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13 Apr

I finally got the chance to hide out in my studio for an hour and have been daydreaming of things I can make out of my scraps. The bag that holds the large amount of scraps I own is busting out the seams and since I love all the fabric I have in there I refuse to let it go to waste! I decided for my first scrap project I was going to make a simple square wide pin cushion. I inherited a traditional small pin cushion like this:

It works WONDERS for the projects that I have been doing but once I started making an assembly line of products to sew I realized really quickly that it was way to tiny to hold the amount of needles this chick uses 😉

So I decided to go with something more practical. Something with more surface around the top and less round to prevent the rolling that my old one does when I accidentally hit it in the process of throwing things! (Really just scrambling to find missing pieces lol)

Check it out:

Of course I chose polka-dots – gotta love them!

I’m so darn proud of my new pin cushion! Not to mention it’s going to hold triple the amount of pins my original one does 😀 You have no idea how much that excites me! Hooray for scraps – hooray for new sewing accessories 😀

What do you like to make with your fabric scraps?

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,



Keeping up the good work!

19 Jan

Okay, so I started out today with a plan of attack! I had places I needed to go and was hoping to get rid of a lot of the purging that I’ve been doing in order to make my life less stressful. Who know it would be hard to get rid of perfectly good things!? For someone like me who loves to make other people’s unwanted items my own, I was shocked at how many places just didn’t want items! So I came home with about half the carload I took out this morning waiting for my next opportunity to pass them on.

I will say I was a little more than frustrated at a certain place for telling me to come at a specific time, and then in return saying it was a bad time that I should come later. It’s not that easy when you have a two-year old on a time schedule and it’s an hour drive just to get to the store! But enough negativity right? I tried to stay positive and breath.

After coming home I decided to take my mind off of it by distracting myself with mindless things like BINGO. As sad as it is to say, it’s one of the few games that I could sit in front of for hours and not know what happened with my time. Which on a day like this, is fantastic! Then after I had my fill I sat back and realized it’s not that big of a deal. It wasn’t meant to happen today and I might not have a clue why right now but eventually I’ll figure out why today went so horribly wrong. I like to think everything happens for a reason, so who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised with a great opportunity later on that I can’t pass up!

And now that I’ve wasted an hour on BINGO I can think clearly and concentrate on what else I want to do today!

For those of you wonder how the listless week (that turned into month) has been going – it’s going GREAT! I’ve been doing dishes almost on a daily basis, I got rid of my recycling bin so now I take it out daily, I’ve done a load of laundry a day – which I need to go do one now 😉 haha, and I’ve been randomly picking up things, reorganizing, purging, as I go! Instead of making a list of things I want to get done that is just overwhelming I’ve been able to get more done than I have in three months!

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not stressing over the list or if it’s because I have so much more time since I’m not wasting it on making the list, crossing off the list, checking the listing, adding to the list! Instead I’m just doing things as they come.

One thing that piles up quickly in this house is paper. Whether its mail, coupons, notes, lists, recipes, or just plain trash. It likes to find itself in a few places in my house and it adds up so quickly! The past couple of days whenever I got a piece of paper I’d decide if it was trash or not, throw it away or decide where it belonged. Put it away and tada! No pile. It’s amazing what a little task each day can do to an overwhelmed person!

I’ve been on the look-out to see if there’s anything else I can do each day to help keep me choreless, listless, and worry free! I’ll keep you updated if I figure out any new ones 😉

Love Always,



Knocking My List in Half

12 Jan

After that wonderful feeling yesterday of getting rid of clutter and not having a list of things to do I decided to make it possible to feel like this ALL the time! So here are a few things I’m doing now in order to keep my list non-existent and my life a lot less stressful!

*Getting rid of my recycling bin – and taking the recycle out once a day instead of waiting for the thing to fill up to the point where I don’t want to take it out 😉

*Doing the dishes as they come – I usually rinse them out and let them pile up in the sink. Then when it’s time I unload the clean dishes and put new ones in. NOT ANYMORE! Nothing is allowed to sit in the sink unless it’s a pot (I leave those for Brian to do 😉 hehe)

*Throwing out/putting away the mail as soon as it comes – paper piles up in this house quickly. Whether it’s by the phone or on my craft table it finds a way to make itself a project instead of an easy daily task.

*Destashing – thanks to the etsy team I’m in, the vacation time I get off this month, and our budget possibly becoming ridiculously tight – I’ve been planning for a huge destash/consignment store run. After I’ve gone through everything and we’ve gotten rid of all the clutter I want to at least once a day get rid of something I don’t need anymore.

*Laundry – doing a load of laundry a day! How nice would it feel to not stare at a pile of laundry and dread doing it! How awesome would it be to always have the clothes you want clean! I think this is one I’ll actually enjoy doing!

Doing these things as they are needed instead of putting them down and doing them later are going to make it seem less like a list of things to do and just a daily habit. Therefore I can leave all the things I hate doing off my list and center around things that make me happy!

Instead of wasting a whole day cleaning (stressing about cleaning) I’ll be able to concentrate on crafting, playing with Emma, relaxing without feeling guilty! My goal is to wake up every morning and say – what do I want to do today. Instead of – what do I have to do today.

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