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My Wake Up Call

25 Apr

Hello There.

How’s everyone doing this week? It’s been a pretty uneventful week around here so far. Sure I’ve gotten some errands and chores done but nothing extra-ordinary! As you can probably see by now I haven’t written since Sunday because I haven’t really had anything exciting to share. Well thanks to a wonderful blogger – I now feel like sharing something about me that might just be something you share to!

Today is the awful, horrible, no good topic of Procrastination! Is it sad that I even procrastinated in writing this post? After reading about another procrastinators hints to fixing (thank you baexpat) I decided to share my own experiences.

He suggests making a to-do list. If you’ve read this blog at all you know that I have a love/hate relationship with lists. They always start out working like a charm! I love being able to mark something off my list, maybe it’s just me but scribbling out a line of words that really irritates you is like icing on the cake for me!

After a few days when I realize that the things that I didn’t get to on my first list got transferred to my second list, then again to my third list, fourth list and when I suddenly see that even when I cross off what I’ve done on my first list – it reappears again the next on my second list all over again. I want to cry.  Not only is my list getting longer and more stressful – I’m doing the same darn things each day because it doesn’t matter how much laundry, dishes, picking up toys, vacuuming, cleaning counters, taking out the trash you do – gosh darn it they appear out thin air the next day!

So here’s where I start to ditch the list because it’s easier to accomplish things other than daily chores when they aren’t staring at you on paper. Laundry will get ignored for a day only to let me accomplish cutting coupons. I rinse the dishes and decide to run the dishwasher tomorrow instead so I have more time to catch up on that project I haven’t touched that I’ve been dying to finish!

But wait!! Thanks to baexpat I just realize something that I didn’t know before..

“The point is that your brain will continue to juggle – and thus stress – about any piece of data that does not have a permanent home. Your brain will not let go of something until it knows that the task will be carried out.” – baexpat

So even if the dishes aren’t done and the laundry is sitting there – my brain is trying to remind myself that it needs to be done and not to forget about paying that bill as soon as my paycheck gets deposited. Which then leads to less sleep, more anxiety, and more procrastination because I’m so tired and stressed I can’t get anything done today.


Is there a common ground? Will I ever find a way to get things done around here without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? For the past few days I’ve been banging my head trying to find a solution to this now oh so epic problem.

I pulled out my phone and logged into my Awesome Note App – my favorite place to organize information since I always have my phone on me. Even though baexpat suggested not sorting your to do list in different groups – I feel like there’s no other way to do it when you are living three different lives like I am 😛

So I set up my folders in order of importance as well as make notes to do in order of the way I’d like to get things done. There’s a trick to why I do this that I’ll explain a bit. Back to my folders – I set them up like this:

Daily List – these are the items that repeat themselves each day like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.

Etsy – this is my business, orders, listings, bills, etc.

Blog – this is self-explanatory 😉 These are things I want to do for you guys!

NOVC – this is a group of crafters that I’m the founder of that I try to keep active in our local area.

To Do List – this is a list of things that aren’t repeating that I want to accomplish. They may not all need to be done right away but I’d like to get them accomplished eventually.

Shopping – Things I need to pick up. This may sound ridiculous but I always think of something I need to buy at the worst possible time to write things down (in the shower – don’t make fun it’s my thinking time).

Working a part-time job that gives me only two days a week to get extra things done or concentrate on my business makes it hard to get the extra to do list things done each day so really there is no point in even opening that list of things Monday, Wednesday, or Friday because they are not happening!!

Also goes true for Etsy. I really only have Tuesdays and the weekend to work on anything for Etsy so you can forget me opening that list of things any other day.

Second favorite thing about Awesome Note and my Daily List – since it repeats each day all I do is mark it completed when I finish, then remove the check mark before I go to bed and TADA it’s now ready for the next day of rinse and repeat 🙂

So back to my reasoning for having multiple sections of to do lists – there’s no point in stressing about things that you can’t physically accomplish unless you have the time to do it so here is my attempt to making a procrastinator get with the program and get things done. Obviously this won’t work with everyone but feel free to take your own spin on it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


What are some tips you use to fight procrastination and get things done?

Thoughtful Thursday: How to Step Up Your Game!

16 Feb

These past few days I’ve been daydreaming about what it would be like to go full-time with my business. I have been reading articles on etsy and WordPress with tips and hints and then I came across a new website I’ve never seen before! It’s about this man who gave up his job moved across the world and started two business!

I was reading his posts about tips on creating a less stressful life and also about setting yourself up on creating your own business. If you read Freshly Pressed you may know who I am talking about! There was something so intriguing about what he had to say that I ended up reading his entire blog in one sitting!! Now I know this is far from my usual posts about cleaning organizing and crafting but it’s been something I’ve been seriously interested for a while and this might just be the right time for me to reorganize my priorities and really make an opportunity for me!

So today I’m going to do a post about stepping up your game! This might not work for everyone but these are the steps I’ll be taking for the next few weeks to see if I’m headed in the right direction.

1. Create an easy work environment 

                   This has been something I’ve been continually working on. Being a mother to a young child it’s important to have my own area that’s uncluttered and easy to pick things up and put them down without worrying about it. Also having a very small area to call my own there are some things that just can’t be left out (for example: the ironing board – there’s just no room for it). These next few weeks I’m going to finish up my area to make it the most accessible to my lifestyle and still be a great place to get work done.

2.  Get all of the daily chores done within the first hours of the day.

Since I haven’t been doing my daily lists anymore I’ve gotten in the habit if doing a few chores each day without thinking about them. Getting all of this done in the morning will leave me with plenty of time the rest of the day to do other things like concentrate on getting this business up and running!

3. Use time wisely

                  I know I’m not the only person that spends a little too much time on the computer, gets distracted by TV, or something else around the house that doesn’t necessary need that much attention! For the next few weeks I’ll be organizing my time by importance. First thing on my list is getting my inventory up and completing projects, then listing, then working on my storefront. That means working on the computer is the last thing on my list – which in the long run I think will benefit the amount of time I waste since I’ll be doing it last.

4. Keep motivation up!

                  The worst thing that happens to me when I have the time to get things done is being in a not so motivated mood. I did a post last Thursday about this called Bad Day Go Away! Keeping a positive attitude is a serious must do and for those procrastinators like me out there – tricking yourself into getting it done instead of putting it off is something that is necessary in order to boost your mood. Procrastinators may be the worst when it comes to getting things done but when they do accomplish something they get this enormous boost of self-pride so motivating yourself and getting the littlest things done will create that boost to keep you going!

5. Put yourself first

This is something that I am TERRIBLE at. The blog I was mentioning about said to learn to say No more. He said he was easily wrapped into doing things he didn’t want to do just because he had a hard time saying no and that is clearly a huge problem of mine. Instead of immediately saying yes to something – check your calendar and make sure you are giving yourself enough time to accomplish all your goals. Owning your own business isn’t easy and it’s definitely not going to happen if you let other people take your time away. Now I’m not telling you to say no to everything. You do need some down time and to have fun but don’t let someone take up your entire Sunday when you know that’s the only day of the week you have time to dive into your big projects.

6. Keep track of your progress more than your need to-dos

                  This is a great motivational booster as well as helpful when it comes to keeping track of what you have already done is like a reminder of how far you have gotten. It is important to know what you’d like to get done in order to stay on track but don’t concentrate on that as much as what you have accomplished. A long to do list only leads to stress and anxiety!

7. Take care of you

                   Getting enough sleep, eating right, and taking care of your body is one of the most important things of all. If you aren’t doing these three things there is no way you can accomplish any of the above without struggle! Keeping a set schedule of going to sleep and waking up will help your body adjust properly and be prepared for whats ahead. Even if you are in the middle of working on something it’s important to put it down and eat at an appropriate time. Food keeps the body going and if you aren’t taking care of those needs it’s going to make it hard to work efficiently.


These seven tips are going to be my guidelines for the next few weeks and I’ll be letting you know how they are working and if I’d change any of these! Feel free to share tips that help you get through the day and accomplish your goals.


Thanks for stopping by!
Love Always,


Post-a-day 2011: Dream Job & Worst Job

1 Feb

If I could have any job in the world it would be the job I currently have! A stay at home mom 🙂 Although this “job” isn’t always recognized as a job for those of us mothers who do stay at home know it can be very job-like! I cook, clean, do the laundry, run errands, and take care of everyone’s needs. Even if that means sometimes not taking care of my own needs. My second favorite thing about being a stay at home mom is that it gives me the opportunity to be crafty! Unlike most jobs, I don’t get a lunch break, I eat and “work” through lunch. My break starts during nap time and sometimes it’s not always a break. Most times I set aside at least 30 minutes to relax or be crafty but sometimes that’s the only time I get to take care of my needs (like showering). Then while most people who work a 9-5 job come home to dinner and relax time, I am still on the job. I’m making dinner and keeping E happy and playing with her until 8 p.m. when it’s bedtime. That’s my second break of the day and I don’t plan a single thing from 8-10 so I can spend some time with my husband. So while this job is most likely not a dream job to many, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

The worst job I ever had.. I have seriously lucked out with jobs. I didn’t really hate any of the jobs I had except for one and it wasn’t the job itself that I hated. It was the people I was working with. Let me set the scene for you…

Imagine walking in the door in the morning and there’s a huge pile of work on your desk to do that isn’t really your responsibility to do but because someone else procrastinated it has become yours. Usually with a deadline that is almost ridiculous to the amount of work that’s left to do. Then while you are working on this ridiculous pile the procrastinater is explaining to you how horrible their life has been usually taking up more time then it would have if we had both just worked on it and gotten it done. Debbie-downer. Then the people who are waiting on this deadline are now mad at you, not the procrastinater .. you. Why? Because procrastinater says they gave you the work because they had more important things to do and that’s why it’s not done. Did I mention you received all this at 9 am and it’s due in an hour? But of course no-one knows that but you and the procrastinater. Then after all that headache you get to sit through meetings and lunches where everyone complains about life, how much work they have, how little time, how they aren’t getting paid enough, and how miserable they are only to put more of their work on your plate and off theirs. I can handle a boatload of work, I can handle deadlines when given in advanced, I can handle hard work. I cannot handle last-minute procrastinating debbie downers. I never realized how true it was that surrounding yourself with happy people really makes someone happy, and being surrounded by miserable people can bring the happiest person down. I went from becoming the bubbly, outgoing, fun-loving person I was to a complete negative nancy and it was affecting me even when I left work. It made my entire life miserable and I know I made B miserable too. 

What did I learn from all this? That I don’t stand up for myself enough, that if I ever do go back to work outside of the home that instead of the company interviewing me, I am going to do a lot more of interviewing them. I know that there is always going to be at least one person that isn’t ever happy with what they have but one compared to five would be a dream come true! I never want to work for a company that allows people to get away with the way I was being treated ever again.

To end on a happy note! I LOVE MY NEW JOB! And I’m sticking with it for as long as I can 🙂

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