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Holiday Weekend Fun :)

26 Nov

Emma had a blast this thanksgiving weekend. Thursday we went over to see the North side of the family and Emma got to play football with her cousins and color with Dodo:

All that good food and playing led to this on the way home:

One zonked out child 😉 It was only a matter of minutes when we got her in the seat to get to this state!

Friday we had thanksgiving with the Durhams where Emma got to play with Tyler:

They are like two peas in a pod! Playing ball, building lego houses, puzzles, and chasing each other through the house. I have a feeling these two are going to enjoy growing up together.

Saturday we spent the day at Josh & Sarah’s house dog sitting. Emma spent a majority of the day building “sand castles with slides”:

and pretending to be a princess with the new necklace that mommy made:

Sunday was Papa’s birthday! So Emma went to Nana and Dodo’s house to play while the grown up went out to the movies and dinner.

This was on family filled holiday weekend! I hope your weekend was just as entertaining 🙂

Love Always,


Easy Entertainment!

1 Nov

This week I’ve been trying activities from a blog I found to entertain Emma as well as teach her independent playing. The blog that I found this from is called Mama.Papa.Bubba. She always has the most convenient cheap ways to entertain her little girl and I’ve been taking a spin trying out each one!

Today you’ll see Emma putting pipe cleaners in a strainer – here’s Mama’s post on it. All it took was some fun pipe cleaners which are a dollar at the Dollar Store and a strainer which we had on hand.


I showed her how to do one pipe cleaner and then she had a hay day doing the rest of them. After each one she said, “I did it!!”


Near the end she started getting creative and going around the sides!


We even had a celebration when she finished! In the mean time I made lunch with no “distractions or help”. Afterwards she asked if she could take it all out and do it again – um sure!!!! This lasted us an hour. All I could think of was all the things I could get done in an hour with her entertaining herself.

We will be doing this project – A LOT more 🙂

Thank you  Mama.Papa.Bubba!!


Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out her amazing blog for more fun games that you probably have lying around your house 😉


Love Always,


Goodbye Little Girl

1 Sep

My little girl is growing up so fast. So much so that we are now considering buying her big girl games! Brian and I were talking about things to keep her entertained on car rides as well as at night when we are laying around together as family. She usually steals my phone and plays games and watches shows on it but I’m kind of tired of sharing it!


So we’ve decided to upgrade our little girl with her own electronic device made by leapfrog – but we are trying to decide between two choices. The cheaper version: The LeapFrog Explorer:


Or the more expensive route: The LeapPad2


What we really wanted was something travel friendly, easy to carry, not many pieces to lose, and something obviously entertaining for Emma. Right now we are leaning toward the more expensive one just because it seems to offer a bit more options.


Anyone have any opinions? I’d love to see what other people think of these items!


Love Always,



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Building Sand Castles All Day Long

11 Aug

Emma’s new favorite thing to do? Build sand castles! From the day this little girl was born up until recently I would try to get this girl to have the love of sand like I do. Put me on a beach and I will be the happiest camper of all time – put little Emma on the beach and she wails until you take her home.


Emma’s first beach trip and the first time she had her toes in the sand at 1 month old. She looks grumpy – about two minutes later she started wailing and kicking her feet. As soon as I wiped them off she was fine again.. my little goober.


Another family beach trip – she’s 9 months old and facing the other direction because we were trying to get a cute family picture but she was wailing her eyes out because her feet were messy. Oh goodness..


Technically this is the same beach trip as the last picture – 9 months old just a week later at the same beach. She refused to go on the sand so Ope and Papa bring the pool to the beach so she can still enjoy the scenery. Someone is spoiled.

Our back patio at 3 years old – she now loves to play with sand .. when it’s in a box and she has a towel to wipe her hands off on. I’m thinking it’s about time we take her to the beach again 😉

Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,



21 May

from google images

Some of you may have noticed that it’s been a little over a week since I last posted. Some of you had no clue 😉 That’s totally okay! After a weekend trip to see some of my favorite people I took a little break from blogging. Instead I spent a majority of my time on Etsy working on my shop, working out, trying to cook better meals, and spending some quality time with my family.

What you’ve missed while I’ve been gone:

A girls weekend road trip! Emma and I headed to Richmond to see my two favorite girls: Stephanie and Tiffany.

While we were there we checked out the playgrounds in Richmond – we like them better than ours because they have sand boxes!!

I played around with some yarn thinking I’d make a cool necklace since scarves are out of season.

Then I decided to make a fancy one!

Which then led to fancy bracelets and anklets!

Ahhh then a day trip to the beach with my hubby!! This was exactly the kind of getaway I needed from the computer 😉

And since Brian was so sweet to take me to the beach – I took him to the Nationals vs Orioles game!

Needless to say it was a much needed vacation! So I hope you are happy to have me back but since I’ll be limiting my time on the computer to avoid wasting away and actually enjoy this summer: posts will be short, sweet, and to the point!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,

Playing Catch Up!

29 Apr

Hello There!

Hey everyone 🙂

Sadly there is not much change from the past few days around here except for the fact that it’s clean!! I’ve been spending the past few days getting this place back up to par as well as working on the studio to clean it up and get it ready for some massive crafting. I’ve also been working on inventory, listings, pictures and such. My etsy page is getting a huge makeover! I know I’ve been talking about it for a while but thank goodness I actually found the time to get it done 😉

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new listings that are coming – but there are MUCH MUCH more already made waiting to be posted!

Lots of things to look forward too! Plus on the list of things to make are:



Pacifier Clips

Bibs (I’m going to take another stab at them 😉 haha)


Appliqued Onesies

Sewing Machine Cover


Fabric Containers

and much more. 

Looks like I need to get a little busy huh? I hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am! I’m so happy to be dedicating more time to my etsy shop as well as my blog. It’s been a rough couple of months balancing time, money, and family but there’s never a perfect time to start living out your dreams. Thankfully I have such a supporting family to understand this desire I have and their efforts in pushing me to succeed at it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


My Wake Up Call

25 Apr

Hello There.

How’s everyone doing this week? It’s been a pretty uneventful week around here so far. Sure I’ve gotten some errands and chores done but nothing extra-ordinary! As you can probably see by now I haven’t written since Sunday because I haven’t really had anything exciting to share. Well thanks to a wonderful blogger – I now feel like sharing something about me that might just be something you share to!

Today is the awful, horrible, no good topic of Procrastination! Is it sad that I even procrastinated in writing this post? After reading about another procrastinators hints to fixing (thank you baexpat) I decided to share my own experiences.

He suggests making a to-do list. If you’ve read this blog at all you know that I have a love/hate relationship with lists. They always start out working like a charm! I love being able to mark something off my list, maybe it’s just me but scribbling out a line of words that really irritates you is like icing on the cake for me!

After a few days when I realize that the things that I didn’t get to on my first list got transferred to my second list, then again to my third list, fourth list and when I suddenly see that even when I cross off what I’ve done on my first list – it reappears again the next on my second list all over again. I want to cry.  Not only is my list getting longer and more stressful – I’m doing the same darn things each day because it doesn’t matter how much laundry, dishes, picking up toys, vacuuming, cleaning counters, taking out the trash you do – gosh darn it they appear out thin air the next day!

So here’s where I start to ditch the list because it’s easier to accomplish things other than daily chores when they aren’t staring at you on paper. Laundry will get ignored for a day only to let me accomplish cutting coupons. I rinse the dishes and decide to run the dishwasher tomorrow instead so I have more time to catch up on that project I haven’t touched that I’ve been dying to finish!

But wait!! Thanks to baexpat I just realize something that I didn’t know before..

“The point is that your brain will continue to juggle – and thus stress – about any piece of data that does not have a permanent home. Your brain will not let go of something until it knows that the task will be carried out.” – baexpat

So even if the dishes aren’t done and the laundry is sitting there – my brain is trying to remind myself that it needs to be done and not to forget about paying that bill as soon as my paycheck gets deposited. Which then leads to less sleep, more anxiety, and more procrastination because I’m so tired and stressed I can’t get anything done today.


Is there a common ground? Will I ever find a way to get things done around here without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? For the past few days I’ve been banging my head trying to find a solution to this now oh so epic problem.

I pulled out my phone and logged into my Awesome Note App – my favorite place to organize information since I always have my phone on me. Even though baexpat suggested not sorting your to do list in different groups – I feel like there’s no other way to do it when you are living three different lives like I am 😛

So I set up my folders in order of importance as well as make notes to do in order of the way I’d like to get things done. There’s a trick to why I do this that I’ll explain a bit. Back to my folders – I set them up like this:

Daily List – these are the items that repeat themselves each day like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.

Etsy – this is my business, orders, listings, bills, etc.

Blog – this is self-explanatory 😉 These are things I want to do for you guys!

NOVC – this is a group of crafters that I’m the founder of that I try to keep active in our local area.

To Do List – this is a list of things that aren’t repeating that I want to accomplish. They may not all need to be done right away but I’d like to get them accomplished eventually.

Shopping – Things I need to pick up. This may sound ridiculous but I always think of something I need to buy at the worst possible time to write things down (in the shower – don’t make fun it’s my thinking time).

Working a part-time job that gives me only two days a week to get extra things done or concentrate on my business makes it hard to get the extra to do list things done each day so really there is no point in even opening that list of things Monday, Wednesday, or Friday because they are not happening!!

Also goes true for Etsy. I really only have Tuesdays and the weekend to work on anything for Etsy so you can forget me opening that list of things any other day.

Second favorite thing about Awesome Note and my Daily List – since it repeats each day all I do is mark it completed when I finish, then remove the check mark before I go to bed and TADA it’s now ready for the next day of rinse and repeat 🙂

So back to my reasoning for having multiple sections of to do lists – there’s no point in stressing about things that you can’t physically accomplish unless you have the time to do it so here is my attempt to making a procrastinator get with the program and get things done. Obviously this won’t work with everyone but feel free to take your own spin on it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


What are some tips you use to fight procrastination and get things done?

Pinning It and I’m Not Talking About Pinterest!

17 Apr

Hey everyone! It’s still the beginning of the work week here and I’ve been attempting to make a few samples of my newest creation! If you missed it – I made a super cool new pin cushion. The traditional one was driving me nuts rolling all over the place so I made this flat square one with more surface room on the top for more pins! Check it out:

I was so darn happy with it that I decided to make a couple more to take with me to the craft show. I dug through all my scraps and separated them into piles (which took me ages since I have so many darn scraps!) and decided which ones I thought would be the best for these little cushions. It didn’t take me long once I got on a roll of cutting – these are the next eight pin cushions I’ll be making this week:

It was hard to just choose eight but I had to limit myself because I tend to get carried away with cutting and prepping. If you haven’t noticed I have boxes and boxes and boxes of pre-cut material just waiting to be sewn into certain things:

Every one of those buckets you see has either pre-cut fabric or thread and ribbon. On top of the desk in the black and red boxes are burp cloth pieces as well as activity blanket pieces. If I had to guess there are probably around 100+ burp cloths and 80 some activity blankets. At the bottom you can see the only fabric that I haven’t cut is piled ready to be cut 🙂 I have an addiction.

So before I cut any more scraps – I am going to make those eight pin cushions! Haha.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


Tuesday Tutorial: Hot Air Balloon Centerpieces!

28 Feb

Welcome to Tuesday Tutorials – where I find awesome easy tutorials for you – now go get crafty 😉

This crafty tutorial comes from: RuffledBlog

Floating Hot Air Balloons

I now have this sudden urge of throwing a party that requires hot air balloons. Just so I can make these. Karen, the crafty bride from this gorgeous wedding shot by Paul Von Rieter, made these whimsical hot air balloons using large bouncy balls. They are often found at dollar stores, so they can be made affordably. Thank you for sharing, these are incredible! More DIY details in the gallery and on her blog.

DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces
DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces

What you’ll need:

– large bouncy balls
– potted herbs
– square tin pots (or cans)
– acrylic paint
– brush
– twine for tying tins to the “balloons”

hot air balloons centerpieces
DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces
DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces
DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces

hot air balloons centerpieceshot air balloons centerpieces


To make each pattern, I started off by drawing a base guide. I taped a long piece of string to the ball, and then I tied a Sharpie to the end of that string where I wanted to start drawing a guide. Then I rotated the Sharpie along that string “axis” to draw a perfect circle around the ball. I did this several times along different lengths, with the same taped point. Just imagine a bunch of “latitude” lines drawn on the ball with Sharpie. I use those new circles to guide me with drawing a symmetrical pattern for each of the balls. If you want to be really precise, I would measure the circumference of the “equator”, and divide that evenly by a number for an exact repeating pattern.

Once your balloons are dry, attach your herb “baskets” to them using twine. Punch holes on your herb tins with the help of a hammer and nails. Attach them to the ceiling and add your table numbers to the bottom of each.


If you haven’t already stopped by RuffledBlog – click the link!


Thanks for stopping by!


Love Always,




What A Wonderful Day!

18 Feb

I pulled this from my new team blog that I just posted on http://www.northernvacraftaholics.wordpress.com – so if you are ever interested in what my group is doing locally you can find information there!

Today was our Destash Bash and get together and I cannot even start to explain how much fun it was! We had a great number of people show up with lots of interesting things to give away! Of course I scooped up a few things of my own 😀 It’s hard as a crafter to not think of a million amazing things you can make with other’s stuff. For those of you who missed it don’t worry I’m going to dive in to all the things we chatted about! But for now – let’s check out some pictures!

We had tables full of supplies from fabric, yarn, beads, paper products, and more!

It was a great way to get to know everyone and the materials that they use and don’t use anymore.

What better way to get to know someone than see what they are the most passionate about?

Of course I couldn’t resist showing off what I picked up 😉

Coming from someone who has had a hard time finding my group of friends after moving and settling down – it really meant the world to me to be in a room full of people who share the same interests and common goals. Etsy has been more than just a way to show the world what I can make but a stepping grounds for who I am and thanks to Etsy Teams, it’s given me the opportunity to reach out to others and find who are just as excited about this road ahead of us as I am!

Once we all got settled we started talking about who we were, where we were from, what we make in our shops and our other interests. We talked about upcoming events that I’ll be posting in team threads and here on the blog that you might catch us at. One thing that was brought up for a future get together was critiques. I can’t think of a better way to get input on your shop then from people who are on etsy on a daily basis seeing what’s out there and what works – so keep your ears open for that one! Another thing I’m looking forward to is to find a “home” for or monthly gatherings. We’ll be looking into libraries and other places that we can book to meet up and craft or just hang out.

We talked about craft shows – the good, the bad, and the ugly! How do you know if the craft show will be a success? What can you prepare yourself for? Tips and tricks to make it benefit your store.

There was a great discussion about Treasuries, BNRs, and Marketing. All great things in order to boost sales, views, and feedbacks. This is something I’d love to talk more about with anyone if they have any questions.

One thing that I don’t want to forget to mention is providing and promoting for our shops! I’m really excited about expanding as a team and being able to support each other during this process.

I have to say this meet and greet was a complete success. Not only did I walk out of it feeling like I had just met an amazing group of people – but I am so excited about meeting up again and creating this group of people with such a wide variety of skills into a group of friends I’ll never forget!

Love Always,


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