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Daily Life: Hello Sunset

10 Jul

Tonight I am sitting out on my patio watching the sun go down while E is filling a bucket with water from her pool and watering all the plants (mostly the patio). She is so adorable right now!! Today was a mommy day. Most mommy days consist of me crafting because that’s the only time I can do certain crafts uninterrupted. This mommy day was very different! I took a little vacation today. My mom and I packed up and headed to the pool with no time constraint and child free!! I laid out in the sun and baked away (which now I am regretting a little — thank you sunburnt legs) and lounged in the pool. This was not as easy a task as it sounds though.

This mommy has issues! I don’t know what it is about me but ever since I had E – I’ve put it in my head that it’s not okay to just sit around. So for the first hour of being at the pool I was stressing out about all the things I wasn’t doing. All the things that haven’t gotten done. Worst of all – I was thinking of all the things I haven’t accomplished yet that I thought I would have by now. Depressing right!?

After that hour of insanity and dragging myself down I realized just how much I needed to turn off that mommy brain of mine and just breath! So today I made a new weekly schedule. One that includes some down time. Every Sunday is now mommy pool day!! As long as the weather permits until summer is over and the pool is closed because this mommy needs a break and this mommy hasn’t had a tan since college!!!!!!!!!! That’s depressing 😉

Every Wednesday afternoon Mommy, Oma, and E are going to the pool so I can have a little more of a chance to get some more rays and E can enjoy her obsession with pouring water into and onto many things as she want 😉

Every night that the weather is decent enough. I am sitting on the patio and watching the sunset. Why? Because I need some mommy down time! Luckily this fits in with my crafting schedule so I won’t be stressing out 😉

So for all of you Mom’s out there that are working too hard, doing too much, and not relaxing. Take a few minutes and see if you can fit some down time you love most in that crazy schedule of yours. It’s worth it. I promise!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Happy Mommy’s Day To Me!

7 May

This morning I woke up with a list of garage sales to go to! My sister sent me this seriously AWESOME website where you put in your zip code and what you’re looking for (Clothing, Furniture, Baby Stuff, Kitchenware, Etc.) and it tells you where all the garage sales are and what all they are selling! SUPER COOL! If you want to check it out its: http://yardsaletreasuremap.com/

Not only did I have a great time hanging out with my mom but I found some seriously awesome deals. I went to this one place that was selling sewing stuff, fabric, batting, etc. and I got all this for a dollar! Some of these are 4 yards but most of them are 1-2 yards:

Hoorayyy! Then we went to another place and I snagged these frame boxes to hang up on my wall. They need a little TLC (cleaning) but I am so excited to use this for decorations.

Totally off subject .. my mother-in-law was going through her scrapbooking stuff and gave me a box of goodies, so you’ll be seeing some of this stuff when I get some crafting time.

I also bought these with my monthly crafting allowance from my mom (a Christmas present I highly recommend to crafty people who need a budget and to not spend all the money at once!!) I’ll be using this for picture frames and report cards!

And of course I am throwing in a picture of E in the middle of chowing down on some crackers. This face is my mother’s day gift 😀

What a cutie pie!

So hopefully there will be some awesome crafty things coming out of this huge find at the garage sales! Now I just need some time 😉

Love Always,


Daily Life: Girls Day Out!

30 Apr

Just what every girl needs 😀 A girls day out! My mom, my sister, and I went to a book signing/reading, then took a walk in the city checking out the stores. We ended up stopping in this cute cafe for cookies and drinks! I could totally imagine myself sitting in there reading while sipping on tea or coffee, maybe even blogging! They had a little sitting area outside for those weather perfect days like today and it made me kind of wish I had that lifestyle. I know, I know, my entire life I have always wanted to liI love the small town ve in a small little town perferably near a beach 😉 but the convience of walking down the street and having all your needs met was so nice! Plus the stroll along the sidewalk was soothing and fun!

Of course I took pictures 😀

This was the book signing/reading we went to. Forget-Her-Nots by Amy Brecount White. I came out with a little thing of flowers and learning some new things like Gerbera Daisies mean Simplicity ..

my wedding was filled with Gerbera Daisies .. mainly because I am obsessed with how cute and vibrant they are, but what a coincidence! My wedding was completely simple!

I love this type of walkway. Big and large with spaces clearly defined for enjoying the warm weather and eating some food!!

This was once of the stores there. It was a consignment store for Couture and Vogue clothing brands. Totally chic but thrifty at the same time 😉

And this was an AWESOME store!! I don’t know what it is about toy stores but even before I had E I was in love with them. If I could get all my old lego’s, barbie stuff, puzzles, board games, and etc out and play them all day without being ridiculed .. I would!!


This was the inside! TOTALLY awesome! I wanted to buy everything of course 😉

What a relaxing day 😀 Now I’m sitting out on my mom’s deck watching E play with all her water toys (without the water) snacking on whatever Oma and Papa will give her, and enjoying the awesome smells that are coming out of my parents kitchen.

Can I do this everyday?  But tomorrow I plan on crafting 😉

Love Always,


Daily Life: Just what I needed!

27 Apr

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Today was exactly what this girl needed! A break from the chaos but still a day of getting things done!

I had P today and she came a half hour early and left a half hour later. Her daddy is out-of-town and her mom is trying to “make it work”. Poor thing!! That’s okay with me though, I’ll either get an extra hour pay or get an hour off early soon. Not to mention that little P was in a great mood all day (except for a little mishap at 3:30 where she was cussing me out in baby babbles because she was tired.. whoops! Yeap, I tried everything but nap time then realized – wait a minute, she woke up a half hour earlier during her last nap time.. duh! The child is just needs some shut-eye!)  So overall work was a fairly easy day.

I got a good walk (stroller time) with the girls this morning and walked a lot further than I usually do which means endorphins for this mommy! Yay things that put me in a good mood 😀

I spent some serious me time while both the girls napped and read until I fell asleep too! Shut eye for mommy is a double plus!

And with all that activity going on I still managed to clean the entire kitchen, get the patio cleaned up and cushions put away for the crazy storm coming, and pick up after the little mess makers! Hoorayy!!

I also got a break on dinner. B and I ordered pizza and E apparently thought that was a wonderful choice and devoured it. No cooking, no cleaning, for fixing something for baby! This is just a perfect day for me.

Now I am relaxing on the couch, watching a recorded Property Virgins (I love that show) and enjoying the warm weather and cool rain with my patio door wide open.

Tomorrow is my day off/running errands day and I am excited for that too! We are stopping by JoAnn‘s for some crafty things, Babies R Us to pick up a potty and pull ups for E, heading to Lowe’s to trade in my cushion for the right size, maybe Sam’s to pick up some bulk things, then the grocery store. Hooray for food in the house!! It’ll be nice to have choices again instead of scrambling to find what we have left..

A couple other pluses – B is going golfing this weekend, and next week will be starting practicing tennis for a tournament with the guys in our country club! He hasn’t played in a while but I know he really misses it so it’ll be exciting to see him doing something he loves.

Saturday I might be going to an author signing at One More Page Books for Amy Brecount White who wrote the book Forget-Her-Nots.

There’s a lot to look forward to and maybe even some craftiness!

Hope you have a wonderful week and weekend with your family too!

Love Always,


Daily Life: A Mommy Day Off!

23 Apr

First off, I want to say a BIG thank you to my mother-in-law for giving me a mommy day off!! Hopefully Nana and E have a fantastic day together 😀 while I get a million things done!! There are so many things that I just keep putting off and this is going to be the day I get as much of it done as possible!! I’m trying not to clean today.. if at all possible because I clean every day and if I just waste my mommy day off cleaning I think I might scream..

So what’s on my list to do today?

Obviously something crafty 😉 but I do need to do some filing and going through the paperwork that’s stacking up on my desk. I’m going to get at least one load of laundry done and that will be all the cleaning that I do! I want to go through my craft books and extra craft stuff to get some inspiration but my major list is what I am not allowed to do today!

I’m turning off the TV and only listening to music today. No cleaning miscellaneous stuff that I can do any other day!! No making an extravagant lunch, I’m eating PB&J’s. Fast, easy, back to mommy day. No computer after this blog post .. I’ll just have to get over it 😉

This is my one chance to actually do the list of things I’ve been wanting to do without interruptions!!

Wish me luck 😉

Love Always,


Daily Life: Leaving It All Behind

25 Mar

For the readers who come on a regular basis, you may have a few questions for me. Like how come daily posts have become every other day. What happened to the 20 million photo’s and one liner’s about being a mom. You may be thinking that I am losing touch and giving up. Oh are you wrong 😉

After all that spring cleaning I did in the storage, I have gone through a rampage of “cleaning out” things all around the house. I’ve decided the shabby but workable is out the window. I’ve been upgrading baby!!! I think I have put more stuff in the thrift store, consignment store, and give away pile then I have EVER in my entire life – besides when I got pregnant and gave ALL my clothes to T 😛 She looks better in them anyway 😀

I probably could have jumped on the computer and written this 2 hours ago but I was zoning out. Today I thought I had the day off and was going to knock a million things on my list to do but if you know me by now I sometimes don’t hear everything right and well you guessed it.. It’s next week I have off Friday not this Friday. So little P came over and the poor thing was teething so bad she couldn’t stand it. No matter what I did the little girl was in tears. An hour later I finally got her to take a bottle, eat some oatmeal (which both were a challenge) and I sang her to sleep.

I can remember when E was teething.. it’s just something that every mother dreads. Not being able to soothe your baby or “fix” whatever is wrong is the most depressing feeling in the world next to not knowing what the heck is wrong with them!! It took me a day and half to figure out that E was teething and that day and a half was a full-blown panic attack for me. She was the easiest baby and all the sudden she was the unhappiest baby. Minor fever, didn’t want to eat anything, and the whining-sobbing-drueling mess. Oh and I will never forget those diapers.. you mom’s know exactly what I am talking about!!

At 12:30 I gave P baby Tylenol (by parents request) and she took another nap and woke up the happiest camper ever! We were giggling, tickling, singing, playing, smiling, cooing, and still drooling 😉 It felt good to know that she ate a good amount and had a good nap behind all that pain.

After that B and I put together the new kitchen table & chairs. It feels so great to actually own a table that I am not paranoid it’s going to fall apart on me any second!! (Same with the chairs). Now don’t get me wrong, I love hand-me downs. I love things that run in the family. I love thrifty things. It’s so nice to take something knowing it doesn’t matter what happens or what you do with it, that it’s all yours and if it breaks in the process. Oh well..

But it was so nice to actually pay a good price for something that will last us a while and something we don’t have to fix or change. We love it from the start! Not to mention I have twice the space to do crafty things 😀 hehe. The problem was getting B and I to agree on where it works best in our little home. Haha. I told my mom there was blood, sweat, and tears but there was only me being stubborn, him being stubborn, and me getting emotional (tears). After all that chaos we now have it where it will stay for QUITE some time. I do not plan on rearranging that thing unless I absolutely have to!

Along with all the chaos I didn’t exactly get .. well .. anything on my list done so I’ve been a little off my game today.

The good news? B and I are going with friends from his work to see a concert in Richmond tomorrow night. We are leaving E with my mom and dad and staying with my college BFF for the night! YAY a night off, a night vacation, seeing my BFF, and going to a concert all in one night! HOOORAYY! Then B and I are waking up and meeting my high school BFF in Williamsburg. I get to see BOTH of my best friends in a matter of TWO days! Lucky lucky me 😀 I have the best friends ever.

So tonight I am letting it all go, I’m setting my list aside, realizing that I have tons of time to get it done later, and going to leave it all behind me and enjoy this weekend. Sure it’ll be a little stressful when I get back but since the weather is still crummy it’s not like I’ll be cleaning this place out and missing out on warm sunny weather 😉 (Trying to look at the bright side!)

I hope my rambling leaves you satisfied. At least you know what I am up to.. or not up to 😀

Love Always,


Working Mom: My first day with three little girls

28 Feb

You might be thinking I am absolutely crazy but even though I am curled up in a chair completely exhausted I am ecstatic inside! Sure a few things didn’t go according to plan but hey when you have three girls in three different stages of life it’s bound to happen. P didn’t seem to want to take her afternoon nap today and when I finally put her down E decided it was time for her to get up and play, which was all of 30 minutes after I put her down. So we had a little frumpy girl this afternoon but she’ll get a good nights rest tonight and we can spend the day just her and I tomorrow catching up on sleep and mommy baby time. That’s the other amazing thing about my new job is that I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday so I always get a day in between to make sure E gets the attention she needs. Today was my first day with S. She came over at 12:30 and was a complete doll! She showed me all her toys, and kept me busy playing games and watching her doodle (and picking up after her) but it’s nice to see what E will be like in a year or two. Let’s just say it will be a lot more messy (which I didn’t think it could be), a lot more fun, and a lot more exhausting!

Well here’s to a successful first day with three little girls 🙂

Love Always,


Daily Life: An unexpected note

17 Feb

I love Facebook and I am on it almost constantly thanks to my blackberry phone but today I got on and read this application that I downloaded. It’s a daily “note from God“. Not exactly words taken from the bible but things that are uplifting and pertain to living a healthy life. So anyways, it said this:

It’s not about how much you have, how much you know, or how much you do. It’s about how well you love. Love is what matters most.

I think I have been trying SO hard for this family to know how much experience I have, how much I love working with children, all the great ideas and crafts I can plan, and showing them that I can do this. I know that I am good at it, I know that I am knowledgable about it, I know have all the right things to do the job, but the one thing that I have known throughout this entire thing is that I LOVE taking care of children. So when I first read this I thought, well I included how much I love it so that’s good.

Now I am taking a second look at it and I am thinking it’s not about how much I have, know, or do and it’s not about how much I love. It’s about whether they love me or not.

The playdate went well and she is going to bring one of the girls over for a couple of hours to do a trial on Monday. I know that she likes me, I know that she approves of my house, my child, and all the things I have. I am pretty sure she knows how capable I am of doing it. But I also know that she doesn’t want to go back to work, she wants to stay home with her children, she doesn’t want to drop her kids off at someone elses house and feel like she is being a bad mother because she isn’t the one that’s going to be there. I had these feelings when I was working and leaving E home with my parents and B’s parents. I also know how difficult it would be for me to leave E with someone who wasn’t family.. so this decision has really nothing to do with me and my experience and knowledge. It’s about this mom’s feelings. It’s about her trusting herself to make the right decision and not regret not being there to watch her children grow.

Every mom goes through this at some point when their kids go away to school. Some choose to home school because the thought of letting someone else be there and you not is just too much for them.

So I am sitting back trying to relax and not get my hopes up and not assume that it’s not going to happen because it’s not my decision. It’s hers.

I want this job more than anything, but I want her to be happy with me, my family, my home, my knowledge, my stuff, and most importantly my love.

So I am going to stop hoping, wishing, dreaming, worrying, stressing! I am going to enjoy the rest of the weekend and know in the back of my mind that she’ll make the right decision for her.

Love Always,


Easy Peasy

24 Jan

So here I was this morning completely overwhelmed, off schedule, and not feeling so hot. E was on the fussy side – probably teething or not feeling well either, not eating, not really playing either. It took me until nap time to get my head on straight. I made a little list to do and got in the shower. Completed half the list and realized I was feeling so overwhelmed that I literally laid down and did nothing. Then “BAM” it hit me. All day today I have been saying in my head, I need to do this, I need to do that, It’s been way too long since I vacuumed, I haven’t really cooked anything today, I’ve got nothing to blog about, I don’t feel like sewing, I haven’t cleaned out the storage and I said I would dedicate an hour to it, oh that’s right.. I haven’t done anything I’m supposed to do today..

Step 2 to my chaos. Did the few things on my list to make the house (besides my bedroom) look acceptable and decided that I am spreading my huge long list of things to do throughout the week instead of one entire day of list list list! Laundry does not have to be done in one day (although I can try), vacuuming can wait until tomorrow, cleaning up the bedroom can wait two days, cleaning the bathroom can wait three, but i’ll still do a little bit of the storage each day, and that will give me to craft.

B said something yesterday and I almost threw a pillow at his face. He said he thinks he could get everything done that needed to be done and still play his video games most of the day if he was a stay at home dad. Yes he does an amazing job of doing dishes, cooking, helping with E, and still playing video games but it’s TWO days TWO days!! I’d like to see him try a weeks worth of chores and take care of E. I don’t think he’d get half the things done he thinks he would 😉

Although half the time I wish he was. I miss him when he’s gone and I think he would be a great stay at home dad. It would be nice to have an extra hand all day but we would both have to have jobs from home, which means we would still really be working half the day. At least we could trade hours 😉

Well today I am crocheting (what’s new right!?), E should be up any minute, and B is home with a headache.. looks like today was a rough one for him too! I’m thinking leftovers for dinner or taco salads.. Easy peasy.

Love Always,


Lessons Learned

28 Oct


I was reading a blog today about time management and goals. Basically they stated that if your goals are that important to you then managing your time shouldn’t be that hard. This made me think about my daily routine and my goals and it made perfect sense. I don’t enjoy doing my daily chores because well lets see, I do them every day often multiple times a day (pick up toys, laundry, cook, clean kitchen) and then I don’t manage to have time for the things I WANT to do (read, blog, crafts, reviews, surfing the web). I try to get my list of daily chores done before I even consider my goals that I really want to do. Luckily I have an amazing husband who doesn’t care if the toys picked up or the house isn’t perfect as long as I am happy so I think I will be rearranging my daily chores and goals!

They made a valid point that the more that you get done in the morning within an hour or so makes the rest of your day that much easier to plan. As much as that really seems like an awesome idea I am not so much a morning person. By the time I get my “things” started its usually 11:00 and I am thinking about lunch. Then after lunch and cleaning that up it’s 2:00 and there goes my day! I think also having a schedule with a child is a lot more difficult than having a schedule with school or a job. Children kind of make their own schedules and you just work around it, or at least I do. Then I thought well it just makes sense to wake up before E so I can get an hour or so of things out of the way before she wakes up. Did I mention I am not a morning person? The earlier it is the slower I seem to get so waking up an hour early turns into me needing to wake up two hours earlier just to get an hours worth of stuff done. At that point I am a crabby mess who needs a nap along with baby in the afternoon 😛

So how exactly am I going to figure this schedule out? I let you know when I do! 🙂

Love Always,


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