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The Countdown Begins!

16 Jul

Emma’s birthday is just around the corner and this weekend we made her a paper chain so she could see just how many days away it is!

071313 013

Ignore the goofy faces throughout if you can! Emma was in a weird goofy mood 😛 So I pulled out paper, scissors, scrapbooking glue, and I didn’t really need anything else 😉 The pen was to entertain Emma if she got bored.

071313 015

I folded it in half (hot dog way 😉 haha)

071313 016

And again just to make the guided lines. These in no way shape or form need to be pretty since your child is just going to rip them up each day.
071313 017

After unfolding it I just cut each strip out to how many days I needed.

071313 018

I like to use multiple colors so it’s easy to see which is the next chain.

071313 020

Take the scrapbook glue and run it along one side folding it into a circle and pushing it so it sticks.

071313 021

Slide the next piece in the ring and repat until you’ve used all your pieces!

071313 022

Emma was excited as I explained it to her. We counted how many rings and jumped up and down at the excitement that it’s not too far away!!

071313 024

Each morning we are going to wake up and rip off one more!

Do you remember doing this when you were a kid? I am pretty sure I made a million of these chains for all different occasions!



Pink Puff Preview!

12 Jul

Part one of doing Emma’s Third Birthday party a DIY adventure I am making tissue paper puff’s to hang on the ceiling as well as a centerpiece here and there! I scoped out online the cheapest places to buy tissue paper but was having trouble finding a place that had all three colors. Looking back on it, all three places had free shipping so I’m a dummy and now I’m going to go order the rest online for cheaper 😉

But any who! You can get a pack of 20 sheets of tissue paper for $1.99 at Party City. Most places that show these tutorials say to use 8 sheets of tissue paper. But since mine come in backs of 20 – I used ten. I also think it gives it a “fuller” affect. So if you want to easily calculate how much these suckers are going to cost you – expect about $1.00 a puff! That’s some cheap decorating, especially since these things come out to be about a foot in diameter!

As you can see – instead of making mine completely round – I left the bottom of it a little flat so that it again would make the rest of the fuller as well as sit on a table easily. I still don’t think I’d make them completely round for hanging them unless you want to hang them really low. Mine are going to be pretty close to the ceiling since we have a lot of 6″ tall people and this is a basement apartment!

If you want to see a slideshow tutorial on how to make these – I did a smaller size tutorial a long time ago here: Paper Flower Power

or you can just search on YouTube – Tissue Paper Puff.

If you are interested in DIY decorations, I’ll be posting more as I get them done for Emma’s Birthday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Happy Birthday To ME!

2 Feb

Oh what a relaxing day it’s been and it’s only 1:15! It’s funny the difference between celebrating a birthday pre-baby and after having a baby. Birthdays become more of a day of relaxing instead of a day all about me, me, me!! I remember in college I wanted to throw a huge party with all my friends, decorations, loud music, and now all I want is to do nothing 😉 haha. Even today, I’m not really doing much different then any other day except this morning my mom watched E while I took a nice long hot shower and some pampering time, then we went to lunch so I didn’t have to cook or clean! It’s amazing how nice that is 😀

Tonight I plan on relaxing some more and doing something crafty for a change! I am going to put this crocheting down for a day and do something different. Sewing, scrapbooking, painting, who knows!? I’m just excited about having some time to do something fun!!

Love Always,


Football Crazy?

4 Nov

Tonight B and I have been swapping channels between two shows. The Virginia Tech football game (yes we are Hokie fans) and Top 100 NFL’s Greatest Players. I was never a huge fan of football. I was a cheerleader when I was too little to know what I was really doing 😉 and then I was taking pictures for the school newspaper at the games in high school. The most that I knew about football was all the football players at our school were complete jerks and that super bowl always ended up on or really close to my birthday. Sometime in highschool when the Super Bowl Party at Seaford Baptist Church became a huge hit is when I started actually paying attention. There would be hundreds of people gathered in a huge gym on a seriously large projector screen and the kitchen filled with snacks and drinks no one could ever seem to finish off. It was a bring your own chair and that was seriously my favorite part of it. Just imagine hundreds of different people with hundreds of different kinds of chairs (people even brought lazy-boys and couches) and blankets and galore. I would get my group of high school friends together and we would go eat, giggle, watch the commercials, and laugh at the guys who stood up and screamed defeat or praise during the game! I think to be exact it was my sophomore or junior year that I fell in love with Troy Polamalu. Something about the way he did somersaults in the air and came out of no where with all those interceptions that caught my attention. My jaw dropped and I was completely astonished at the way this man moved. I guess I was so used to guys running back and for catching, throwing, tackling, falling, and the random touchdown that when I saw Polamalu move through the air I was hooked. I didn’t know what he was doing, how he did it, or really much of the purpose but he got me interested.

I have slowly throughout the years been taught and picked up on things here and there and I know the basics (not all of them but most of them) and each year I am asking B twenty-one more questions and getting better but my love for Polamalu will never change. B bought me a Polamalu jersey which is a huge surprise because he is a die-hard Redskins fan and that I must say is Love. So as I sit here and watch the list of Top 100 football players and I only know a handful mostly the ones that have played the past few years and Joe Montana because my Aunt was obsessed with him 🙂 I love her.

So all of you die-hard football lovers can mock me and make fun of me all you want for being completely clueless but I am standing true to my man. I LOVE YOU TROY! Go Steelers 😉

Love Always,


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