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Daily Life: Picking Up The Pieces

10 Oct

These past two weeks of my life have been one big test for me. Through this whole process of being a stay at home mom, attempting to go beyond the goals I’ve set for myself as a business, holding a part-time job, and giving back to the Etsy community for everything that it’s given me – I overwhelmed myself. I took on a few more things that I could handle and it’s been a really lesson learned. As much as I love doing things for others and putting everyone above myself – sometimes you just have to break down and reset your priorities!

Because of my surgery and the medication I was on – it really limited what I could do and put me in a position where I felt like I was falling behind. Thank goodness I am back to the normal me this week and feeling back to being on top of this, but it was a good reminder that I am human and sometimes – even when we don’t want to – we need to slow down!

Now that I’m back on track I’ve been knocking out to do lists like it’s nothing! I’ve got seven new burp cloths to show and list, ten frames painted and primed and a few already started decorating, I am halfway done with a new scarf and I’ve been making cup cozies like it’s nobody’s business ūüėČ

I know how much everyone LOVES pictures so I’ll definitely take more tomorrow and upload for all to see! But I am going to be concentrating on de-stashing tomorrow! My team on Etsy is doing a DESTASH BASH! We are getting rid of all the junk lying around from past projects and cleaning up or spaces so we can be ready for this coming holiday season. Who needs to be shuffling through a mess of things when purchases are at an all time high and we’ve got work to do! I’ll be excited to posting supply items so that I can make my store a little more dynamic and give you and my buyers some inspiration to be crafty yourselves!

So far I have some scrapbooking things and a lot of bias listed but there will be LOTS more coming ūüėČ

Here’s the link if you are interested in checking it out.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sticking it out with my not so wonderful weeks!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: I Get Knocked Down

5 Oct

This week is apparently not my week…

And it just seems to be getting worse.

Usually when I’m in a hole like this it only takes a few hours, a few attempts, and I’m back to being the perky old me doing a million things at once and enjoying life! This week it’s like every time I try to get back up I keep getting knocked down.

I really hate depressing posts so if you are thinking about reading something else I don’t blame you!!!! If you are still with me, thanks.

There are a few great things happening to me this week. I’m working with an AMAZING graphic designer who is getting me ready for my craft show(s) and honestly she’s making something that’s been stressing me out completely easy and thoughtless!! I owe her big time for the amount of weight she’s lifted off of my shoulders. On top of that we are hanging out next week and I have some brilliant ideas to share with her that are seriously driving me nuts keeping quiet about them but I will..

I asked off from my part time job so that I can have the week before my craft fair to concentrate on last minute things! So that’s a huge sigh of relief – balancing all these things at once are making things hard on me right now.

I think it’s the¬†overachiever¬†in me who wants to do so many things at once and I do really well at 95% of it and as long as I’m getting good feedback it’s not too complicated to juggle .. but I think the lack of feedback, the lack of appreciation, and the lack of me getting what I actually WANT to get done is taking a toll on me.

So here I am sitting here blogging about how miserable I am..

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow!! PLEASE!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Just a fair warning

9 Dec

This weekend I will be out-of-town¬†.. with limited internet and picture-taking¬†possibilities!! So my blog may take second place just for the weekend! Okay okay, maybe for the next month too. I am really trying to make this stay at home mom thing work in my favor so B and I are giving me 57 days + 4 hours a day = 228 hours to make it work! This is going to be my time to shine or my time to realize I need a part-time¬†job and I have decided that even if I do end up getting a part-time¬†job, I am going to be spending the rest of the year making magic happen so this time next year my etsy¬†shop will be loaded with fun things!! I’m not sure how other people have managed to make a million things for their etsy shop and keep them on hand for purchasing but I think I am going to have to bust out some serious crocheting time to make it work. This is going to be do¬†or die! The other thing I am curious about is I realize that selling stuff on etsy¬†isn’t a bi-weekly income. It’s a kind of you get paid when you get paid deal but if you make enough stuff does it end up working out that someone will at least buy¬†SOMETHING you make so you can almost count on it? I am guessing no but hoping someone will say yes.

Enough talking! I have got to get to work!

Love Always,


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