job but somehow I think I can figure out a way to balance them both. Maybe a little less cleaning on my days off and a little more fun 😉 Now that I’ve got my sewing stuff out and had a little fun with it I am back to making lists of ideas to make! Obviously they are going to have to be budget friendly so it may be a once a month kind of thing but the more I sew the more I realize how much I love it!!

I’ve also got a few more ideas up my sleeve for some other things 😀 I made a list of different scarves that I want to make and since I am going to be done with the pink stripes in two rows I can’t wait to dig into these! I have also wanted to try doing something a little different with crocheting, like those little stuffed animals, bracelets, and of course monograming. One of these days I’ll get enough guts to try it out on one of my already made scarves but I think I keep second guessing myself!

Tomorrow we are spending the day visiting family for easter. Nana bought E the cutest dress ever and I can’t wait to see her in it! I promise I’ll take pictures and let you see 😀 This is also going to be the first time that E hunts for eggs! Let’s see if she figures it out 😉 I hope she does!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: I am back!!

20 Apr

After a serious weekend of relaxation and a few days to catch up on getting the routine back together, I am back! I am excited to say as much as I needed that little vacation time it’s nice to be back on track with writing, reading, and crafting! While I was relaxing at the hotel this past weekend I got a good chunk of crocheting done and am now back in the habit of picking it up on the daily. I also primed and painted two frames a sweet gray color. I’ve started painting pink and purple elephants on one and plan on doing green and blue on the other!! Let’s just say it was an awesome day off yesterday 😉 Then to top it all off, B and I went to the movies last night to see Your Highness. B has a thing for anything that has James Franco, Danny McBride, or Seth Rogen in it. Not to mention that Danny McBride wrote Your Highness. There were parts that I seriously enjoyed, like when Natalie Portman kicks Danny McBride’s butt, or when Zooey Deschanel is brushing her hair with a fork and eating like a caveman! But it was definitely a B movie. (Not suggested for people who hate crude humor, cussing, or sexual .. anything)

This weekend I got asked by an amazing family member when I ever get free time!? I told her crafting was my free time. It’s the only part of the day that I get to sit and do something I want to do! Painting is a de-stresser for me so painting frames takes my mind off of everything else I need to do, and crocheting is almost mindless! I can sit and do that and still pay attention to whatever B is doing or asking and watch TV. So while others would rather zone out in front of the TV or just lay there in silence, I like getting something accomplished and enjoying it at the same time! It really made me think about how I spend my time and if I should just sit for one day.. well I gave it a try yesterday. I turned on the TV, had the computer beside me, and just sat for about 30 minutes and I got ridiculously bored!! I started house hunting, job searching (not that I have the down payment completed, or need a job), then emailed B. My email looked like this:


I am bored..

So that’s what happens when I do nothing!! I guess it’s just not in my system to sit and relax. I always have to be doing SOMETHING! I will say that I do sit in front of the computer for probably longer than I should. I read facebook statuses, my tag reader on my blog, subscriptions, maybe write a post, check my email, check my etsy page, check out other etsy pages, then play some games on facebook. Those Zanga games are addicting!! But I try to limit myself to a half hour in the morning and an hour or so at night. That way I don’t go overboard 😉 or overwhelmed with all the other things not getting done!

Tonight I plan on working on the frames a little more as long E cooperates and B doesn’t mind making dinner 😉 then I’ll post them so you all can see!

Love Always,


Sunday Funday!

21 Nov

If all you have been thinking about is Christmas cards you are completely like me .. last year! This year I vowed to have all the Christmas cards and Thank You cards completed before December happened and YAY! It happened!! I wanted to keep the similar style but do something a little different and I think they turned out pretty well 🙂 I also dabbled with colored inks instead of black and although it was fun it didn’t really show up on the red and dark green cards. I think I’ll have to stick to white or pastel color paper when I use color inks.

I managed to finally clean E’s room!!! She outgrew her clothes and I was running out of space to keep them so her floor was covered in piles of and boxes of clothes for a while. It’s all nice and clean now!

Totally random but we got this from a friend of a friend for the baby shower and every day I admire it! I can’t wait until I get back to this level of creativity… the saying “You lose it if you don’t use it” really applies to me.

And last but not least!! My plans for tonight when E goes to bed 🙂 I got these two recipes from a free thing I got from www.freebies4mom.com (if you clicked on this last link in my last post it took you to a completely wrong website .. this one is the right one! Sorry!!) Anyways it came with like 8 different holiday dessert recipes and I got the stuff to make both of these. Super Excited!! I will let you know how they turn out tomorrow.

Well that’s all for today!

Hope you enjoyed.

Love Always,


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